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Are you looking for the perfect way to complete a bedroom design? Well, look no more. Curtains do a wonderful job of putting the finishing touches on a bedroom. After all, no bedroom looks complete without curtains.

Curtains come in a wide array of colors, materials, patterns, and sizes, practically guaranteeing that you’ll find the ideal finishing touch. There are also lots of ways that you can hang curtains in the room, adding impressive intrigue to the space. 

Now that you’re wondering how you can best style curtains in a bedroom, we don’t want to leave you hanging. We’re here to help and offer guidance, so keep reading to discover 30 awesome bedroom curtain ideas! 

A rustic themed bedroom with large windows attached with blue floor to ceiling curtain, 30 Awesome Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Gray And Black Bedroom Curtains

1. Floor-To-Ceiling Height

A dark bedroom with black curtains and a dark themed bed

Floor-to-ceiling height curtains add incredible depth into the room. They accentuate the features and make the room feel larger. No matter what size room you have, it will benefit from these longer curtains. The steely gray curtains complement the other gray accents throughout the room.

2. Subtle Patterns

A dark bedroom with a dark foam coated headboard an dark curtains

Subtle patterns in the curtains provide diversity and break up the colors in the room. The white pattern offers a bold contrast to the nearly black curtains. Pendant lighting makes excellent use of the space and looks captivating.

3. Full Room Coverage

A bedroom with gray colored curtains, gray bedding set, and white colored walls

Cover the spaces in your room that are without windows. Full curtain coverage around the room looks warm and welcoming because of the wealth of fabric in the space. The soft gray color is just the right neutral to keep the aesthetic soothing.

Gray Blackout Panels

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4. Chic Curtain Placement

A bedroom with black curtains and wooden flooring

Sometimes just the placement of curtains can really define a room and make it look chic. The matte black curtain rods are minimalistic yet beautiful. Dark gray curtain panels complement the sections of the room.

5. Light Filtering Curtains

White walled bedroom with white flooring and a blue bedding set

Allow plenty of sunlight to pour into the room in order to fill it with a warm, natural glow. While floor-to-ceiling windows make it necessary to have curtains in the bedroom, you can select curtains that welcome the light during the day. The light gray color complements the bedding well. 

6. Soft Linen Texture

A modern bedroom with a beautiful bedding set and a gray and white colored curtain

Linen-textured curtains provide a rich aesthetic to the room. The dark gray color really grounds the room. The emerald green accents look stunning with the monochromatic gray hues used throughout the room.

Brown Bedroom Curtains

7. Window Banks Treatment

A classic style bedroom with beige colored walls and curtains

Elevate the aesthetic of your bedroom with the installation of a full window treatment like the window banks style. This includes softly gathered curtains and a tailored valance that runs the width of the window. The tassels and ruffles make the room look even better.

8. Horizontal Striped Curtains

A classic themed bedroom with brown colored walls and a striped patterned curtains

Wide horizontal stripes are soothing to the eye and will make the room have a more casual, laidback look. This could pair very well with more formal bedding. The juxtaposition will play out well in the room if you allow it to.

Striped Curtain Panels

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9. Cocoa Brown Colors

A beige colored bedroom with a classic style bed and a brown curtain

Keep the color scheme consistent in the bedroom to make it look cohesive and well put together. Using the same color throughout various accents makes this possible. The cocoa-colored curtains create vertical interest and are neatly held back with curtain tie-backs.

10. Mustard Yellow Accent

A small bedroom with a wooden bed and small table with dark yellow curtains

A mustard color has hints of a brown hue in it, giving it an earthy feel. The natural food furniture pieces blend well with the mustard curtain panel. Stone blue accents offer gorgeous color variation.

Luxurious Mustard Curtain Panels

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White Bedroom Curtains

11. Cloud White

A white themed bedroom with a white bedding set and white curtains

If you’re wanting to create a feeling of soft luxury, fill the room with all sorts of white textured pieces. From the bedding to the accent tables and curtains, this room exudes elegance. The white curtains have an ivory tint to them which sets them apart.

12. Boho Vibe

A white bedroom with white curtains and wooden flooring

The combination of white sheer curtains and wooden shutters are ideal for contributing to a boho room aesthetic. The room looks soft and whimsical. 

Related: 37 Boho Living Room Ideas (Inspirational Photo List)

13. Sheer Pairs

A gray themed bedroom with white curtains and beige curtains

Pair white and beige sheers together for a texture-rich design. Sheers will never go out of style, so your room will always be looking chic and fresh. If you aren’t concerned with privacy or light, sheers are a great option.

14. Plethora Of Sheer Curtains

An orange colored bed with white see-through curtains surrounding the bedroom

Lightly filter light in your window-encased room with the help of white sheer curtains. These sheer curtains are hung in a unique way, unlike traditional curtains that span across curtain rods. Each sheer curtain panel billows and flows from the ceiling. 

Sheer Voile Curtains

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Beige Bedroom Curtains

15. Beige Room

A large bedroom with white bedding sets and light gray colored curtains on a curved wall

Beige curtain panels are a wonderful option to maintain a neutral aesthetic in the room. The panels provide visual interest due to the way they hang with their pleated style. 

