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Rogue's Lock-Picking 1 to 350 Guide,WoW Lockpicking Guide

Rogue's Lock-Picking 1 to 350 GuideWoW Alliance Lockpicking GuideWoW Horde Lockpicking GuideWoW 300-375 Lockpicking Guide X-Men's Rogue: Southern BelleWoW 1-350 Lockpicking GuideBasic Rogue LockpickingLockpicking FAQPick Pocket (Requires Stealth)

Lockpicking is a very beneficial ability to have. During your time in the game there are going to be locked chests in instances, locked boxes dropping off mobs, or locked doors that could provide you with access to uber loot to sell on the auction house.

Read the lockpicking guide below and get yourself well on the way to lockpicking of 350, but first check out our table of items that can help you increase your skill along the way.

Stuff from Pick Pocketing

All lockpicking levels listed below are when the item first becomes "orange", you may pick the locks on them until it is no longer beneficial to do so (turns grey, better options, etc)

Battered Junkbox - 25
Worn Junkbox - 100
Sturdy Junkbox -175
Heavy Junkbox - 250
Strong Junkbox - 300

Stuff from random drops
Ornate Bronze Lockbox - 60
Heavy Bronze Lockbox - 75
Iron Lockbox - 85
Heavy Iron Lockbox - 125
Steel Lockbox - 180
Reinforced Steel Lockbox - 225
Mithril Lockbox - 225
Thorium Lockbox - 225
Eternium Lockbox - 225
Khorium Lockbox - 325


Gnomeregan - 150
Scarlet Monastery - 175
Searing Gorge Gate - 225
Blackrock Depths - 280
Scholomance - 280
Dire Maul - 300


The lockpicking skill levels for these start pretty close to the lowest typical mob found in the zone x5. For instance a level 20 zone would have footlockers that you could pick at 5x20=100 lockpicking skill. I don't have accurate listings of when these become orange so if you have additional information please feel free to submit!

Hillsbrad Foothills - Durnholde Keep - 75
Redridge Mountains - Lake Everstill - 75
Ashenvale Forest - Zoram Strand - 75
Stonetalon Mountains - Windshear Crag and Associated Mines - 75
Wetlands - Murloc Camps - 100
Desolace - Sar'theris Strand - 175
Badlands - Angor Fortress 175
Swamp of Sorrows - Pool of Tears - 200
Searing Gorge - 200
Tanaris Desert - Lost Rigger Cove - 225
Azshara - Bay of Storms - 275
Eastern Plaguelands - Tyr's Hand - 275

The Guide - Horde and Alliance

To start out with there is a slight difference in the beginning of lockpicking for Horde and Alliance but eventually it will come on the same path so I will start them out separately.

Horde Lockpicking 1-85

Once you get the quest for lockpicking there are chests inside of a ship near Ratchet. It's the only ship in the water that's not sunken so you can't miss it. Inside the ship is what the quest refers to as a "place where they train their thieves" and that's exactly where you want to head. You can pick the locks on those chests until about 85 skill. There is also a chest in there for the Polly quest that has a pretty decent respawn timer that you could pick to increase your skill as well although I've never stayed at it passed 100 you may want to use that as an alternative instead of the next part.

Horde Lockpicking 85-170

You will get a quest for your poisons, you may not know it as your poisons quest but the objective is to pick pocket a key, kill some things , kill a boss(elite), and open his chest. You will do this northwest of Sludge Fen. You get the quest at 20 but it is highly unlikely you will be able to complete it till 24+, I'd wait until you were 26ish. The end guy is an elite who will beat you down every single time you try this quest, in order to keep picking the lock on his chest to skill up you will have to kill him every spawn. I've never been able to do this quest below level 24 with any of my rogues, so good luck to you! This chest can bring you up to 175 if your patient, I usually leave in the 150's though.

Alliance Lockpicking 1-85

Alliance also get similiar quests as compared to the Horde. The thieves training area this time is by Atler Mill northeast of Lakeshire. You can stay at these chests until about skill 85, but keep a watch out for horde while you're in Redridge, they seem to camp the area.

Alliance Lockpicking 85-170

The Alliance poison quest happens in a tower that is northeaster part of Westfall. The actual tower is located to the east of bridge that heads to darkshire. The quest is very similiar to the Horde, there is a chest in the top that you can pick to about 175, but you first have to find a way to incapacitate or kill the elite boss to make it worth while. I wouldn't try it unless you're 24 plus and that may be hard for anyone who isn't geared up or twinked well.

