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All the black flat cables are modular design. Installing only the cables you need to reduce clutter, to increase the airflow and to improve the chassis thermal performance.


80 Plus Gold certified ensures to deliver 90% efficiency at 50% load. The better power efficiency leads to less power waste, less heat and less fan noise. And with the support of Intel processors, it will save more energy and more money.


The main capacitors are high quality Japanese capacitors, to produce the efficient performance and to ensure the longer reliability.

The life of the main capacitor is over 20 years
(Environment 25°C)


The fan speed is adjusted according to the automatic power detection and will stop when the system is idle or under low load (less than 20% load). The Hydraulic Bearing fan provides longer and more stable life time.

The curve is for reference only. Please refer to the color box for actual curve.

The life of the Hydraulic Bearing fan is more than 4 years


Single +12V rail provides the best power output, stability and compatibility for the hardware. It provides the easiest way to install the power cable. And it is the best design for overclocking.


In order to make sure the entire computer system to operate stably under any conditions, we not only added protection designs such as OCP, OTP, OVP, OPP, UVP and SCP, but also ensured the stable operation of your system through the safety certification of various countries.


Compact size to fit any small chassis.

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* This product is designed for desktop PC. Use for other purposes (such as blockchain computing and mining) will void the warranty.

Introducing CableMod

Premium Cables Turn PC Systems Into Works of Art

(December 19, 2014) – For years, outfitting a PC with custom cables has been a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Modders have had to either do it themselves, spending hours upon hours sleeving their power supply cables individually, or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive cable sleeving services. Alternatively, they could choose sleeved cable extensions, but would have to put up with increased cable clutter due to physically longer cables. What if there was a better way?

cablemod FB main image 5

Introducing CableMod® – the first brand dedicated to designing and producing the very best internal PC cables on the market. Developed with input from top modders from around the world, CableMod cables bring premium quality and aesthetics to the next level.

CableMod cables begin with ModFlex™, a premium cable sleeving that brings with it a slew of advantages over traditional sleeving. This sleeve is constructed with ultra-fine fibers that are many times softer than nylon sleeving, making it much easier to route behind motherboard trays and around components. The super dense weave means that wires underneath are completely invisible, making sure that ugly bare wires are hidden from sight. Best of all, this sleeve is developed to be thinner than competing cloth braiding, which makes it possible for CableMod cables to forgo the use of unsightly heatshrink all together. In fact, CableMod cables are 100% heatshrink-free, making them the best choice for serious modders and PC enthusiasts.

CableMod cables are not extensions – they are complete power supply cable replacements that are designed to replace the cables that are included with your power supply. This means that users no longer have to deal with extra cable length from traditional sleeved extensions. CableMod cable kits are tailor-made for some of the most popular power supplies on the market:

Cable SeriesMade ForCompatible Models
C-SeriesCorsair®AXi, HXi, RM
E-SeriesEVGA®G2, P2
SE-SeriesSeasonic®XP2, KM3


Since no two builds are exactly alike, each cable kit is available in a wide range of vibrant colors and color combinations, including:

Solid ColorsCombo Colors         
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White
  • Black / Red
  • Black / Blue
  • Black / Green
  • Black / Orange

More cable types and colors will be coming in the next few months, and users are encouraged to visit  the official CableMod website ( or the CableMod Facebook Page ( and let us know what cables and colors they would like to see next.

  1. 2007 nissan murano coolant type
  2. Costco dj system
  3. Vw baja exhaust
  4. Uno bot commands

24pin Sleeved Cable Extension

24pin Sleeved Cable Extension

  • All of our custom sleeved cable extensions are hand assembled to order only by our professional sleever. We only use the highest quality materials including our very own premium Teleios sleeve. This ensures consistency throughout each individually sleeved wire that makes up the cable.
  • The highest quality UL1007 18AWG wire is used on all of our extension cables.  This allows us to train our sleeved cables to create a stunning 180-degree curve which we are well known for. This makes installing the cables easy and allows for the cable to bend effortlessly to the back or behind the components to attach to your existing power supply cable.
  • All of our extensions are made in the heat shrink less style for a clean, and desirable look.
  • Many of our custom cables are used by top entities such as Intel, NVIDIA, EK Water Blocks and more! Buy knowing you are receiving a high-quality product from a well reputable company.
  • Any issues with your cable and we will make it right!