Pleated Beige Curtain Panels

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16. Natural Tones

A beige themed bedroom with beige curtains and indoor plants on the windows

The natural beige color of these curtains blends right in with the other decorative elements in the room. They’re functional and not too commanding of attention.

17. Gold Flecked Accents

A woman's bedroom with beige colored curtains and white walls

These beige-colored curtains have flecks of gold accent designs stitched into them, giving the room a more luxurious feel. The gold-flecked curtains are an awesome backdrop for the other gold accents incorporated throughout the room design. 

18. Royal Curtain Arrangement

A classic style bedroom with beige colored walls and curtains

Damask patterns cover this room with elegance. The only way to fully finish this regal gold and teal room is with this full window treatment. The valance has great movement to it and the tassels along each drape enhance the look. 

19. Traditional Room Design

A classic style bedroom with beige colored walls and white curtains

No traditional-styled room is complete without linen-textured curtains. These beige curtains frame the seating nook in the bedroom, setting off the area from the rest of the room.

20. Curtain Pair

A beige colored bedroom with a white bedding set and beige curtains

Pair your solid-colored curtains with some light sheer curtains for a great look. The curtain tie-backs are an elegant way to keep the windows open to allow natural light to flood the room. 

21. Elegant Neutrals

A beige colored bedroom with white curtains and beige colored shades

If you have a neutral color scheme in your bedroom, complete the look with curtains that match. The long beige curtains provide privacy and the perfect finishing touch.

Pink And Floral Bedroom Curtains

22. Playful Pink Colors

A woman bedroom with pinks curtains and wooden flooring

Get playful with pink curtains in your bedroom. With tropical-themed wallpaper, the soft pink color of the curtains and bedding fit right in. These curtains add a vibrant pop of color, but since they are airy and light, an abundance of natural light floods the space.

23. Floral Accents

A bedroom with floral curtains and a floral bedding set

Hot pink is eye-catching in any room design. Sprinkle it throughout the design to create interest. You may not want entire curtain panels to have the bright color, so tone it down by using a solid-colored curtain panel with a hot pink floral pattern.

24. Velvety Pinks

A classic styled bedroom with white colored walls and light pinks colored curtains

Velvet adds valuable texture to any room. It’s definitely considered a statement fabric, so don’t hesitate to use it in the room. Frame your windows with soft pink velvet curtains for a remarkable aesthetic that softens the room. 

Pink Velvet Curtain Panels

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Blue Bedroom Curtains

25. Ocean Blue Colors

A rustic themed bedroom with large windows attached with blue floor to ceiling curtain

The tall ocean blue curtains make this room feel more spacious. The other blue accessories in the room ensure that the room looks harmonious. Natural wood furniture and flooring complements the blue curtains. 

26. Frame The Bed

An industrial themed living room with white walls and a blue colored curtain

Framing the bed with two sets of curtains places emphasis on that part of the room. With extra tall curtains, you can add even more dramatic flair to the space.

Green And Floral Bedroom Curtains

27. Color Blocking Green

A bedroom with a green bed and green colored curtains

Since green is an organic color, it’s an exceptional color to pair with natural wood and other organic elements. Both the bed and the curtains reflect a similar color and floral pattern. It’s a unique take on color blocking: solid green then a fun floral pattern.

28. Playful Floral Patterns

A bedroom with floral patterned curtains and a floral bedding set

What better way to spruce up your white-walled and white-floored room than with floor-to-ceiling floral patterned curtains. The floral pattern is full of gorgeous color, and the cushions and bedding around the room share the same colors to make them work together. 

Purple And Violet Bedroom Curtains

29. Modern Violet Makeover

These lavender curtains complete the look of this purple-themed room. The floral design adds texture to the space, and it even matches the throw blanket on the bed. Coordinate your curtains with a room’s monochromatic color scheme for maximum visual effect.

30. Deep Purple 

A gray colored living room with gray curtains and a gray tiled headboard

The light purple and silver sheen of these curtains elevates the glam in this room. The color of the curtains complements the dark purple backdrop. 

We hope that you feel inspired and are able to create a stunning space in your bedroom with the help of curtains! But before you go, make sure to check out these other home decor guides:

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The Top 100 Bedroom Curtain Ideas – Interior Home and Design

“Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass.” John Steinbeck

Many homeowners throw up a set of Venetian blinds and call it a day. But settling for boring window coverings means missing out on countless amazing design trends you could explore.

First and foremost, window treatments must be functional. Still, high-quality curtains can completely reinvent a room, especially in a space like the master bedroom. Keep reading to discover how you can incorporate some of today’s top bedroom curtain ideas into your own home decor.