Both Lockpicking 150-225

If you're level 30-40 you can go to Desolace, bring 2-3 hours worth of water breathing potions, and pick your way into the mid 200s. There are waterlogged lockboxes around 37,21 (off the northwest shore). There are level 33 mobs you'll have to deal with while doing this. You can also go to Scarlet Monastery and pick all of the doors. The ones outside the instance are on a timer so you can only do those a few times every so often, but hit up all the doors on the way in, go into an instance, unlock more doors, open chests, and pickpocket more junkboxes.

Both Lockpicking 225-280

You could do the Searing Gorge door but it's not a reliable way to skill up, so you're pretty much stuck with doing junk boxes. At this point what you could also do is open lockboxes for free in a big city and get your skill up that way. You'll probably be getting more instance groups too and those tend to have at least one locked chest per instance. See the above list for doors and items in this skill range.

Both Lockpicking 280-300

There are doors in Blackrock Depths that you can pick, otherwise continue istance runs, pick pocketing, and advertising opening lockboxes for free. Make sure you use the above chart for guidance it what items you should be looking to picklock so you don't waste time.

Both Lockpicking 300-350

There are several ways to go from 300-375. The Boulderfists can be pickpocketed in Nagrand for Strong Junkboxes. Khorium Lockboxes are random dropped in the Burning Crusade zones but mostly found in the new Burning Crusades instances. The Dire Maul doors are also an option to get a few skillups. Going from 1-375 is no easy task and will take a lot of time, but it will definately payout in the end.



This Lockpicking guide will show you the fastest way how to get your Lockpicking skill up from 1 to 300

The basic formula for your maximum lockpicking skill at a particular level is (5 * level). So, for example, if you have a level 20 character, your maximum lockpicking skill will be 100.

Click on the links below in the guide to see the exact location of all of these chests/lockboxes.

I recommend using Zygor's 1-60 Leveling Guide if you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt. The guide is in a small window on your main screen in-game, all the detail that you need to complete the quests are included. You’ll never have to switch back to a website, or even the in-game main map to see where you have to go or what’s next.

1 - 100

The Buccaneer's Strongboxes near Rachet in The Barrens respawn after a few seconds, so even two rogues can skill up there at the same time without trouble. They are inside the ship at the location marked on the map below.

There's another chest on the bottom of the ship called "The Jewel of the Southsea". Don't try to open this if you are low level, because it will spawn a mob that will kill you.

There are a bunch of Practice Lockboxes in Redridge Mountains north from Lake Everstill. These respawn really fast, so skilling up to 100 will be really easy.

100 - 150

Go to Zoram Strand in Ashenvale and look for Waterlogged Footlockers along the shore (on land).

150 - 200

Go to Badlands - Angor Fortress. You will find two kinds of footlockers there, you will need a lockpicking skill of 175 to open the Dentened Footlocker. Don't bother trying to Pick Pocket the mobs, the boxes are too low level and they won't give any skill points.

200 - 250

Go to the middle Searing Gorge and go inside the cave called The Slag Pit, you will find a bunch of footlockers there. You should also try to Pick Pocket mobs to try to get a few Sturdy Junkbox.

Stay on the lower part of the Slag Pit until you reach 225 because you can't open the lockboxes at the upper part yet.

250 - 300

You can level the last 50 points in the Blackrock Depths (BRD) dungeon.

  1. After you enter, turn to the left, and unlock the first door.
  2. Then take the first right, open the next door.
  3. Go left and pick the first door.
  4. Go through the door and pick the large wooden object sticking out of the ground below the giant gear.

Once you picked all 4 locks, go out then reset the instance by right-clicking over your own portrait then click the "Reset all instance" button. You can only do 5 instance runs in an hour, which means you can only get 20 skill points in an hour, but if you pick pocket a bunch of mobs during each run, then you will have enough Strong and Heavy Junkboxes to reach 300. Or you can just simply wait until you can go inside again.

The Shadowforge Lock

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Welcome to our lockpicking guide for WoW Classic! Lockpicking is exclusive to the rogue class and allows the ability to open locked chests, boxes, and doors. All of these can be opened with various keys, but a rogue will let you open the box with their own toolkit, eliminating the need for a key altogether! Fortunately, lockpicking is an easy skill to level.

All you need to do is open the wide variety of footlockers and junkboxes you find across Azeroth. While it isn’t difficult, raising your lockpicking skill to 300 will definitely take you some time. Between waiting for chest respawn timers, navigating between locations, and hoping for junkbox drops, there’s certainly a lot of work required to max out your lockpicking. Considering how useful the skill is, taking the time to level lockpicking is well worth it!


