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Lyubomir Blazhev wrote: ↑

Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:30 pm

When I do one - to - one with the 100% Jews I get large segments of autosomal similarity, 9cm and such. About the same as when I do with European matches.

This leads me to believe that I might indeed be 50% Jewish and 50% Eastern European, like the Mixed population sharing suggests.

What do you guys think, am I being reasonable with that conclusion?
Mr. Brook is correct about the need for triangulation and the impossibility of being 50/50 split between Eastern European and Jewish. In my estimation, your genetic results look like someone from the Southeast Balkans, like the K13 Oracle says.

For all of its critics, MyHeritage is pretty consistent with Balkan populations. Greek Islanders get mostly Greek/Southern Italian, Mainland Greeks and Albanians are about 50/50 between Greek/SI and Balkan. The Balkan percent increases as your head north.

All this said I don't think it is impossible that you are part Jewish, but keep in mind these calculators often use proxy populations to show a pull towards another region. What I mean is that if you are slightly more genetically similar to populations to your south than the sample average, the Oracle mixes in a bit of an additional population to account for that. It isn't always real modern ancestry. In fact, if your family tree is all form one genetic region, mixed mode is often more confusing than helpful for that reason.

Re: Do I have Ashkenazi/Sephardi Jewish ancestry?

Postby Kevin Brook » Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:41 pm

Acrr (DA2718541):
I have not yet confirmed Sephardic Jewish ancestry in any Anatolian Turk, despite the claims about Crypto-Jewish Donmehs, but I can't say it's impossible either.
Some full/part Ashkenazic Jewish kits that you match to explore whether they are real matches or not:
DF5704006 T897033 EB5951553 T503136 M839309 M012513 TN9447851 M237254 T152742 T227599 CU1116405 YQ7339276 .... among others.
in addition to the fully Ashkenazic match you already identified, YK6285816, who shares 21.3 cM total with you,
and in addition to the matches proposed by Greekscholar.
The key will be finding multiple of them matching in the same chromosomal area, both with you and with each other, outside of an excess IBD region.

I checked several of these:

Comparing Kit DA2718541 (*Acrr) [MyHeritage] and T897033 ... [Migration - F2 - T]
Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
12 126,338,304 128,841,097 9.1 392

Comparing Kit DA2718541 (*Acrr) [MyHeritage] and TN9447851 ... [23andMe]
Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
18 56,915,473 62,346,022 10.6 837

Comparing Kit DA2718541 (*Acrr) [MyHeritage] and EB5951553 ... [23andMe]
Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
20 58,406,205 60,235,676 9.1 385

Comparing Kit DA2718541 (*Acrr) [MyHeritage] and T227599 ... [Migration - F2 - T]
Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
22 17,702,778 19,846,987 8.1 282

(a) These matches don't "share" the same areas. They look like random noise.
(b) the SNP count is too low to trust with that chromosome 12 match.
(c) the chromosome 22 match is fully within a notorious excess IBD region littered with false matches, and has an ultra-low SNP count,
(d) the chromosome 20 match partially overlaps a notorious false match region and its SNP count is also untrustworthy.

I am not sure there's something real to be found.

As a guide to other readers, the following scenarios are worth pursuing autosomal DNA matching links for, since examples have been found for these scenarios before:

Jewish ancestry in Western Ukrainians
Jewish ancestry in Slovakian Rusyns (not widespread)
Jewish ancestry in Southeastern Poles
Polish ancestry in Jews
Jewish ancestry in East Prussian Germans (not widespread)
Jewish ancestry in Southern Italians and Sicilians
Jewish ancestry in Portuguese
Jewish ancestry in Spaniards
Spanish ancestry in Jews (not widespread)

Genuine autosomal matches are almost always no further away than 14th cousins, with the notable exception of two areas on chromosomes 6 and 9.

My kit number is T544042. According to IBD segment analysis, I'm genetically 98.34% Ashkenazi Jewish, 1.09% Sephardi Jewish, 0.46% Polish Catholic, and 0.11% Mizrahi Jewish. My genetics pages, My Quora

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Re: Verifying Jewish ancestry (confusion with admixture painting)