1. Dark Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Many decorators fear dark drapery because they believe it will make the space feel claustrophobic. In actuality, dark bedroom curtains are a great way to turn a utilitarian decor feature into one of luxury.

dark bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @ohhey_itsmekatie via Instagram

dark bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @simple_.best_ via Instagram

dark bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @inde_createursdidentites via Instagram

dark bedroom curtain ideas

dark bedroom curtain ideas
dark bedroom curtain ideas
dark bedroom curtain ideas

dark bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @alisonsingletonn via Instagram

dark bedroom curtain ideas

dark bedroom curtain ideas

As with any decor choice, look to the room’s color palette for inspiration. In a space populated by black and white decor—shades of grey included—black curtains are an excellent choice. For bedrooms with accents of blue, red, and green, select deep jewel tones from the same color family.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Bedroom Curtain Ideas

If you’re looking to get the most from your bedroom’s limited space, floor-to-ceiling curtains might do the trick. Choose lightweight, neutral fabrics to bring an airy quality to the space while also creating an opportunity for more natural light.

floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas daniella.feitosa

Source: @daniella.feitosa via Instagram

floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas k__band

Source: @k__band via Instagram

floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas nick_bannikov_interior

Source: @nick_bannikov_interior via Instagram

floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas notoriginalstudio

Source: @notoriginalstudio via Instagram

floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas
floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas
floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas
floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas
floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas
floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas

floor to ceiling bedroom curtain ideas

You can also think of floor-to-ceiling curtains as a type of accent wall. For this look, reach for large, standout prints and contrasting colors. They’ll complement the rest of your bedroom decor without fading into the background. With the right approach, even dark shades can make the space feel larger than reality.

3. Neutral Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Rather than turn to white as your go-to neutral, take a moment to think about how grey, cream, or beige curtains can elevate a room. To ensure your new window treatment matches the existing color palette, choose a neutral shade of the same temperature.

neutral bedroom curtain ideas millhill_house

Source: @millhill_house via Instagram

pompom and fringe bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @laurengraceb via Instagram

neutral bedroom curtain ideas 1

neutral bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @_number_32 via Instagram

neutral bedroom curtain ideas
neutral bedroom curtain ideas
neutral bedroom curtain ideas
neutral bedroom curtain ideas
neutral bedroom curtain ideas
neutral bedroom curtain ideas

sheer bedroom curtain ideas

Selecting a lighter or heavier fabric can also completely transform the look of your window curtains. Sheer curtains allow more natural light to enter the room without giving up your sense of privacy. On the other hand, thicker drapes block out more unwanted light and can even help maintain your bedroom temperature during the hot and cold months.

4. Pelmet And Valances Bedroom Curtain Ideas

If your bedroom doesn’t have a curtain rod pocket and you want to disguise the fittings, consider hanging a pelmet or valance. Pelmets are simple structures installed atop interior window frames to cover the curtain rod and fasteners. Valances are short curtains that hang along the entire curtain rod, creating a uniform look above your other curtain panels.

pelmet and valances bedroom curtain ideas tinyinteriorz

Source: @tinyinteriorz via Instagram

pelmet and valances bedroom curtain ideas lauralovesinteriors

Source: @lauralovesinteriors via Instagram

pelmet and valances bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @ideas via Instagram

pelmet and valances bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @a.little.home_.of_.happy_ via Instagram

pattern bedroom curtain ideas
pelmet and valances bedroom curtain ideas
pelmet and valances bedroom curtain ideas
pelmet and valances bedroom curtain ideas

While pelmets are usually upholstered wood, whether the fabric matches or contrasts with your curtains is up to you. Wallpaper or paint can also blend a pelmet into the surrounding wall.

Many bedroom curtain sets come with a matching valance. To make your own, choose a short curtain (or hem a full-length one) in a contrasting color or pattern. Valances are an easy way to achieve the layered curtain look without adding extra bulk.

5. Plain Color Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Accent colors are a valuable tool in home design. If you design your space around a single color or color family, your window curtains are a great canvas to focus on.

plain color bedroom curtain ideas a.moroccanspinkandgold.dream

Source: @a.moroccanspinkandgold.dream_ via Instagram

plain color bedroom curtain ideas excelbylaurapaine

Source: @excelbylaurapaine via Instagram

plain color bedroom curtain ideas no40_house2home

Source: @no40_house2home via Instagram

plain color bedroom curtain ideas passion_for_interiors_gardens_

Source: @passion_for_interiors_gardens_ via Instagram

plain color bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @gracefulsouthernhome via Instagram

plain color bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @charmingchickpea via Instagram


plain color bedroom curtain ideas
plain color bedroom curtain ideas

Anytime you work with solid colors, texture is your friend. Thick velvet curtains are a popular trend because they bring a luxurious look and feel to even the most boring color palette. On the flip side, sheer fabrics can add some much-needed dimension to solid-colored drapery.

Since the curtains themselves will be rather plain, be sure to get creative with hardware. Curtain rods and tiebacks in a complementary finish look intentional rather than simplistic.

6. Pompom And Fringe Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Pom-poms and fringe might be staples of nursery window decor, but these trends can also translate to the master bedroom. For a more mature take, opt for smaller pom-poms or fringe in neutral colors.

pompom and fringe bedroom curtain ideas limoges_life

Source: @limoges_life via Instagram

pompom and fringe bedroom curtain ideas phoenixinteriordesignuk

Source: @phoenixinteriordesignuk via Instagram

pompom and fringe bedroom curtain ideas tellythecraftaholic

Source: @tellythecraftaholic via Instagram

pompom and fringe bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @oh.to_.be_.baby_.g via Instagram

You can use macrame as a valance or curtain panel to add texture and bohemian appeal to otherwise plain curtains. It won’t do much to block out the light or prying eyes, though, so try layering macrame over shutters or sheer drapes to maximize its functionality.

If you want a touch of the pom-pom or fringe aesthetic without going full-throttle, look for curtain tiebacks that fit the look. A curtain tieback set adorned with pom-poms or fringe offers a subtle nod to the boho trend without worrying about overdoing it.