  • Your skill cap level for lockpicking will your character’s level multiplied by five. If you are level 30, this means you can reach 150 skill level in lockpicking.
  • Whenever you are stealthing between lockbox locations in a zone, try to Pick Pocket any humanoids you see. This will give you junkboxes, which you can open to gain easy skill points.
  • Get yourself a pair of Dark Leather Gloves! These will increase your lockpicking skill by 5, which can be extremely helpful for allowing you to move to a new area when you don’t quite meet the requirement yet.
  • To successfully pick locks, you will need your Thieves’ Tools. You will acquire them during your lockpicking quest. Keep them on you at all times so you can actually pick locks.
  • Lockpicking is a fantastic way of making friends and allies if you open boxes for other players. Sometimes you can charge for your services, but many players will freely offer you a tip.
  • Make use of Distract and Sap to make pickpocketing much easier and to avoid entering combat. Don’t forget that you can always use Vanish if you do get caught.

Raising Skill Level


Rogue Lockpicking Quest (Level 16)


Redridge Mountains

Wow Classic Lockpicking Guide Redridge Mountains

You can find Practice Lockboxes to pick inside the mill here. Then when you’ve gotten your skill high enough, right around 70 or so, move down into Lake Everstill and pick the locks on the Waterlogged Footlocker found there.

Wow Classic Rogue Lockpicking Waterlogged Footlocker Locations

Pick the Waterlogged Footlockers until they turn gray to you and offer no more skill increase.  You should be at 110 lockpicking at this point.


The Barrens/Ashenvale Forest

Wow Classic Lockpicking Guide The Barrens

Enter the ship by the frontside. Head below deck to find the room with Buccaneer’s Strongboxes in it. Pick the strongboxes until you are around skill 70 or so, then head over to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale and look for Waterlogged Footlockers.

Lockpicking Guide Pics Zoram Strand

Pick these lockboxes until they no longer increase your skill and turn gray, at which point you should be right around 110.


Stonetalon Mountains

Wow Classic Rogue Lockpicking Stonetalon Mountains

Alternatively, after you have reached 70 lockpicking, you could head to Stonetalon Mountains and look for the Battered Footlocker within Windshear Crag. These are roughly the same skill level as either of the factions other locations for that skill level and will take you from about 70 to 110.


Stonetalon Mountains


Lockpicking Guide Pics Windshear Mine

If you chose to practice your lockpicking in the Stonetalon Mountains in Windshear Crag, you’ll have the shortest trek to your next tier of training.  Just to the southeast of the Crag proper is Windshear Mine. The Battered Footlockers here are actually of a higher skill level than the ones outside in the crag.

Hillsbrad Foothills

Wow Classic Rogue Lockpicking Durnholde Keep

In both the upper and lower levels of Durnholde Keep you can find the higher level Battered Footlocker as well.

The Wetlands

Wow Classic Rogue Lockpicking The Wetlands

In the Murloc camps just northeast of Menethil Harbor you will find many Battered Footlockers, which will require a lockpicking of 110.  For this level of training, be sure to focus on the ones INSIDE the camps and not on the outskirts, as those are of a lower skill level and will increase your lockpicking skill more slowly than the ones within the camps.

Continue to pick the locks of the Battered Footlockers at these three locations until doing so no longer gives experience to you.  At this point, you should be somewhere around 150



Wow Classic Rogue Lockpicking Desolace

In the waters of the Sar’theris Strand, on the coast of the Veiled Sea, you will find many Waterlogged Footlockers beneath the waves. You must be careful, as there are mobs AND, being beneath the water, you must worry about drowning, but this is the best location to get skill increases for lockpicking at this skill level. You should stay here and pick locks until you are at least over 170 in skill, but if you stay here until the boxes are only green or gray to you, you will likely be well over 200 in lockpicking.

The Temple of  Atal’Hakkar Swamp of Sorrows

Lockpicking Guide Pics Swamp Of Sorrows


Alternatively, once you reach 175 lockpicking kill, you could head over to the Temple of Atal’Hakkar and pick the locks on Mossy Footlockers.  They will take you the rest of the way to 200.

Angor Fortress, Badlands

A far more convenient, but sometimes less fruitful option is to head to Angor Fortress in Badlands.

Wow Classic Lockpicking Guide Angor Fortress, Badlands

From 150-175 lockpicking, head upstairs and open the Battered Footlockers. Once you hit 175 though, go back down and open Dented Footlockers to reach 200 lockpicking.  These lockboxes sometimes don’t give skillpoints for picking them, but they are so close together, most players tend to come here at this stage, just for the convenience.


