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Flower embroidery patterns are my favorite.  Since I know you probably love them too, I thought I’d put together a little roundup to help you find some great ones.  There are so many ways to stitch flowers, and I love how unique some of these are.  Over half of these flower embroidery patterns are free, so this list should keep you busy for a while.  The rest are from Etsy sellers, that I always love to support. Enjoy!  If you like this post, you might also like the 20+ Free Embroidery Patterns on my site.  Make sure to check out my shop for more beautiful embroidery patterns and my embroidery eBook.  If you need help with any of the stitches, I have video guides on my embroidery stitches guide page.

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns(This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended.)

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Floral Meadow from Hodge Podge Craft

20+ Floral Embroidery Patterns

Mason Jar Vase Hoop from Flamingo Toes

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Bloom Hand Embroidery Pattern from Cutesy Crafts

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Wildflowers Pattern from Knotty Dickens

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Fierce Pattern from Dabbles and Babbles

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Love Pattern from Brynn and Co.

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Blue Floral Embroidery Pattern from Cutesy Crafts

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Geometric Florals from Brynn and Co.

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Free Embroidery Design from Cutesy Crafts

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

The “Brooke” Bouquet from And Other Adventures

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Alice’s Garden from Little Dorrit and Co. for Sew Mama Sew

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

You Will Forever be my Always from Flamingo Toes

Free Flower Embroidery Patterns

Dancing Poppies from Stitch Floral

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Satin Stitch Flowers from Lolli and Grace

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Love Without Reason from Down Grapevine Lane

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Flowers from Fileuse d’etoiles

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Floral Unicorn Embroidery Pattern from Cutesy Crafts

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Floral Spray from Thread Folk

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Embroidered Bouquet from Down Grapevine Lane

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Floral Design from Ellucy Stitches

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Floral Stitch Sampler from Instructables

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Flowers from Hoffelt and Hooper

20+ Flower Embroidery Patterns

Floral Name Embroidery Hoop from Cutesy Crafts

Heart Flower Embroidery Design from Cutesy Crafts

I hope you enjoyed this list of flower embroidery patterns.  Be sure to check out my other hand embroidery designs and take a look at my embroidery stitches post to help you learn most of the stitches you need.  My Bloom Hand Embroidery Pattern also has a YouTube video stitch-along if you need some visual learning.

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Just a short little post today to share with you the embroidery pattern for this Tudor-style rose. I figured you may as well have the pattern if you want it, before I go step-by-step through my stitching process, right? There&#;s a PDF version below, too, with four different sizes included.

Tudor-Style Rose Hand Embroidery Pattern

If you&#;ve been reading along lately, you know already that I&#;ve already embroidered a sample of this design. It&#;s worked in silk embroidery threads and goldwork (real metal) embroidery threads, but in fact, you can work the rose however you wish. If you worked it just in silk, for example, you could work all the petal turn-overs in straight satin stitch in a medium or light color used in the flower, and that would help establish the look of a turned-over petal, especially if the insides (flat parts) of the petals right under the turn-over are a little darker.

Silk and Goldwork Embroidered Tudor Rose

This is my finished version &#; perhaps not properly &#;Tudor&#; in its coloring, but it&#;s actually an element that will be used on a larger piece of ecclesiastical embroidery, and not really meant to be The Tudor rose, proper.

The PDF version below has four patterns on it: the original size, which is about &#; round, and then a 2&#;, &#;, and 3&#; version.

Tudor-Style Rose Pattern for Hand Embroidery (PDF)

Hope it comes in handy!

I&#;ll be writing a step-by-step stitching process on this in several parts, coming up later.

Feel free to check out my other free hand embroidery patterns here on Needle &#;n Thread!


free embroidery patterns


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Embroidery Rose - EASY Ways to Stitch Roses

The rose, a symbol of romance, is a popular choice of design for embroidery.  There are many designs for an embroidery rose available.  Once your design is chosen, and you have transferred it onto your fabric, the difficulty most people face is how to fill in this design. This tutorial will show you how to do an embroidery rose in 8 different ways.

embroidery rose

Embroidery Rose Techniques

‘A rose by any name will smell as sweet.’  was the romantic sentiment penned by William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. 