7. Prints Bedroom Curtain Ideas

From quirky to refined, printed curtains add character to even the simplest drapery sets. Modern geometric patterns are super popular, but barely scratch the surface when it comes to unique fabrics. Maximalist florals are also very on-trend right now and look stunning paired with a dark color palette.

prints bedroom curtain ideas comfortlines

Source: @comfortlines via Instagram

prints bedroom curtain ideas my_home_deco_design

Source: @my_home_deco_design via Instagram

prints bedroom curtain ideas 1

prints bedroom curtain ideas 2

prints bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @custom_window_coverings via Instagram

prints bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @kristenspencerinteriors via Instagram

prints bedroom curtain ideas

prints bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @kristenspencerinteriors via Instagram

Look to your bedroom’s current decor and color scheme to narrow down the ideal print for your space. Prints in a neutral color palette are the easiest to incorporate into existing decor, but don’t let that fact stop you from following your heart.

8. Roman Shade Bedroom Curtain Ideas

When asked to come up with bedroom curtain ideas, traditional curtain panels are likely the first to spring to mind. In many spaces, though, roman shades make a great alternative. Whether you opt for fabric, woven bamboo, or another material entirely, roman shades are undeniably stylish and easy to use.

roman shade bedroom curtain ideas adriawanrp

Source: @adriawanrp via Instagram

roman shade bedroom curtain ideas taryndevincentinteriors

Source: @taryndevincentinteriors via Instagram

roman shade bedroom curtain ideas tylko.wnetrza

Source: @tylko.wnetrza via Instagram

roman shade bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @paisley_designs_ via Instagram

roman shade bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @mycozypahome via Instagram

roman shade bedroom curtain ideas
roman shade bedroom curtain ideas
roman shade bedroom curtain ideas
roman shade bedroom curtain ideas
roman shade bedroom curtain ideas

This curtain style also offers a unique design opportunity in how you pleat, fold, tie, or bunch up the bottom. Depending on your decor goals, you can transform the look of your window treatment without even swapping shades.

9. Short Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Not every home has a blessing like full-length windows, and that’s okay. By strategically placing your bedroom curtains, you can ensure your small bedroom looks and feels as open as possible.

short bedroom curtain ideas our_westerdale_home

Source: @our_westerdale_home via Instagram

short bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @ninageehome via Instagram

Before you do anything else, it’s important to understand and work with the shape of your bedroom windows. Aim to have your curtains fall at or several inches below your windowsill.

If you want the illusion of taller windows without floor-length curtains, there’s another option. Hanging the curtain rod slightly above your window can work miracles. A carefully placed valance or pelmet can hide the fact that you installed your curtain rod several inches above the window frame.

10. Lace Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Despite what you might believe, lace is remarkably versatile (even in ways that buck the feminine stereotype). Ultimately, the type of lace and how you style it will determine the final look.

lace bedroom curtain ideas floralandpearls

Source: @floralandpearls via Instagram

lace bedroom curtain ideas renovation_ropemaker_hill

Source: @renovation_ropemaker_hill via Instagram

lace bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @asplendidnest via Instagram

lace bedroom curtain ideas

lace bedroom curtain ideas

Floral lace is a staple of farmhouse decor, especially when paired with a textured fabric like burlap or canvas. On the other hand, geometric-patterned lace melds perfectly with modern Scandinavian design.

Lace curtains are a great way to invite natural light in while still enjoying some privacy. But, they certainly won’t replace blackout curtains. Play around with layering lace and heavier fabric to get the most out of your bedroom curtains’ functionality.

11. Sheer Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Not all spaces require hyper-functional bedroom curtain ideas. In spaces where natural light is a must and privacy is of little concern, sheer curtains provide the perfect compromise. White or off-white sheer curtains are a popular choice but don’t write off colored fabric.



sheer bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @goddess_ish_by_deemarie via Instagram

sheer bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @gloria_designs14-3 via Instagram

sheer bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @tamraellis via Instagram

sheer bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @miriamemiliedesign via Instagram

sheer bedroom curtain ideas
sheer bedroom curtain ideas
sheer bedroom curtain ideas 1

sheer bedroom curtain ideas 2

Of course, you can always enjoy the best of both worlds by layering sheer drapes over blackout curtains or Venetian blinds. Or, layer multiple sets of sheer curtains over each other for customizable light filtration. Either way, this allows you to block out the outside world when needed while also enjoying the airiness of sheer curtains when you don’t.

12. White Bedroom Curtain Ideas

White curtains generally look best in one of two ways. First, as a stark contrast to medium or dark-colored walls. Or, second, as a modern window treatment installed alongside ultra-bright white walls and ceilings.

white bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @ideas via Instagram

white bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @tara_andthetwins via Instagram

white bedroom curtain ideas
white bedroom curtain ideas
white bedroom curtain ideas
white bedroom curtain ideas
white bedroom curtain ideas
white bedroom curtain ideas

However, if you choose to use white drapery in your bedroom decor, select your fabric carefully. Textured or embroidered fabrics can add a touch of intrigue to an all-white curtain without impeding your clean color palette.