Postby dschafer » Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:27 pm

Hello again Mr. Brook,

I come with an update regarding my own kit. Per your suggestion, I began the process of triangulating matches; I decided to start from scratch. Following your guide, I plugged my kit and yours into the people who match both, 1 or 2 kits tool on GEDMatch. We only shared around 10 matches, and because according to you you have minute Polish Catholic ancestry, I decided to use an AJ kit from my own list of matches that seemed to be predominantly Jewish as far as geneaology goes. I actually tried three different ones to be sure, and I got about 25-30 matches on each (most were repeat matches between the kits though, and a few appeared to be of partial or predominant non-Jewish ancestry, so I ignored these for now). As expected, most of these common matches lined up on chromosome 22, so I began triangulating as many as I could. All in all, I was able to triangulate about 2/3 to 3/4 of the matches, all on chromosome 22. Once again, when I painted the difference between the kits and mine with EU, the majority of admixture was predominantly North Central European, Atlantic, and some small amounts of Eastern European, with a minority of West Asian and minute East Mediterranean components. This was the case with most of the kits, as I discovered initially with my first post, but once again there was a minority of cases where the N/C/E European and West Asian/Mediterranean elements were equal, and in some cases the West Asian/Mediterranean components appeared to predominate. I'm not sure if this is consequential, but in these latter two cases, I noticed that most of the chromosome was painted black (i.e., regions not shared) and in the last mentioned example, the chromosome was painted a good majority black, with slivers of shared admixture.

So I'm really at a loss; as I said, according to 23andme, this is the chromosome that receives the AJ admixture on the segments I mentioned previously, but when I examine it on GEDmatch, the chromsome and segments I match with Ashkenazi Jews paint predominantly as European, at least in the majority of cases. So was 23andme wrong? You said that it is difficult to trace DNA matches on chromosome 22; does this uncertainty on chromosome 22 also translate to ancestry/admixture runs, where 23andme perhaps mistakenly assigned me an ancestry I don't have? As I said, I thought 23andme was one of the more accurate DNA tests when it came to Ashkenazi ancestry (although I don't know their stance on ancestry proportions that are less than 1%), so I'd be rather surprised if it was wrong. In other words, do the results of everything I mentioned suggest I have Jewish ancestry or not? And am I matching these Ashkenazis with a common European or Jewish ancestor? I very much appreciate your assistance with this.

I'm still working on my relative's kit; this will probably take longer since he has several more matches than me. So far all I can really say is that the matches they have on chromosome 6 are between 5 million and 11 million; what is your opinion on the validity of this segment? I will keep you updated in regards to what I find.

How many generations back is 3% ethnicity in your DNA test results?

Re: Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrachi Jewish Research

Postby Kevin Brook » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:21 am

I did not mean to imply that all German people's Jewish ancestors converted in the 1750s-1760s. There appear to have been several other times when it happened on an individual basis. But the events in the 1750s-1760s were a mass conversion of thousands of Jews.

T526393 and A081528
11 17,037,793 19,975,906 6.2 852
even being on the short side could still be valid if A081528 indeed consistently triangulates.

The number of matches on a Polish-origin segment is typically lower than the number of matches on an Ashkenazic-origin segment, because the former often had a century or two less time to have bounced around the Ashkenazic population. (Some Poles converted to Judaism in the 1500s and 1600s, while Ashkenazic-origin DNA segments can be as old as from the 1400s.) Another guide is to look at paintings of the particular segment area in the admixture screen. Check multiple pairs against each other and see what ethnicity elements are common across the paintings. Remember that one side of each chromosome is irrelevant. Pre-Polish and pre-German segments will have mostly Mediterranean and Middle Eastern elements instead of for instance North-Central European or South Baltic elements.

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My kit number is T544042. According to IBD segment analysis, I'm genetically 98.34% Ashkenazi Jewish, 1.09% Sephardi Jewish, 0.46% Polish Catholic, and 0.11% Mizrahi Jewish. My genetics pages, My Quora


Jewish gedmatch

Noah Greco wrote: ↑

Mon Sep 07, 2020 10:41 am

Out of curiosity, I noticed in your footnotes you broke down your Jewish lineage via IBD analysis. How does that work? Is there a relatively simple way to go about it?
I listed the potential components and how to sort them out in viewtopic.php?f=34&t=449&p=1784(my post dated Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:48 pm)
and explained my IBD percentage calculation process at ... post257041(an old post from 20 October 2015, 10:09 AM before I had finished my analysis)

As I wrote there, I manually added up the segment lengths related to the non-Ashkenazic ancestries and assumed that anything else not covered was Ashkenazic even though several more could be Polish and I am still not sure about that, but I'm confident I identified all of my real Hispanic match areas because GEDmatch up to last year allowed me to search for them so thoroughly.

