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Legion Gold is a high-level strategy game that incorporates strategic and tactical elements in a unique Roman Empire adventure. Control vast armies and attempt to carve out an Empire at the strategic level. At the tactical level, position your armies and make use of the best formations to achieve victory. Each map can be replayed a number of times in different settings, with different nations, giving you hours of gameplay.

In Legion Gold, players can command massive armies that march across the ancient world and build mighty cities that will last through the ages while also standing amid the blood and mud on the battlefield and commanding the tactical action of every battle! Well-received by gamers and critics alike, Legion Gold is the expanded and improved version of its predecessor, Legion, and includes not only the original game but a hefty expansion pack too.

The expansion brings gamers even more hours of gameplay on top of the already addicting Legion system. Improvements in Legion Gold over Legion include vastly improved diplomatic, economic, and management elements, improved strategic and tactical elements in the battle system, 3 new campaigns, new races, units, structures, and more!

Play against many unique tribes, nations and AI opponents from the Roman Empire era Detailed economy - control your cities, allocate workers, construct new buildings, build fortresses for protection and train new regiments.


© 2008 Slitherine Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Legion Gold, Slitherine Ltd. and their Logos are all trademarks of Slitherine Ltd. All other marks and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Historical Accuracy - all maps, soldiers uniforms and weapons are accurately modeled to capture the flavor of the ancient world and its warfare

Diplomacy - with so many opponents, careful use of diplomacy will be required if you're going to succeed

3D battlefields - 3D rendered terrain affects the combat model

Huge realistic battles based on historical data, the combat model provides a realistic look and feel as hundreds of men are displayed in epic battles

3 new campaigns - new races, units, structures and even a fantasy setting

Battle System - improved strategic and tactical elements Improved - diplomatic, economic, and management elements

3 levels of difficulty - provide a challenge for all gamers

Windows XP (no more supported)

Pentium 233 MHz MMX


250 MB free hard drive space

2 MB DirectX compatible video card

DirectX compatible sound card

DirectX 8.0 or higher

Windows compatible mouse and keyboard

Display Resolution
800x600 Full Screen

Sours: https://www.slitherine.com/game/legion-gold
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Legion Gold

2002 video game

Legion Gold is a turn-basedcomputer wargame with a historical setting, designed by Slitherine and released in 2002. In Legion Gold, the player attempts to build a powerful army by controlling villages and defeating enemies with the ultimate goal of dominating a region.


Legion Gold is a turn-based single-player wargame. The strategy of battle involves fighting on favorable terrain with enemies weak against the player's units. Other concerns are capturing cities that produce food, stone and wood. Upgrading the cities' buildings leads to the production of stronger units.

Each unit in Legion Gold has its own strengths and weaknesses, different types of attacks (melee and ranged) and weapon.

Victory screen of an alternative campaign in Elysium Field. Note that the game declares the player a victor when domination is achieved, rather than total conquest

Legion takes place in the historic setting of the Roman expansion, from the conquest of Italy, Britain, Hispania, Gaul and Germania.


Legion Gold comes with eight campaign maps (including tutorial), each of which has three difficulty levels and options for historical and non-historical gameplay settings. The maps are generally well-researched and correspond closely to historical geography in the names of tribes and locations of cities.


The development release of Legion Gold was in 2002. An iPad version was released on December 31, 2012.[1]


Legion Gold got a 6.9 on Gamezone,[2] an 8 on Gamevortex[3] and a 7.5 on the Entertainment Depot,[4] amongst others.


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legion_Gold
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