13. Tall Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Long curtains can help give the illusion of extra-tall windows. But in a bedroom that has floor-to-ceiling window frames, full-length curtains are a must.

tall window bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @ideas via Instagram

tall window bedroom curtain ideas
tall window bedroom curtain ideas
tall window bedroom curtain ideas

Mounting your curtain rod flush to the ceiling will give your window treatment a dramatic look with minimal effort. If you want to get the most from your tall windows, avoid pelmets and valances that will make them look shorter.

To cover large windows, you’re going to need a lot of fabric. When open, consider securing your curtains with tiebacks to maintain a tailored shape. Even if your windows are not truly floor-to-ceiling, your drapes should ideally reach the floor.

14. Matching Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Maximalism is in, and your window treatments are a blank canvas. Rather than hang up plain shades, try matching your window treatment to other decor in the room.

matching bedroom curtain ideas

Source: @stillwellgrovesinteriors via Instagram

matching bedroom curtain ideas
matching bedroom curtain ideas

Wallpaper and bedding are two great sources to draw inspiration from. Consider using the same fabric for your duvet cover and your bedroom window curtain. If you can’t duplicate a specific pattern, use layered curtains with various fabrics to recreate the color scheme as a whole.

Bedroom Curtain Ideas FAQ

Should bedroom curtains touch the floor?

There is no hard and fast rule for how long window curtains should be. While one room might be perfect for extra-long drapes, another might work with shorter curtains.

In most cases, full-length curtains should barely graze the floor. Hanging your bedroom curtains above the floor will prevent bunching and limit the dust and dirt that collects on the edge.

What is the best type of curtain rod for bedroom windows?

As long as the curtain rod is the right size, is securely installed, and matches the rest of your bedroom decor, pretty much any style will work. With that said, some curtain rods are better at blocking out the outside world than others.

If you rely on curtains to keep headlights, street lamps, and sunlight out of your bedroom, invest in a wraparound curtain rod. This style of curtain rod prevents unwanted light from seeping in around the edges. It’s perfect for use with a blackout curtain.

10 Curtain Ideas for Small Bedroom

So you are hunting for bedroom window ideas. We actually ask a lot of our bedroom windows, they need to provide enough darkness and privacy for us to sleep well but also need to look lovely and bring something to the space. Lucky for us, there are loads of options out there to suit any style but are still functional and well, do the job or covering your windows. 

How can you dress a bedroom window?

To name just a few you have the classic bedroom choice – curtains or drapes, there's also blinds (Roman, Venetian, roller, etc.) or shutters. And of course you can also combine these different treatments too, but more on that later.

So which bedroom window treatment to choose? Well, that's where we come in. Here we have pulled together all our fave bedroom window ideas to get you inspired, and of course to help you make the most practical choice for your space. 

Keep reading for plenty of bedroom window ideas to copy and don't miss our bedroom ideas hub page too for plenty more inspiration. 

1. Go for a classic look with white bedroom shutters

(Image credit: California Shutters)

For a clean, crisp bedroom window ideas, choose pristine white shutters. These are full height, but for more flexibility, choose tier on tier, which allow you to open the top and lower sections separately, or café curtains that cover just the lower part of the window. 

Find out how to choose the best shutters for your bedroom in our guide.

2. Or add warmth with a dark bedroom shutter 

(Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous )

While you may be tempted to choose white (which we love), don't be fooled into thinking they will keep out the light. They might offer privacy, but darkness is another thing – and that's what makes dark-coloured shutters a good bedroom buy. We love how it adds such a natural, warm feel to this bedroom and the plain wood means you can work it in to any existing bedroom scheme you have going on.  

3. Use curtains to turn a plain room patterned – but line them for darkness

(Image credit: Curtains2go)

If you are a fan of the soft look of drapes or curtains but like the black-out effect of a blind, you could line your curtains with a black-out fabric. You don't lose the lovely softness of a curtain but you still get the darkness when it comes to sleeping.

'The primary use of blackout curtains is to obstruct the direct sunlight streaming through the windows, which makes them an ideal choice for the bedroom when the sun rises from as early as 4am during the summer. Great for all seasons, but especially the warmer months as blackout curtains will keep the heat out by reducing the heat transfer from window to the room. For the optimum results, an integrated interlining combined with blackout lining work best.' advises Harry Cole, Founder of Loom & Last.

Why not make your curtains the focal point of the bedroom and pull out colors from the design to accessorize with?

4. Pick a light a breezy style for a dark bedroom

(Image credit: Fritz Fryer )

Some of us simply love the whimsical feel of linen curtains floating in the summer breeze... but more than that, if your bedroom is already dark, bulky curtains at the windows are just going to cut out even more light, even when they're open. So if you’re not one to be woken early doors from the light streaming in during the summer then this pretty option is for you. 

Love the dramatic look of a darkly decorated bedroom? Check out our black bedroom ideas gallery. 

5. Hang curtains floor to ceiling 

(Image credit: Loom & Last)

Noticed anything about all the curtains so far? They don't just flap around the dimension of the window, they flow down to the floor. This is always how bedroom curtains should be done!

'Gone are the days of shorter curtains, they feel dated and can make a window feel small and boxed in.' say Jen & Marr of Interior Fox.  'Instead opt for floor to ceiling curtains, ensuring there are no gaps. This look adds height to a room, while keeping a clean a simple aesthetic. A personal favorite of ours is a wave curtain in a solid color, they create a smart but simple finish that’s easy on the eye. Attention to detail goes a long way, we like to swap out the eyelets to match the curtain pole. This simple but effective technique makes all the difference and helps to create a more unified and custom look.'

