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Submitting Your Map

This form allows you to add your own minecraft map to our site. All submissions will be moderated before they are approved and published. This process won't be instant and may take some time. We do this to ensure that every map on the site is playable.

Not all maps that are submitted will be accepted. It is important that you read the requirements below to maximise the chance of your map being published.

You can request to update or remove your map at any time, by using the Map Update page.

Map Requirements

You must be one of the original creators of the map.

Upload a few good quality images of the map. It's preferable that the main image has text with the map name on it.

Write a good description and a list of additonal info or rules etc. This is very important and should not be left blank.

Make sure that the correct player spawn point has been set and that the map starts in the intended game mode.

URL Shortner Usage

We do not currently accept any "URL Shortner" links such as adf.ly for map downloads.

Additional Information

The description of your map may be changed by us to fix any grammatical errors, add more information to it or just make it look a bit more shinier. You can also request changes to be made to it by contacting us.

Your map will also be rehosted by us on our server. This means you will not be able to track the download stats of the map on your own host account or update it instantly. If you're going to update the map frequently, you can request to use your own download link instead.

Thank you for submitting your map to MinecraftMaps.com, we appreciate your effort to contribute to the Minecraft community and allow everyone to experience your work!

Sours: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/submit-your-map

Minecraft Worlds generated by other players can be downloaded by the player and opened in their copy of the game. This guide will show how to play the worlds in either Java or Bedrock.

Download a world[]


Be wary on what you download! Look for reputable sites such as the ones listed below and as always, DO NOT DOWNLOAD from sketchy sites! Also, you should always scan a map download using your antivirus.

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Before anything else, download your chosen world with a web browser.
Some reputable sites to download Minecraft worlds are:


Instructions on how to open the file into minecraft.


  • A file archiving program, like 7zip.
    • This is optional if you just change the extension to in Bedrock
  • A copy of the version you want to put the world in

Bedrock Specific Instructions (Android/Fire OS/iOS/Windows 10) (Recommended)[]

After you download a bedrock map, you should already have a file name with in it, like . It should also have a Minecraft icon in it. Just double click it and it will automatically open in Minecraft. You can easily rename bedrock .zip files to a .mcworld simply by changing the extension. is just a special file extension optimized for Minecraft Bedrock.

So, instructions are:

  • Change the extension to .mcworld if it isn't already.
  • Double click the file.

If it didn't automatically open, select Minecraft if asked. If it still doesn't work, follow the guide below.

Java & Bedrock Instructions[]

These instructions are compatible with both Java and Bedrock and will guide you to a step by step process of installing a world to Minecraft.

NOTE that you cannot open Bedrock worlds in Java and vice versa; you will need a converter to do that.


This is necessary if you have a compressed file.

  1. Extract the compressed file.
  2. If you see a file named , then you're good to go! Extract the zip/rar to a folder ()
    1. If you can only see a folder, open it. It might have the files. Extract that folder and rename it to a good name, like (

Importing into Minecraft[]

Once you extracted it to a folder, follow these steps:

  1. Open the default directory for Minecraft folder.
    1. On Java Edition, the name of the folder is . Below is a table showing the default directory for .minecraft.
OS Location
    1. On Bedrock Edition, the name of the folder is . Below is a table listing these:
Platform Location
Windows (including mobile)
Android and Fire OS For SD Card users:
For Internal Storage:
  1. Open the ‌[Java Edition only] or ‌[Bedrock Edition only] folder. You will notice all your worlds are here.
  2. Paste that folder into the mentioned folder.
  3. Open the new folder and check to make sure it has everything in it, all right under .
  4. Once they're all there, launch the game, and continue below.

Find the folder in Minecraft[]

Here's the hardest part: finding your new save in all your other saves.

  1. Once Minecraft opens, click "Singleplayer" or "Play"
  2. The name of the folder you copied will be the grayed out name under the world name (On Java).
  3. The new save is usually all the way at the bottom, but that's not always the case. You might need to do some hunting.
  4. Once you found it, load it up and have fun! You may have to back up the world if it was saved in a different version of Minecraft.

Alternate Instructions[]

If you found the above instructions confusing, here is a simpler explanation:

  1. Download the world file (usually in or ) format
    1. If it is bedrock map, rename to .mcworld, then open in Minecraft
      1. If this doesn't work, continue below
  2. Extract to a new folder (WORLD)
  3. Find the .minecraft or com.mojang folder
  4. Look for the or folder
  5. Copy-paste the (WORLD) to that folder
  6. Open up Minecraft and find it in your selection of saved worlds


  • On Windows, you can press to open the run dialog, then paste the Minecraft folder location in there.
  • You can also drag and drop folders to the saves folder, which might save you time from copy-pasting.
  • On Bedrock, you might see jumbled letters in the folder names like . This is normal, and you can always rename them for easy identification.
  • To access map datapacks or resource packs, you can access them by copying the contents inside the map to the main folders.
Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorials/Map_downloads
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How to upload a map in Minecraft

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In order to upload your own map to your Minecraft server you'd first need a FTP program like Filezilla for instance.

The first step would be to obtain your Minecraft map, if you've downloaded a map from the web, you can skip these steps.

Upload the map

  • Open up the command execution dialogue by pressing the Windows button and R simultaneously.
  • Enter "%appdata%" (without the quotes) and press enter.
  • Got to your .minecraft folder, if you are using a modpack launcher the folder may be labeled .technic or .atlauncher.
  • Enter the folder called saves.
  • This folder contains your created worlds as folders.

If you are using a downloaded map, make sure that it isn't archived (.rar, .zip) and if it is, simply unpack it. After you are don with this preperations, it's time to upload your world.

  • Open up a FTP connection to your server (you can find the credentials in your Gameserver's Webinterface)
  • Navigate to the minecraft folder, if you are running a modpack, this folder may be named minecrafttechnic, minecraftftb or similar.
  • Simply drag the world folder into the directory and wait till the upload is finished

Configure the server

The final step would be to tell the server which world it should use.

  • Open the file server.properties either via FTP or your Gameserver's Webinterface.
  • Search for the line containing
  • Replace the value (everything after the equals mark) with your uploaded folder's name
  • Restart the server

You are now running your own uploaded map.

Sours: https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/How_to_upload_a_map_in_Minecraft
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