The same sentiment applies to the embroidery rose as there are many different stitches to use. For rose embroidery, any stitch you choose will always make the rose look sweet.

Where to Find Embroidery Rose Designs

The internet is a wealth of clip art images of flowers that you can use for embroidery roses. Do a quick google search for rose clip art and you will find hundreds to choose from.

For a paid option of stock photos of roses, Vector Stock is fairly cheap and has great images.

How to Draw an Embroidery Rose

Now I'm not great at fine art but here is how I drew my roses for the samples. For my abstract rose, I just started in the middle and drew a spiral that crossed over a few times.

For the rose with petals, I again started with a spiral in the middle and then added petals going outwards. You are welcome to copy these but there are also lots of how to draw rose tutorials on Google and YouTube.

 Embroidery Rose Drawings

Rose Embroidery Kits

Amazon and many craft stores sell embroidery kits with preprinted fabric to sew rose embroidery. If you don't want to draw your own roses then these can be an easy option. Most have instructions for sewing certain stitches for the roses but you can change the original design to make it unique.

Colors for an Embroidery Rose

Roses come in red, pinks, purples and everything in between.

The trick to embroidery roses appearing realistic is to use several shades in complimentary colors. Even single color roses have light and shaded areas. Unless you are looking to outline in black, monotone roses look a little flat and lacking in detail.

DMC is a popular embroidery floss brand that has a wide selection of colors and shades. You can use all 6 strands or divide embroidery floss into smaller sections for fine work.

My main sampler used 6 strands.

 Embroidery Rose Colors

Embroidery Rose Stitches

In my sample below I used a combination of chain stitch, satin stitch, split stitch, cross-stitch, seed stitch, backstitch and blanket stitch. You can mix and match stitches for something interesting and truly yours.

Embroidery Rose

Here are the top suggestions for stitches to use for an embroidered rose.

Embroidery Rose - Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is one of the most popular embroidery techniques and is perfect for sewing an embroidery rose. Sew cross stitch on Aida fabric or linen so you can count the stitches more easily.

Embroidery Rose with Cross Stitch

Here is how a cross stitch is done. The full article on cross stitch also has a quick method for filling larger areas. As you can see from the photos above, you will need at least two colors to define the roses.

Further Reading:How to do Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Embroidery Rose - Outline stitches

The simplest way to embroider a rose is to use an outline stitch.  Choose any straight stitch and outline the rose.  You can combine this with a filling stitch or leave the rose open like my samples below.

There are a number of stitches to choose from such as

  • Stem stitch is best for larger roses as it harder to do on tight curves. It produces a thick twisted look.
  • Running stitch is a simple up and down stitch that is surprisingly effective for a larger embroidery rose.
  • Backstitch is one of my favorites for a simple outline. It can be used in conjunction with many other stitches like the satin stitch or seed stitch. You can see these examples further down the page.
  • Chain stitch is a lovely stitch to create an outline and to use as a filler for any rose pattern.  Once the outline is done the stitch can follow this line going closer and closer to the middle of the design.
  • Split stitch gives a nice thick rope-like outline. It is easy to do without much concentration and was one of my favorites when doing these samples.

Embroidery Rose - Satin stitch

Satin stitch is a beautiful stitch to use to fill in the petals of the rose.  The area to fill in should be small or broken down into small sections. In larger areas, the stitch gets too long and does not lie evenly on the design. It is also prone to snagging if the stitches get too long.

Create texture by breaking the rose into smaller parts and changing the direction of the satin stitches.

Long and short stitch is a good alternative to satin stitch and has a similar look.

Further Reading:How to do Satin Stitch

Embroidery Rose - Blanket stitch

The beauty of using this stitch is the natural edge or border that it makes.  Once the outline of the design has been done in blanket stitch the remainder can be filled in with other stitches like the long and short stitch or satin stitch.

In the example above, I used the blanket stitch to fill in the rose petals. This works well for smaller roses. My sample was about inches across (4cm).