6. Keep it simple with roller blinds

(Image credit: Fiona Walker Arnott)

If your home is contemporary then fussy full-on curtains and blinds will naturally not be your thing. Roller blinds are a great option, they’re streamlined and don’t impose visually on the space. Depending on the color you choose they can be ‘barely there’ which is ideal if you’re a modernist who wants to control the light and privacy in your bedroom – or show off a fabulous view. 

Check out our guide to choosing roller blinds for plenty more advice and ideas. 

7. Update your bedroom window by adding a new layer

(Image credit: Design: Bobby Berk; Photography: @marisavitalephotography)

Already got blinds but fancy a change? Loving your curtains but not getting the light-blocking qualities you need? Layering curtains with other window treatments, such as blinds or window film, will give you maximum daylight but privacy if you're overlooked. You needn't choose heavy curtains if you prefer a lighter look – why not layer a light cotton curtain with a heavier blackout option, such as Roman blinds, for the best of both worlds?

8. Add wooden accents with a light Venetian blind

(Image credit: Apollo Blinds)

Bring a natural element to the bedroom with wooden Venetian blinds, one of the most adjustable treatments for a sunny window since the louvers can be tilted precisely to deflect glare. Wide louvers are bang on trend and create a more simple, fuss-free look than the classic wooden blind. You could also choose contrast tapes for a hint of color. 

9. Add a fun bedroom shutter for children's rooms

(Image credit: California Shutters)

Looking for bedroom window ideas that will suit kids' rooms? Solid shutters shut out the light, so kids get some rest even in summer when the evenings are long, but they also open up the possibilities for color and motifs that you can weave throughout the rest of the room. Loving the vivid yellow going on here!

Check out all of our kid's bedroom ideas for plenty more inspiration. 

10. Choose blinds as a super-practical bedroom window treatment

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Motorized blinds are a great option for loft or hard-to-access windows such as in an attic bedroom. Or for a more budget-friendly option pick manually operated roof blinds that you just pull down easily if your windows are within reach. 

11. Increase bedroom privacy with window film

(Image credit: The Window Film Company)

A super quick and easy bedroom window idea, window films are ideal for a ground-floor bedroom that is overlooked. You can get them ready-cut to the exact measurements for your window and is easy to fit. Frosted finishes, all-over patterns and motifs are available too if you want to add some texture and interest to your space as well as privacy. 

Be inspired by these window film ideas to get the best design for your bedroom.

12. Set bedroom blinds within the frame for elegance

(Image credit: Style Studio)

A great bedroom window idea for tall windows or French doors, are pleated blinds fit neatly within each pane for a minimal look without interrupting the frame. Team with sheer curtains hung from a pole that extends either side of the windows so they can be swept right back.

13. Match your bedroom curtains to your soft furnishings

(Image credit: Dekoria)

Found a fabric you love but afraid of busting the budget? Roman blinds are the answer, taking far less fabric than curtains, yet folding into decorative pleats. We love how in this bedroom they have been matched with the cushions to create a really cute cohesive look. 

What bedroom window treatments are in style?

The most popular window treatments right now are shutters – they are stylish, compact and really practical too. The one downside is the price since they are mostly made to measure, bespoke window treatments they won't suit everyone's budget. So another, more budgeted friendly bedroom window treatments  that's in style, is a classic light drape – something gauzy or linen-like that allows soft light to filter through. Hang them floor to ceiling for a much more luxurious look – this will add some height to the room too. 

What treatments are best for a small bedroom?

In a small bedroom just don't want anything that's going to add bulk around the window and block out the natural light. Natural light is key to making a small look feel lighter, airy and, as a result, bigger so opt for in a light fabric that isn't too heavy. A roller blind would work well, and you can soften it up by layering with a curtain in a lightweight fabric. 


Bedroom curtains aesthetic

UNISTAR Blackout Stars Kids Curtains for Girls Bedroom Aesthetic

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Super 5 ☆ popular Special SALE held UNISTAR Blackout Stars Kids Curtains Girls Aesthetic for Bedroom


UNISTAR Blackout Stars Kids Curtains for Girls Bedroom Aesthetic

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • BASE INFORMATION Package includes 1 panel double layer blackout curtain, bonus 1 tieback, 1 detachable butterfly bow tie. Grommets top(1.6 inch inner diameter), Curtain measures 52" wide per panel. Available length include 63", 84", 95", 108"
  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL Made of high-quality polyester fabric, white lace inside, which is elegant and holy. The suspension is very drape, which increases the overall taste of home decorations.
  • ROMANTIC DESIGN Hollow out star curtains forming a dream starry sky in your room, giving beautiful and romantic look even viewing from outside, perfect for your living room bedroom study kids bedroom. Imagine the fantastic feeling of the stars falling on your bed, floor, all over the room.
  • INSULATION AND SOUNDPROOF This double-layer curtain uses a shading layer to achieve a 90% blackout effect and has a good sound insulation function.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE Machine washable. Washing on the gentle cycle in the cold water. Do not bleach, should be hung in a ventilated place to dry. Not easy to shrink, fade, or deform.

