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United States Golf Association Teams Up with Golfweek Custom Media and BlueToad in Resurrection of Golf Journal

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BlueToad, a leading content delivery platform, announces a new initiative with the United States Golf Association (USGA) and Golfweek Custom Media to relaunch Golf Journal, an exclusive benefit of the USGA Members Program. The USGA stopped production and distribution of Golf Journal in 2003 after 55 years of circulation, but has revived the magazine as a monthly digital and quarterly print publication.

Looking to relaunch Golf Journal after a 17-year hiatus, the USGA teamed up with Golfweek Custom Media, a USA Today subsidiary and leading custom publisher of programs for the PGA Tour and LPGA. Golfweek Custom Media has been a BlueToad user for more than a decade and recommended BlueToad as the digital content platform for Golf Journal.

“BlueToad creates a responsive, interactive experience through its digital platform and we’ve been a satisfied customer for more than 10 years,” said Mike Hagmann, President of Golfweek Custom Media. “When the USGA approached us, we recommended BlueToad with no hesitation as we have received nothing but positive feedback from our readers. While print is still an important part of the Golf Journal identity, the monthly digital editions provide enhanced value for USGA members that have patiently waited 17 years for the return of the magazine.”

With BlueToad’s LilyPad Pro solution, Golf Journal is a magazine for the modern age. The unique monthly content delivered to USGA’s members includes video, audio interviews, and written content to create a fully responsive and engaging experience.

“We are excited with the relaunch of Golf Journal as an engaging, digital magazine experience,” said Greg Midland, Editorial Director for the USGA. “BlueToad has been a great collaborator. They have a robust and flexible platform that has supported our vision and creative efforts on this project. We were ultimately able to customize the look and feel of the content experience to best represent the USGA and Golf Journal brand.”

“We are seeing how digital can breathe new life into magazines, such as Golf Journal. There are more tools at publishers’ disposal to interact with readers,” said BlueToad CEO, Paul DeHart. “In April, we launched Golf Journal’s first digital edition and the response has been outstanding. The USGA’s members know and trust their content, and now they have an extra layer of interaction through multimedia at the palm of their hands.”

Golf Journal’s digital edition is distributed digitally on a monthly basis with a print version produced quarterly and also made available digitally in a print replica form. For more information on USGA membership and Golf Journal, visit

For more information on BlueToad, please visit

About BlueToad
BlueToad was launched in 2007 and provides publishers of all types a content experience platform for creating beautifully responsive digital editions and web content. It is a proud partner of some of the largest printers in the world and trusted to handle the important content of thousands of content creators across the globe. The company’s goal is to make it easy for partners and customers to upload their content for a digital experience that works on all modern phones, tablets, and desktops.

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The U.S. Golf Association has brought back Golf Journalafter a 17-year break, in partnership with USA Todaycontent-marketing subsidiary, Golfweek Custom Media and digital-publishing platform BlueToad.

USGA members now receive monthly digital editions of Golf Journal through BlueToad. Golf Journal’s first digital edition was launched in April.

The print magazine publishes quarterly and is reproduced digitally. Circulation is 385,000 USGA member households. 

Greg Midland, USGA’s editorial director and editor of Golf Journal, said this makes the magazine the third-largest golf publication in the U.S., after Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.

The fall edition features illustrations of Tiger Woods.

Golf Journal includes interviews, podcasts and video content with industry experts and professionals, such as first-person columns, celebrity Q&As, photo essays, spotlights on venues, archival photos and other golf history content.



The USGA stopped production and distribution of Golf Journal in 2003 after 55 years of circulation.

“The relaunch of Golf Journal came from a confluence of factors,” Midland told Publishers Daily.

“First, there was the opportunity to produce a high-quality, thoughtful publication that would help fill a significant gap in the media landscape. We also sought a more regular, direct link between the USGA and our members,” he said.

The team working on the magazine includes USGA staff, vendors and freelance writers. 

Golfweek Custom Media is the printer of programs for the PGA Tour and LPGA, and a client of BlueToad’s digital platform for over a decade.

“While print is still an important part of the Golf Journal identity, the monthly digital editions provide enhanced value for USGA members that have patiently waited 17 years for the return of the magazine,” stated Mike Hagmann, president of Golfweek Custom Media.

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USGA shuts down Golf Journal

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Brad Klein:
On Monday, USGA exec. dir. David Fay announced that effective immediately, the USGA was shutting down publication of "Golf Journal." After 56 years, a leading magazine has been silenced.

As someone who wrote occasionally for them over the years and who enjoyed the historical and offbeat approach that editor Brett Avery had recently brought to the publication, I'm going to miss the magazine. I also feel awful for the colleagues who are out of work as a result of the decision. For more detail, you can find an item on it at

Article from GWB


By Ron Sirak
  Golf Journal, the magazine of the U.S. Golf Association for 55 years,
will cease publication after the March/April issue. A memo to staff from
USGA executive director David Fay said seven out of nine jobs were
eliminated. Fay said the decision "is primarily driven by the rapidly
changing nature of communications vehicles through which we provide and
receive our news: E-mail, cell phones, 'Headline News'--the so-called
'24/7' mentality."
  In a letter to USGA members dated Feb. 24, USGA president Reid Mackenzie
said the organization would launch a print newsletter in May called Inside
the Ropes, which initially will be distributed six times a year. Mackenzie
said the frequency of Inside the Ropes would be based on "our experience
and your reaction." He said most issues would cover a variety of USGA
topics but that a few may focus on a single topic.
  Mackenzie also said USGA members would receive, in addition to the Rules
of Golf every other year:
  --The official U.S. Open Program which, beginning in 2004, will include
a special section that will preview each USGA national championship to be
played that year.
  --Beginning this year, a book published in November or December that
will review each USGA championship from that year.
  --An expanded e-mail product about newsworthy events.
  --A more aggressive updating of the USGA website.
  According to the USGA annual report, Golf Journal cost $4,045,000 to
produce last year. The USGA annual report says the organization has
720,000 members. Member dues and contributions totalled $18,195,000 in
2002, according to the annual report, an average of $25.27 per member.

Was there any (credible) explanation beyond cost-containment? �Golf Journal has been a staple, and the only non-over-commercialized golf mag of which I am familiar. �This is a sad state.... ???

Thanks for the post.

This is sad.  GJ was the main reason I joined the USGA in the first place.  The writing was usually a cut above the other golf mags, and I got to know one of the old editors, George Eberl, a bit in the 80's.  He was a fine person.

So, what are they going to spend our money on now.....?


--- Quote ---So, what are they going to spend our money on now.....?

--- End quote ---

OUR money?  You, Rich Goodale, domiciled in Scotland, vilifier of the USGA handicap system, remain a USGA member?

I must say you do never cease to surprise and amaze.   ;)



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