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Thread: Bud Candy vs. Overdrive

I'm gonna have to defend AN for this one Overdrive and Bud candy are meant to run in conjunction with each other at the last 2 weeks before flush. Overdrive is a 'finisher' and Bud Candy is a simple sugar (dextrose) with 77 oils & extracts. My wife is a good gardener with zero cannabis history, we ran a cycle without BC and she thought it smelled less pungent than before. I didn't tell her we stopped BC. Now I run 1/2 strength BC and molasses at the last 2 weeks before flush and I flush with BC, molasses and enzymes to condition the soil a little because we reuse the soil with addition amenments and aact.

Myself and some rather good youtube growers ( medicropper, sublbc) use Big Bud, Overdrive and Bud Candy as the trilogy for flowering. I know that BB is just mpk and I kick myself for not saving 70% less with straight mpk. But it's harder to import minerals into Switzerland. I will have to drive to the UK where it's sold by the kilo.

I keep everything organic except these 2 boosters ( BC is organic).


Bloombastic, Overdrive, or Shooting powder for my recovering girls?

Maybe if you could read, you would see that you answered a questions i didnt ask you inbreed illiterate fuck, a question i searched for and saw no appropriate response for. quit smoking that shit weed your growing. Anyway, thanks jet for responding, not taking my comment so serious, and getting all butt hurt about it.
You are the one here asking a question about snake oils but yet your gonna accuse someone else of growing shitty weed umm what?! lol. Also if you did some research on any of those product you would know that it is highly suggested not to use them on your plants unless there at % healthy as you do risk killing them. You said you search for it i call bullshit. Your some punk troll trying to start a shit fit on a question thats HAS been answered over times. Get a fucking life and quit being a instigating prick. To me it appears you are the only one getting butt hurt about anything here. Dam kids. I would like to see pics of this weed you grow that seem to be so much better then his. Pics or it didnt happen :)
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The 10 Best Bloom Boosters

  • Element Flower Fuel. REVIEW.
  • Dr. Earth Flower Girl.
  • Jack's Classic No. REVIEW.
  • Fox Farm Nutrient Trio. REVIEW.
  • EarthPods Best Easy. REVIEW.
  • Miracle-Gro Flower Food. REVIEW.
  • General Hydroponics Liquid Kool. REVIEW.
  • Advanced Nutrients Big Bud. REVIEW. A jar of Advanced Nutrients Big Bud (appx.

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Also to know is, do bloom boosters really work?

Bloom Boosters are said to increase the number of flowers on your plant. They don't work, and can actually make your soil toxic, making it more difficult for your plants to grow.

Subsequently, question is, when should I use top booster? Top Booster by House and Garden is an additive that helps optimize the flowering cycle of your crop. Top Booster is a liquid designed to be used for 1 week weeks before harvest. Top Booster contains potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid anhydride.

Keeping this in view, can u use canna boost with big bud?

Yes, Big Bud and Boost would be a GREAT combo.

What's the best nutrients for flowering?

You may want to supplement a bit of extra nitrogen, but potassium and phosphorus are by far the most important nutrients to supply your pot plants with during the flowering stages, which is exactly what you get with this product.

10 Best Bloom Boosters 2018


Vs overdrive powder shooting


That Pedal Show – Tube Screamers \u0026 Beyond – Six Awesome Alternatives


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