UNISTAR Blackout Stars Kids Curtains for Girls Bedroom Aesthetic

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Blackout Stars Curtains for Kids Girls Bedroom Aesthetic Living


Blackout Stars Curtains for Kids Girls Bedroom Aesthetic Living

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Bedroom curtain ideas – create a cosy and peaceful sleeping space with your window dressings

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • Stylists and interior designers will often tell you that curtains can really make a bedroom, but only if chosen with care. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite bedroom curtain ideas to help you pick the perfect pair.

    Choosing bedroom curtains can sometimes feel overwhelming with heading type, fabric weights, length, pattern, colour and practical considerations all needing careful thought. However, before getting bogged down in the finer details it is important to remember that the primary role of bedroom curtains is to block out the light and keep your bedroom warm. When considering any bedroom ideas and decor decisions always keep this at the back of your mind.

    Bedroom curtain ideas

    ‘Curtains are always in fashion in one form or another,’ says interior designer Yvonne Jones. Yvonne advises that curtains are the ideal window treatment idea for adding both warmth and sound insulation, ‘I think living in a colder climate means we like to feel wrapped up and having curtains frames the view. They also create a different aesthetic, giving a bigger visual effect,’ she says.

    ‘Curtains can give a room something it’s lacking, whether that’s warmth, simplicity, elegance or drama.’

    1. Seek voiles for privacy without blocking out light

    Voile bedroom curtains

    Image credit: Future PLC/ James French

    Bedrooms require privacy at all times, but where having heavy curtains drawn limits the light quality within the space voiles are the perfect solution. The lightweight window treatment restricts the view in but doesn’t restrict the brightness, ideal for a small bedroom idea to invite an airy and open feel.

    ‘Using voile curtains in combination with black out roller blinds is a really effective way to gain a high level of control over lighting and privacy levels’ advises Hannah Cooley, product designer for Hillary. ‘Allowing for night time privacy and darkness that can easily be switched up to let sunlight through during the day.’

    2. Introduce pattern to a plain room

    grey bedroom with purple bedspread and floral curtains

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Mark Bennett

    Nothing adds drama to a plain bedroom better than a big, bold pattern. Tropical or botanical prints, similar to these curtains, are always popular for bedroom decor to add a touch of timeless appeal. When opting for a colourful patterned curtain, keep the rest of the room simple to allow your curtains to do all the talking. This grey bedroom idea has been finished in a pale blue to work with the dark blue and green pattern.

    3. Draw attention to a shapely bay window

    bay window with yellow blinds and curtains

    Image credit: Curtains2go

    When planning how to dress a bay window, make a feature with a combination of blinds to accentuate the shape of the bay and elegant drapes to highlight the height of the room.

    Choosing a pattern helps to add interest, but keeping the pattern subtle helps to avoid overwhelming the room. Loosely matching the colour to the bedding creates a seamless look.

    4. Choose a pattern that goes with the view

    white bedroom with botanical curtains and green wooden bed frame

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    ‘Choose a fabric that enhances your view – life a leaf pattern,’ suggests Yvonne. In this bedroom, the view of the garden has been framed with floral print curtains in neutral colours. The curtains continue the botanical theme running through the rest of the room. The same pattern has even been used to create scatter cushions to tie them together with the vibrant green bed. Add authentic botanical touches with a scattering of house plant ideas.

    5. Hang lined curtains to reduce light leakages

    Neutral bedroom with bleached wood wall panelling and grey full length curtain

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    When choosing what fabric to use Victoria Walker, product manager at Hillarys, suggests thinking about the function, you want the curtains to perform in your bedroom. ‘Voiles are sheer and translucent and a great way of letting the light in while still offering privacy, but black-out, lined curtains are a better choice for bedrooms.’

    ‘I’d always line curtains though – unless they are voiles – as lining makes your curtains look fuller, helps reduce light leakages and provides extra privacy. Coloured lining is also available – think about grey or black facing out instead of white or ecru.’

    6. Invest in linen curtains for a relaxed look

    beige bedroom with slat grey curtain and matt black wall light

    Image credit: Future PLC

    Medium-weight linen or a linen mix curtain are perfect for creating a relaxed look. The navy blue curtains here hang all the way to the floor and add another layer of texture in this modern bedroom. However, they are quite sheer so it is worth investing in a blackout window blind idea to hang behind them, to make sure you still get that good night’s sleep.

    7. Choose a pattern that will standard the test of time

    Taupe bedroom with stripped upholstered headboard and IKAT rug

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Lovatti

    If you do decide to opt for a pattern make sure it’s a design you’ll love for a long time. ‘Good curtains last for years so you need to really love the pattern,’ advises Yvonne. These pink patterned curtains feature a timeless design that will work with a variety of colour schemes from neutral beige to a bright pink or red.

    8. Hold curtains back with alternative tie-backs

    Pale blue bedroom with curtains with heart tiebacks

    Ideal Home: Future PLC

    ‘Avoid fabric-shaped tie-backs, which are old-fashioned, and choose woven leather, beaded or even tasselled ones instead,’ says Yvonne. Tie-backs are a great way to update existing curtains, swap your fabric tie for something more modern like a leather tie or these rope ties with wooden hearts.

