Bmw vtg module

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BMW X3 (E83) X5 (E53) Transfer Case

Coding Resistor

Manufacturing tolerances lead to varying curves of the multi-disc clutch. Because of this, the actual locking torque is be measured on a test bench during manufacturing. Because of varying manufacturing tolerances in the transfercase when they are manufactured, a resistor equaling these locking torque characteristics is mounted to the transfercase. Everytime the engine is started, the transfer case control unit measures the resistance and the correct program map is selected.

Limp Home Operation

In the event of important sensor signal failures or failure of the DSC control unit, four wheel drive function is maintained for as long as possible by a limp home control, integrated in the transfer case control unit. Limp home control operates in redundancy to the transfer case clutch control in the DSC control unit and contains only two control functions: precontrol and traction / slip control.

Traction / slip control utilizes wheel speed. Precontrol utilizes engine signals, steering angle, and yaw. In the event of individual sensor signal failures, substitute values are calculated and relevant functions are continued with increased control thresholds. This process is employed until useful four wheel drive control is no longer possible, in which case the drive is alerted by the DSC / xDrive lamp lighting up in the instrument cluster and by an acoustic warning signal.

If rear wheel speed signals are faulty, wheel speed is calculated using engine speed (as the rear axle is always driven). If the front wheel speed signals fail, the values of the rear are adopted. Wheel speeds are also substituted for a faulty steering angle signal.

Transfer Case Oil and Monitoring

Oil Monitoring is performed by the VTG control module to determine when service is due. Service due is indicated by a Fault Code. Additional details are available using an advanced BMW scan tool. Service functions provide direction on changing the transfer case oil and updating the VTG control module with the necessary reset and adaption procedure, which is extremely important for condition based service (CBS).

The VTG calculated transfer case and clutch wear based on amount of slip, torque, speed, mileage and can account for road conditions. Service intervals will vary based on individual vehicle use.

Common Associated Fault Codes

BMW Fault Code 54c6 - Worn Transfer Case Oil (xDrive Transfer Case Fluid)

This fault code is due to work transfer case fluid. Fix is to replace transfer case fluid.
BMW Fault Code 5F3A and BMW Fault Code 5463 - Usually three warning lights will light: 4x4 Warning Light, Brake Warning Light, and the ABS / DSC Warning Light. You'll usually hear a clicking noise or clunk when engine is turned off from the transfercase area.

This fault code group is usually caused by a faulty servomotor or worn servomotor gear. Your choices are replace the entire servo-motor or just the servomotor gear.

BMW Fault Code 5462 - Servomotor or coupling force too high

Clear all fault codes. Remove VTG motor but keep it plugged in. Check for power and ground at the transferase motor with a voltage meter after activating the motor in


If you have power and ground but the motor doesn’t rotate, replace the transfer case motor.

If you don’t have power and ground, then remove the trunk battery cover (E83 X3) and you should see the transfer case module there and inspect it for any signs of damage. (On E53 X5, the transfercase module is located under the rear seat bench on the left side.) Also check for power and ground directly out of the module.

If the motor moves properly, the transferase needs replacement. Drain the fluid and inspect condition.

Also double check the gear that was replaced to see if it wore out again (If it was replaced in the past).

BMW Fault Code 539E - Malfunction, transfer box

Clear all fault codes. Remove VTG motor but keep it plugged in.


See if the motor moves properly without binding. Try it a few times.

If the motor moves properly, the transfer case most likely needs replacement. Drain the fluid and inspect condition.


Repair Kit For BMW transfer case drive Hi Low actuator VTG X3 E83 X5 E53 27107566296 without electronic module

Repair Kit For BMW transfer case drive Hi Low actuator VTG X3 E83 X5 E53 27107566296 without electronic module