The process is no longer simple to do because GEDmatch made it much harder for Ashkenazim to find non-Ashkenazic matches as they are more distant types of matches.
AncestryDNA also recently removed all people's matches between 6 and 7.9 cM but they didn't offer a chromosome browser in the first place so those were nearly useless matches because they could not be proved within that interface.
23andMe doesn't show distant non-Ashkenazic matches to any Ashkenazi unless they specifically requested to share with that person.
MyHeritageDNA removed most distant non-Ashkenazic matches to Ashkenazic kits due to their heavy use of imputation that was causing massive numbers of false matches beyond the false match problem that already exists with small matches on any platform.
Family Tree DNA still offers matches down to around 7.7 cM as well as a chromosome browser so that is the best place to start exploring the deepest levels of your DNA. Only look at the longest segment where you match a particular non-Ashkenazic person. In your notes keep track of matches you find and chromosomal segment start and end points to see if there are patterns. Then, you try to find those same people (search by their email address) inside GEDmatch's User Lookup screen, or encourage them to join GEDmatch if they are particularly important kinds of matches not duplicated by other matches on a segment pileup. Family Tree DNA unfortunately had to switch their chip and start using imputation too so sometimes pileups are imaginary - so be careful and try to validate anything you find inside GEDmatch with parent-child phasing of you or your matches where available and rigorous triangulation in group of at least 8 people.

My kit number is T544042. According to IBD segment analysis, I'm genetically 98.34% Ashkenazi Jewish, 1.09% Sephardi Jewish, 0.46% Polish Catholic, and 0.11% Mizrahi Jewish. My genetics pages, My Quora

Jewish Genetic Testing: What Is JScreen? Why Does It Matter?
Tean Porteus wrote: ↑

Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:26 pm

How did you find the other kits on here that also have Jewish heritage please?
I've become familiar with most of the Ashkenazic Jewish (AJ) and Sephardic Jewish (SJ) kits in GEDmatch, since I have been here since March 2015 and I match a tremendous proportion of them myself, and I am familiar with most AJ surnames and haplogroups. I can spot relevant people very easily and in cases where I'm not sure I have ways to check if somebody's recent ancestry is full AJ or only partly AJ.
Tean Porteus wrote: ↑

Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:26 pm

I've also realised that on My Heritage I can filter my DNA matches to those with Ashkenazi Jewish genes and have found a group where we all look to have a shared section on the 12th chromosome.
This sounds promising. Some of the matches I picked out for you also match in presumably that same space you're speaking of. I found T914415 T559561 T101071 T238274 T420553 M347942 among your matches between 12 million and 28 million on chromosome 12 with overlapping segment lengths with you between 10.8 cM and 20.9 cM, and the good news is that I found triangulation working where T914415 also matches those others in the same area (chromosome 12 from 14 million to 23 million).

It gets better. Take a look at your chromosome 3 too because you match T914415 LM6336517 M347942 there from 67 million to 74 million on segment lengths from 8.3 cM to 10.5 cM. T914415 as expected matches the other two women on the same chromosome region, and LM6336517 matches M347942 there too, so triangulation is working so far.

Next take a look at your chromosome 18. You match T101071 and T714247 there from 34 million to 46 million, with segment lengths of 10.3 cM and 10.1 cM respectively. They match each other there across the entire segment region and also before and after that, so that their match to each other is 16 cM long.

These are just the tip of the iceburg. I'm sure you have many more legitimate Ashkenazic matches than these.
Tean Porteus wrote: ↑

Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:26 pm

Now to contact them I guess and see if we can work out the link.
I don't think this will be possible because the common ancestors between you and most of them lived before the 1800s judging by the total cM amounts and segment lengths. Paperwork is usually not available before then.

My kit number is T544042. According to IBD segment analysis, I'm genetically 98.34% Ashkenazi Jewish, 1.09% Sephardi Jewish, 0.46% Polish Catholic, and 0.11% Mizrahi Jewish. My genetics pages, My Quora


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Re: Jewish DNA

Postby Kevin Brook » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:45 am


1. Don't post the exact same query in two different threads!

2. Kits CW153779 and MQ781606 don't exist in this database.

3. Below are false matches because the SNP counts are way too low to trust. I have said before and I stand by it that you need above 500 and usually above 700 SNPs for a match to have any potential value.
Comparing Kit FJ3715533 (*Ferdina Ossel) [MyHeritage] and RN7444593 (...) [23andMe]
Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs
12 2,406,103 4,507,121 7.3 421
14 21,043,283 22,419,575 7.8 240
15 26,420,021 27,891,687 5.7 239

4. Jews from Strasbourg, France are a different case from Jews in the Netherlands. Only the latter are part-Dutch.

My kit number is T544042. According to IBD segment analysis, I'm genetically 98.34% Ashkenazi Jewish, 1.09% Sephardi Jewish, 0.46% Polish Catholic, and 0.11% Mizrahi Jewish. My genetics pages, My Quora


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