    9. Allow curtains to puddle in front of a tall window

    white bedroom with peach curtains blush pink bed and storage unit at the foot of the end

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    If you have long windows in your room order curtains that are a little longer than the window so they puddle. This works best with lightweight linen curtains that you don’t need to worry about creasing badly.

    However, puddled velvet curtains can also look  sumptuous when creating cosy bedroom. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, and only add an inch or two of extra length – you don’t want them to become a trip hazard.

    10. Pair velvet curtains with a sheer voile

    White bedroom with slate grey curtains and grey button backed headboard

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    ‘I love well-made, hand-finished curtains hanging almost ceiling to floor, with a sheer voile,’ says Victoria. A sheer voile is the perfect solution to add some extra privacy to your bedroom if it overlooks the street, while still allowing light in. For a luxurious look, pair the delicate sheer voile with dark heavy velvet curtains.

    11. Add a wooden pelmet to a traditional floral design

    green and black bedroom with floral curtains and leather armchair

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Polly Eltes

    What you hang your curtains on can make just as big an impact as the window dressing itself. Pick a pole that co-ordinates with your fabric and suits your furniture style. The wooden rail in this bedroom compliments the earthy green and navy blue bedroom colour scheme. The wooden design also works with the brown leather armchair in the corner of the room.

    12. Match your curtains to your walls

    blue bedroom with linen upholstered headboard and natural wooden furniture

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    Make a bold statement by colour blocking in your bedroom and matching your curtain colour to your walls. The cobalt blue curtains wrap this entire blue bedroom idea in the vibrant blue hue. When colour blocking, add variation by playing with different shades and textures in the same colour.

    13. Add a boxy pelmet

    grey bedroom with green patterned curtains and pelmet

    Image credit: Future PLC

    ‘A flat, boxy, straight pelmet adds neatness to a window,’ says Yvonne. ‘When choosing a pattern. Make sure you take the whole room into consideration.’ The boxy pelmet in this bedroom echoes the smart grey wall panels, and ties the retro geometric pattern in with the rest of the bedroom. In a small bedroom such a bold pattern could be overwhelming, however the pelmet ensures it looks neat and tidy.

    14. Team patterned curtains and blinds

    Lilac and grey bedroom

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    Curtains and blinds can look wonderful when layered together. You can keep it simple with a plain blind under a patterned curtain. But for a more playful look team different patterns. In this room polka dot blinds have been partnered with contrasting striped curtains.

    When clashing patterns, it is important to make sure that they have at least one thing in common, whether that is colour or pattern style. In this room the curtains have the same purple colour scheme in common.

    Which curtain style is best for bedrooms? 

    Heavier, lined curtains that will minimise any light leaks will be the most natural fit for a bedroom. That isn’t to say you can’t opt for a light linen curtain, just bear in mind you will probably need to consider investing in a blind to hang underneath. The same goes for delicate voile curtains which are best paired with heavy velvet curtains.

    If you are still choosing between blinds and curtains in your bedroom, it is important to note that while they can both look amazing, blinds aren’t a good fit for all windows. ‘If dressing a really wide window, blinds can look awkward and out of scale,’ explains Sarita Sharma, Ideal Home’s resident stylist. ‘Likewise, on a really tall window, blinds can become cumbersome. Especially Roman ones, as you have to pull the full weight of the fabric up each time.’

    Should bedroom curtains be long or short? 

    This is all down to the size of your windows, and personal preference. The biggest benefit of long bedroom curtains that hang to the floor is insulation, so if you know your room can get particularly cold this might be something you want to bear in mind. You will also need to think about the shape of your windows and what will suit them.

    In general, hanging curtains to the floor will always help a room look stylish and elegant. ‘I love curtains that are fitted to the ground – well 1cm off if I’m being fussy,’ says Victoria. Yvonne agrees: ‘I like them to just touch the floor. If they puddle, then the fabric can crease or kind and not drape properly, as well as making opening and closing a nightmare.’

    However, puddle curtains can look lovely against a tall window. However, you will need to be careful with your fabric choice, and bear in mind how you are going to clean under them.

    What colour should bedroom curtains be and should they be lighter or darker than the walls? 

    It is a good idea to consider soothing and peaceful colours such as green, blue or pink in a bedroom. These colours are all known for their soothing and calming qualities. Blue has even been said to help fight insomnia and anxiety.

    When choosing the colour and shade of your bedroom curtains it is important to bear in mind the colour scheme and décor of the rest of the room. As a general guide there should only be one stand-out star in a bedroom. So if the rest of your bedroom is littered in bold colours and patterns consider keeping your curtains in a subtle neutral tone. However, if your room is already neutral, you can inject some life into the room with vivid coloured curtains.

    Should bedroom curtains match the bedding?

    Matching curtains to your bedding is an easy way to tie a bedroom together. However, beware of creating a stiff dated look by making them too matchy-matchy, for example using the same material pattern on your curtains and bedding. If you have patterned curtains, matching scatter cushions are a subtle and fool-proof way of tying the room together.

    Alternatively for a more modern look, opt for bedding and curtains that are in a similar or complimentary colour palette. You can even choose to match textures instead of colours, for example pairing linen curtains and bedding in complimentary colours for a relaxed bedroom.

    Have you been inspired by any of these bedroom curtain ideas?


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