I. Stock, Shipping and Warranty

Items in Stock

Shipping Immediately

Unbeatable Price 

Quality Warranty: 12 Months


II. OEM Part Number 


27 10 7 568 267                                    
164 540 01 88                                    



III.Fit For the Following


Important for ATC400/ATC500 owners: External classification resistor is not included and should be reinstalled from your old actuator.
Actuator application:
BMW with ATC400, ATC500, ATC700 Transfer Case
E83 2003-2010
E53 2003-2005
E70 2006-2009
Reference ATC400 transfer case numbers: 27103455139, 27103455136, 27103455137, 27103455135, 27103455138, 27103455132.
Reference ATC500 transfer case numbers: 27107555297, 27107555295.
Reference ATC700 transfer case numbers: 27107599889, 27107599886, 27107599899, 27107599898, 27107599890, 27107599887.
Reference ATC400, ATC500 actuator number: 27107566296
2004 - 2010 BMW X3
2004 - 2010 BMW X3
2003 - 2004 BMW X5 3.0i
2004 BMW X5 4.4i
2004 BMW X5 4.8is
2005 - 2006 BMW X5
Einschränkungen Marke Modell Plattform Typ Baujahr Motor
  BMW X3 E83 2.0 D 2004/10-2010/12 1995 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS
  BMW X3 E83 2.0 D 2007/09-2009/03 1995 ccm, 130 KW, 177 PS
  BMW X3 E83 2.0i 2005/07-2008/08 1995 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS
  BMW X3 E83 2.5 Si 2006/09-2008/08 2497 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS
  BMW X3 E83 2.5i 2004/01-2006/08 2494 ccm, 141 KW, 192 PS
  BMW X3 E83 2.5si xDrive 2006/07-2008/12 2497 ccm, 155 KW, 211 PS
  BMW X3 E83 3.0 Si 2006/09-2008/08 2996 ccm, 200 KW, 272 PS
  BMW X3 E83 3.0d 2003/01-2005/08 2993 ccm, 150 KW, 204 PS
  BMW X3 E83 3.0d 2004/10-2006/07 2993 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS
  BMW X3 E83 3.0i xDrive 2004/01-2006/08 2979 ccm, 170 KW, 231 PS
  BMW X3 E83 3.0sd 2006/09-2008/08 2993 ccm, 210 KW, 286 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive18d 2009/04-2011/12 1995 ccm, 100 KW, 136 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive18d 2008/09-2011/12 1995 ccm, 105 KW, 143 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive20d 2008/09-2010/08 1995 ccm, 130 KW, 177 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive20d 2008/09-2010/08 1995 ccm, 120 KW, 163 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive20i 2008/09-2011/08 1995 ccm, 110 KW, 150 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive25i 2008/09-2011/12 2497 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive30d 2006/03-2010/08 2993 ccm, 155 KW, 211 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive30d 2006/03-2010/08 2993 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive30i 2008/09-2011/12 2996 ccm, 200 KW, 272 PS
  BMW X3 E83 xDrive35d 2008/09-2011/08 2993 ccm, 210 KW, 286 PS
  BMW X3 F25 sDrive18d 2011/08-2018/12 1995 ccm, 100 KW, 136 PS
  BMW X3 F25 sDrive18d 2011/08-2018/12 1995 ccm, 105 KW, 143 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive20d 2010/09-2018/12 1995 ccm, 135 KW, 184 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive20d 2010/09-2018/12 1995 ccm, 120 KW, 163 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive20i 2011/09-2018/12 1997 ccm, 135 KW, 184 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive28i 2011/08-2018/12 1997 ccm, 180 KW, 245 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive28i 2011/04-2018/12 2996 ccm, 190 KW, 258 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive30d 2011/05-2018/12 2993 ccm, 190 KW, 258 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive35d 2011/09-2018/12 2993 ccm, 230 KW, 313 PS
  BMW X3 F25 xDrive35i 2010/09-2018/12 2979 ccm, 225 KW, 306 PS
  BMW X5 E53 3.0d 2003/12-2006/12 2993 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS
  BMW X5 E53 3.0d 2003/09-2006/12 2993 ccm, 155 KW, 211 PS
  BMW X5 E53 3.0d 2001/05-2003/12 2925 ccm, 135 KW, 184 PS
  BMW X5 E53 3.0i 2000/05-2006/12 2979 ccm, 170 KW, 231 PS
  BMW X5 E53 4.4i 2000/05-2003/12 4398 ccm, 210 KW, 286 PS
  BMW X5 E53 4.4i 2003/12-2006/09 4398 ccm, 235 KW, 320 PS
  BMW X5 E53 4.6is 2002/02-2003/12 4619 ccm, 255 KW, 347 PS
  BMW X5 E53 4.8is 2004/04-2006/09 4799 ccm, 265 KW, 360 PS
  BMW X5 E70 3.0 Si 2006/02-2008/09 2996 ccm, 200 KW, 272 PS
  BMW X5 E70 3.0d 2007/02-2008/09 2993 ccm, 173 KW, 235 PS
  BMW X5 E70 3.0d 2007/02-2008/09 2993 ccm, 155 KW, 211 PS
  BMW X5 E70 3.0sd 2007/09-2009/02 2993 ccm, 210 KW, 286 PS
  BMW X5 E70 4.8i 2007/02-2008/09 4799 ccm, 261 KW, 355 PS
  BMW X5 E70 M 2009/09-2013/06 4395 ccm, 408 KW, 555 PS
  BMW X5 E70 M50d 2011/08-2013/06 2993 ccm, 280 KW, 381 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive30d 2010/09-2013/06 2993 ccm, 180 KW, 245 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive30d 2008/09-2013/06 2993 ccm, 173 KW, 235 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive30i 2008/09-2010/03 2996 ccm, 200 KW, 272 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive35d 2008/09-2013/06 2993 ccm, 210 KW, 286 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive35i 2010/09-2013/06 2979 ccm, 225 KW, 306 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive35i 2012/02-2013/06 2979 ccm, 235 KW, 320 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive40d 2010/09-2013/06 2993 ccm, 225 KW, 306 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive48i 2008/09-2013/06 4799 ccm, 261 KW, 355 PS
  BMW X5 E70 xDrive50i 2010/06-2013/06 4395 ccm, 300 KW, 408 PS
  BMW X5 F15 xDrive40d 2013/12-2018/12 2993 ccm, 230 KW, 313 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 M 2014/12-2018/12 4395 ccm, 423 KW, 575 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 M50d 2013/07-2018/12 2993 ccm, 280 KW, 381 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 sDrive25d 2013/11-2018/12 1995 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 xDrive25d 2013/11-2018/12 1995 ccm, 160 KW, 218 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 xDrive30d 2013/07-2018/12 2993 ccm, 190 KW, 258 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 xDrive30d 2013/11-2018/12 2993 ccm, 204 KW, 277 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 xDrive35i 2013/11-2018/12 2979 ccm, 240 KW, 326 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 xDrive35i 2013/11-2018/12 2979 ccm, 225 KW, 306 PS
  BMW X5 F15, F85 xDrive50i 2013/07-2018/12 4395 ccm, 330 KW, 449 PS