The Slag Pits, Searing Gorge

Wow Classic Lockpicking Guide The Slag Pits, Searing Gorge

Run all around inside The Slag Pits to find Dented Footlockers. While you’re looking for them, pickpocket whenever you can to collect Sturdy Junkboxes too. Avoid the upper levels until you are at least 225 lockpicking so you will actually be able to open the boxes you find up there. Repeat this until you reach 250 lockpicking.


Lockpicking Guide Pics Azshara

Alternatively to the second half of the above, once you’ve reached 225 in Lockpicking, you can go to Azshara where there are Mossy Footlockers all over the shoreline areas that will take you the rest of the way to 250.  This is less convenient than the Slag Pits and so is less recommended for those simply wishing to raise their lockpicking skill quickly.


Lockpicking Guide Pics Tanaris

Also alternatively, you could head over to the shore east of the Caverns of Time and pick the Dented Footlockers there, which are basically the same as the ones in the gorge, so this is also not recommended for those seeking efficiency and speed.  If you are over 225 in lockpicking and find yourself in Tanaris though, this could be much easier for you.


Tyr’s Hand, Eastern Plaguelands

Wow Classic Lockpicking Guide Tyr’s Hand, Eastern Plaguelands

Look for Scarlet Footlockers in Tyr’s Hand. Make sure to pickpocket while you move between box locations. Once you reach 280 lockpicking, you can start opening your boxes from earlier to gain some easy points.


Blackrock Depths

The last part is very easy. Simply head into the dungeon Blackrock Depths and go left. Pick the lock on the door you see here. At your first chance to go right, open the door you see there too. Now head left and unlock the first door you find. Leave the dungeon the way you came once all three doors are open. Reset it and repeat, although you will likely need to take a break after doing it five times to let your instance counter reset.

Взлом замков 1 - 400 - Rogue Lockpicking Guide - WoW Classic, BC, Wrath of the Lich King

WoW Horde Lockpicking Guide

Rogue's Lock-Picking 1 to 350 GuideWoW Alliance Lockpicking GuideWoW Horde Lockpicking GuideWoW 300-375 Lockpicking Guide X-Men's Rogue: Southern BelleWoW 1-350 Lockpicking GuideBasic Rogue Lockpicking

Lockpicking is one of the most useful skills rogues have to offer other players in World of Warcraft. Lockpicking, as the name suggests allows a rogue to pick locks that keep doors, chests, or other objects such as the lockboxes closed.

The skill works well, but the problem with lockpicking is raising it. Is is often a boring and tedious process. The following steps will detail one way for the alliance rogue to raise his lockpicking skills to benefit himself and his fellow players. Horde players will find the following guide useful to raise their lockpicking skill. A guide for alliance players may be found in the Alliance Lockpicking Guide.

Horde Lockpicking 1-80: The Parrot Outside Ratchet

This part of the of the Horde rogue lockpicking quest involves feeding a parrot crackers. (No, the author is not joking.) A series of lockboxes can be found in a ship off the coast of Ratchet. A rogue should open the practice lockboxes until he can no longer gain skill ups from them and then open the final chest. The final chest has the item that will let the rogue complete the quest.

Horde Lockpicking 81-150: The Venture Mining Company Tower

A towerr operated by the Venture Mining Company in the Northeast section of the barrens is the next place for horde rogues to go to raise their lockpicking skill. Near the top of this tower is a locked chest. Opening the chest will give a rogue skill increases to 175. Characters doing this quest at low levels should bring along a friend to keep the nearby boss away from them.

Horde Lockpicking 151-225: Scarlet Monastery

The doors that guard the entrance to the Armory and the Cathedral of Scarlet Monastery can be opened by a rogue using the lockpicking skill, but only one skill up per door may be obtained per door every five minutes. This effect can be countered by entering an instance and resetting it. Caution is required when using this method or the guardians of the monastery on the outside of the instance may aggro the rogue.

Should the Horde rogue wish to do something else besides reset the instance he can go into the library or graveyard of Scarlet Cathedral and pickpocket mobs for lockboxes. When the rogue has had his fill of pickpocketing or has pilfered several lockboxes, he can go back to the doors and unlock them again.

Horde Lockpicking 226-280: Lockboxes

Rather than go to a specific location, the best strategy to raise lockpicking to 280 is to find and open lockboxes for players who earned them in loot drops. Looted lockboxes can also be pick-pocketed from mobs or the player of the rogue character can advertise that he is opening lockboxes in the major cities.

Horde Lockpicking 280-300

The best strategy to get from 280 to 300 is for a rogue player to get groups for Blackrock Depths and open the many locked doors and other containers that can be found there. This leg may take a while but is well worth the effort.



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