Further Reading:How to do Blanket Stitch

Embroidery Rose - Seed Stitch

Seed stitch can be used as a filling stitch that adds texture and interest. It will usually be used in conjunction with an outline stitch. In my sample above, I used a backstitch to outline the embroidery rose and then filled in the petals with seed stitch.

Use different shades of color to create an interesting effect.

Further Reading:How to do Seed Stitch

Embroidery Rose - Web Stitch

Create the web part of the design with a full strand of floss using the six threads and doubling the strand.  Place a knot at the end and then create a web with 9 outgoing spokes coming from a center point. 

Bring a blunt needle with the thread up into the center of the spokes and then weave the needle and thread over and under the web of threads. This will create a rose bloom effect.  When the web is filled in end with a stitch at the back.

Web stitch is particularly useful for an embroidery rose when you use veriegated thread colors. The leaves above were done with a chain stitch.

Further Reading:Web Stitch

Embroidery Rose - French knot

The French knot looks like a tiny rose and when clustered together with other French knots, a beautifully textured rose bush can be created.

It can also be used in the center of a rose sewn in other methods. Put French knots in the center of web stitch or satin stitch roses.

Embroidery Rose - Long and Short

The needle painted rose is the artistic embroidered version of the rose.  The stitching is done using long and short stitch which is also called a brick stitch. 

Added effects can be created with variegated threads and using complementary colors blended together.

See how you can create shading and texture by changing the thread colors. The example below has a backstitch around the outside and then has long and short stitches facing inwards.

The trick is to carefully blend colors and to use thinner threads. The example above would have been done with a single thread, while my petal sample below was done with 3 strands.

Further Reading:How to do Long and Short Stitch

Embroidery Rose - In Conclusion

Stitched or painted, modern or old fashioned, the embroidery rose is one of the best-loved sewing projects.  Varieties of roses and their multitude of colors will always grace our gardens and our embroidery projects.  The rose, a symbol of love and romance, can be found in the garden and as an embroidered icon.


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Brazilian Hand Embroidery Patterns //Vintage Rose Flower Hand Embroidery Designs Patterns

15 Simple Free Floral Embroidery Patterns &#; Designs

If embroidery is your passion, our collection of 15 free floral embroidery patterns and designs is absolutely going to steal your heart. Especially in floral embroidery, the finished product in which the flowers look absolutely stunning with all the delicacies used to layer the flowers, it’s a vision in itself.

If you are having a quiet and dull day, these floral embroidery patterns can cheer up your day and help you get into something creative and vibrant to make. These could be cute floral additions to your home decor, your living rooms shelves, or a lively and warm gift for mother&#;s day, sister&#;s day to your old gal pal, or for any other memorable occasion. Apart from the inspirations and step by step guide, illustrations, and pictures in the detailed tutorials, we have also got some exciting floral embroidery patterns too! Yay! Welcome to your own floral embroidery world, where you can choose from several options to play around and make something creative and meaningful!

Floral patterns have ruled the DIY world for a long time. From old vintage designs to modern motifs, our floral embroidery patterns have the ability to surprise you! With all the classic designs that there ever could have been. Check out our 15 free floral embroidery collections now and choose among the best-suited pattern for your style. Happy Embroidering!

1. Free Floral Embroidery Pattern

Free Floral Embroidery Pattern

If you are a beginner at embroidery, your biggest concern and setback must be how to transfer the exact embroidery flowers on the cloth. With this tutorial, you can easily learn how to use a silhouette machine; you can just overcome this like a pro. sarahhearts

2. Sweet Posy Embroidered Hoop Art Pattern

Sweet Posy Embroidered Hoop Art Pattern

To take you in on a secret, a few stitches are just as beautiful as many. This proves that a simple design can be as elegant and catchy as a complicated one. Get the design transferred % using a lightbox or iron-on transfer pen. See the full details in the tutorial. sewmamasew

3. DIY Spring Embroidery Hoop Art

DIY Spring Embroidery Hoop Art

With a combination of large, wagon wheel style flowers make this stylish floral wreath pattern. Inside the trendy flower hoop, it says. “Home sweet home,&#; you could easily customize the quote as you please. Check the tutorial for full details. ishouldbemopping