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    For coding you need ISTA but for change the VIN, yu need other Ecu Programmer like a Yanhua ACDP because is a used part. ISTA doesn´t re-write VIN number. Try with ISTA and post here te measured plans for see.
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Originally Posted by KC831View Post

Thanks Marty!

N/S - Near Side (ie Kerb side/passenger side)

Yes the error code was only for the front passenger side ABS/Wheel speed sensor, so they cleaned that up and then it cleared that particular fault code.

but we had 2 fault codes on the car, wheel speed sensor & Transfer case.

yes I do seem to get those faults,

faults only seem to occur when the car is first started until you set off and go over 10-15mph. ie wheels seems to lock and feels jerky/juddering at slow speed on full lock when doing a 3 point turn or reversing out from a parking space etc.

not had any issues with loss of power, doesnt seem to go into limp home mode.

i have not tested Cruise Control, but will check this tomorrow

also yes. the steering does feel heavy now!

sound, i will try and inspect the wheel speed sensors and clean them all.

regarding replacing them, are the cheaper 3rd party brands acceptable to use? or does it have to be genuine BMW part? as they are like £120 each over here (guessing approx $150!)

Thanks again for the help!

As far as the transfer case goes, I had what appears to be a similar issue as you, meaning when my steering wheel was fully turned in either direction, as in a parking lot situation, I would get a mild vibration coming up from the bottom of the seat. If when turning in circles I would rotate the steering wheel away from a lock position, the vibration would go away. It also vibrated a little just before coming to a dead stop, like at a red light. My car was still under warranty so I took it to BMW, their shop foreman and I went in circles in their parking lot at around 5mph and we both felt it, he commented that it was not right. He brought it into the shop and changed the transfer box fluid and its been perfect ever since, that was around 40,000 miles ago

As far as the wheel speed sensors go, I had two of them fail at the same time and when it happened, the car reacted by slamming on the brakes in a very hard shuddering motion, brought the car to a complete stop but I was only going about 10mph at the time. I suppose the ABS unit freaked out when it lost the wheel sensor signals and that was its fail safe mode.
I got three or four error warnings on the display, the steering became almost like it had no power steering and the engine power was reduced, so I was now in limp home mode. I took it to the BMW dealer as I was in another state at the time on vacation, they said all four ABS wheel sensors had failed and wanted $1,500 to replace them. I looked at the guy and said, now you tell me how all four could have failed at the same time...he only repeated what he said the tech found. I told him that I found the diagnosis hard to believe and for $1,500 I was not going to have them do the repair, now get this, he then offered a 20% discount which only pissed me off so I took the car and left.

I took the car back to where I was staying and started swapping sensors, wheel by wheel, clearing the codes in-between swaps via my bluetooth OBD reader, drove the car around the block and watched the error msg change from front right to front left, etc, etc till I had swapped them all. Once done, I knew I had two bad wheel sensors. I ordered them online, installed them and it cleared up allthe error msgs and all the weird performance issues (steering, power, cruise control, etc) and the car has been performing great ever since.

No, you do not have to buy genuine BMW wheel sensors, I didn't. I bought ATE brand sensors which are also OEM to BMW, they were $50 each. Here is a link to the ones that go in the rear where I bought them, you can try finding them in the UK.... the fronts are different than the rear if I remember correctly in that the mounting is a bit different.. ..

The error messages these two sensors caused to display on my center LCD screen and the little display in the instrument cluster were. ..

1. Chassis stabilization - drive moderately, avoid hard braking
2. Parking brake reduced - not sure why because the parking brake is controlled by their own motors
3. Passenger restraint system - Fault in passenger restraint system affecting airbag, belt tensioner or belt force limiter
4. ABS light came on meaning they were disabled
5. Airbag light came on - not quite sure what this meant
6. Traction control light came on, meaning it was disabled

So, you can see all sorts of strange warnings popped up and in addition to them, I later found the I had no cruise control. Once the two wheel speed sensors were replaced, I reset all warnings, went for a drive and all was and still is well. Here is a pic of the instrument cluster showing the idiot lights and one of the small display warnings. It was hard to believe that the wheel speed sensors causes all these warning till you really think about all the functions that depend on knowing what your wheel speed and direction of rotation are. Still, the passenger restraint one is perplexing but even that went away.

Vtg module bmw

Thread: E70 Problems and fixes (ABS/DSC/BRAKE Lights, programming FRM/CAS/VTG/VGSG and more

Hi mole,

Haha - a bit of time can save you a bunch of money. I knew when I first looked at the car, the worst case was that the transfer case was bad, but this was unlikely. I took a bet that it would be something more minor and I'm glad I was right. I believe water got in the trunk of the car at some point and caused both the radio and VTG issue. Fairly easy fixes can really help your negotiating power if you know more than the seller.

I actually had more trouble with ISTA/D! When I was first downloading, I only downloaded the English database - which had me searching for hours for a solution because ISTA/D refused to fully load. Needless to say, if you download something, it's better to download it all. For ISTA/P, it's about the same. This is where I found instructions (http://*******/2lg9p5q), however, I did have to do a clean install of Windows 7 on an older laptop to get the ISTA/P window to open. So far, I've just been using a K+D can cable for coding, however, I just purchased a BMW icom/most cable and plan to do a really detailed write up on the combox retrofit. There's lots of scattered information out there and hopefully once I figure everything out, I can help some people upgrade!

Let me know if you need more help!

BMW X3 (E83) DIY: Actuator / Solenoid Gear Replace on Transfer Case

New Member

Drives: 2006 BMW 325xi

Join Date: Jul 2018

Location: Levittown, Pa

Just purchased a 2006 BMW 325xi and have the common ABS, 4 x 4, Brake lLght displaying on my dash, Seller said it just needed a steering angle sensor., I removed it and cleaned off the disc carefully and replaced it. I scanned it with an Autel MaxiDas scanner and found the steering angle sensor to be working correctly, it displays the correct degree and zeros out when the wheel is perfectly straight, all 4 wheel speed sensors are reporting correctly According to the live data while driving, just replaced the transfer case actuator motor today and when I hook up the scanner I am unable to connect to the VTG Module. I had the same issue before and after the fixes I mentioned. I checked all fuses also which were fine.
I did order a new brake reservoir as it was reading Not OK , but the fluid was full, but it was reading OK when the float was at the bottom, seems weird that it displayed the opposite results.
Any idea what the multi dash light issue may be, Do I need to replace the VTG control module since I am unable to communicate with it, and I've tried several times and keep getting the same error code

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