4. Floral Embroidery Pattern for Dishtowels

Floral Embroidery Pattern for Dishtowels

Redo your old and plain dishtowels with these catchy simple flower embroidery designs, get these floral embroidery patterns totally free from Flax and Twine . Add a stately dress up touch to your cotton pearl dish towels! Get full details in the tutorial. flaxandtwine

5. Free Hand Embroidery Design

Free Hand Embroidery Design

Minimalism has no expiration date! Check out this breathtaking and stunning free handed embroidery floral pattern. Everybody would adore these cute dancing and pink oriental poppies. One great idea for Mother’s day gift, perhaps. stitchfloral

6. Sweet Mason Jar Vase Hoop &#; Free Embroidery Pattern

Sweet Mason Jar Vase Hoop – Free Embroidery Pattern

If you are a flower lover, the seasons must not be your boundaries. Stitch your own favorite kind of flowers any day and any season of the year with these cute mason jar flower patterns from Bev at Flamingotoes . Click the tutorial for step by step guide. flamingotoes

7. Adorable Floral Embroidery Pattern

Adorable Floral Embroidery Pattern

Express your love and affection for your gal pals or your little girl with some cute and vibrant floral patterns. A beautifully embellished hoop art is all you need to brighten up someone’s day! Hit the tutorial now for details. dabblesand

8. Alice’s Garden Embroidery Pattern

Alice’s Garden Embroidery Pattern

Stitch up your little garden filled with colors, patterns, and flowers for the true Alice in wonderlands feels. The best and most exciting part is that the tutorial comes with Alice’s garden&#;s free pattern. Hit the tutorial now. sewmamasew

9. Love Without Reason Floral Embroidery &#; Free Pattern

Love Without Reason Floral Embroidery Free Pattern

Because a mother loves no boundaries, and even when you give her a billion reasons to give up on you, she would still love you just the same. This vintage and serene design with “Love without reasons” could be an adoring Mother’s day gift! downgrapevine

Floral Stitch Sampler &#; Free Embroidery Pattern

Floral Stitch Sampler Free Embroidery Pattern

This vibrant and detailed floral stitch pattern uses the famous petal stitch known as a lazy daisy stitch. With a fly stitch! Make an intricate and detailed floral embroidery pattern for a vibrant addition to your decor! Click the tutorial for details. instructables

Free Embroidered Bouquet Pattern

Free Embroidered Bouquet Pattern

Get your hands on this detailed and complete floral bouquet pattern! We are all drool-worthy over this threaded bouquet with all the blue flowers with buds, yellow flowers with buds, gorgeous pink drooping flowers, and so much more. downgrapevine

DIY Floral Embroidered Pencil Case

DIY Floral Embroidered Pencil Case

Have your own customized sewed pencil case and get it embellished with these intricate and minimalistic floral patterns! Keep your supplies well managed and tidy in a perfectly catchy pencil case. Get the free pattern from the tutorial now. thesprucecrafts

How to Hand Embroider Flowers

How to Hand Embroider Flowers

A traditional and vintage floral design could never get out of style. This tutorial will elaborate on how you can hand embroider these beautiful flowers using woven spider wheels. The tutorial is going to walk you through the step by step guide with details. instructables

Easy Hand Embroidery &#; Stitch Your Flower Pattern

Easy Hand Embroidery Stitch Your Flower Pattern

This gorgeous floral pattern with all the detailed embroidered colors and extended leaves is going to steal your heart right away. This could be a beautiful appreciation gift for your friends or a cute Mother’s day floral affair too! youtube

DIY Woven Wheel Embroidered Flowers

DIY Woven Wheel Embroidered Flowers

If you are a vintage lover, this antique floral border pattern will be your next DIY floral embroidery project. The stitches involved in this one are usually all chain stitches! Head over to the tutorial now for a detailed step by step guide! youtube

Floral embroidery patterns and the minimalistic vibes associated with them can never get out of trend! In fact, with our collection of these beautiful 15 free floral embroidery patterns, you can come up with great ideas to upgrade your decor or express love with colors and warmth!


Hand pattern rose embroidery


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