These are extensions only and can be used with any existing 24pin power supply cable.

The extension is 12″ in length (curved).

Design your own custom extension today!

Please allow a few business days for your order to be processed.

Teleios premium cable sleeving



Here is how to get started:

We have developed a simplistic way to customize which colors you want for your sleeved cable extension. Below is an image that represents the end that plugs into your motherboard. It is numbered 1 – 12. Each number represents that wire, and the wire underneath on the 24pin since most choose the same color for the wire underneath. Simply choose which color you want by selecting it with the drop downs below to that of its correlated number in the image.

If you need any assistance with your order, or would like to receive a color recommendation for your setup please contact us.


Not all sleeved cables are created equal - My thoughts on each!

The MOD-ONE custom sleeved Corsair® 24-pin PCIE power supply cable provides power from your Corsair® PSU to your compatible graphics card. This cable is designed for a GPU that has three 8-pin connections. 

It all starts with premium wire

MOD-ONE premium wire is custom made to our exact specifications as a professional PC cable sleever and manufacturer. It is 100% free from unwanted markings and other text which can bleed through on some light sleeve colors.

Thicker is better. The 2.4mm outside wire diameter 16awg and 2.3mm outside wire diameter on 18awg gives MOD-ONE custom cables a more robust look compared to other manufactures. MOD-ONE premium wire is designed for a superior cable training experience due to its construction, rigidity and form holding ability.

Molex ATX Terminals for superior crimps

When it comes to executing the perfect crimp, you just can’t beat Molex brand terminals. Not only did they create the original ATX terminal (Mini Fit Jr series), but they are one of the biggest and most trusted names in wire harness manufacturing. All MOD-ONE custom MDPC-X sleeved PC power supply cables and extensions use Molex branded ATX terminals.

Each custom sleeved cable also uses our quality MOD-ONE connectors which are available in black or white. MOD-ONE connectors are also compatible with the Molex brand terminal extractor tool as well as the aftermarket versions.

Uniform wire lengths and in-line crimps

One of the most critical factors, and most unknown, in making the perfect custom sleeved pc cable is in perfectly cut and crimped wires. Wires within a cable that consist of unequal lengths will create bunching and twisting in the cable. Crimps that are out of alignment from each other and do not coincide with the natural curve of the wire can also create unwanted twisting.

We use precision machinery and skilled craftsman to ensure wires within a cable are the same length throughout, and have crimps that are in line with each other that work with the natural curve in the wire.

THE Legendary MDPC-X PC Cable Sleeving

MDPC-X is the first PET cable sleeving manufacturer to specifically cater to the PC enthusiast and PC modding communities. Before MDPC-X, cable sleeving was designed more for industrial applications were colors and weave density were not nearly as critical as it is in today’s custom PC cables. MDPC-X created a tighter weave without losing expandability, developed colors with greater opacity and vibrancy, and finally added UV lighting reactions that are sure to impress.

MDPC-X is a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) based cable sleeving. When it comes to custom sleeved PC cables, PET cable sleeving is a superior option over fabric-based materials like paracord. PET cable sleeving is more dust resistant and will not fray like fabric based materials can.

With over 50 cable sleeving colors and growing, the MDPC-X color pallet is sure to work with any custom PC style or theme.

Unprecedented UV Reactions

Before there was RGB, there was UV. MDPC-X strives to create the most intense UV reactive cable sleeving available. UV reactive cable sleeving makes for an impressive display of color.

Melted sleeve ends, not crimped

Premium MOD-ONE Custom PC Cables have sleeve ends which are melted over the terminal as opposed to crimped under the terminal. To crimp terminals over the cable sleeving, more of the wire insulation is removed and the sleeve is crimped directly over the bare wire where the insulation used to be. By doing this, the crimp quality is reduced as the strain relief of the terminal is no longer crimped on the firm PVC insulation. By melting the cable sleeving end, the crimp is of the same quality as the stock power supply cables. 

Premium MOD-ONE Cable Combs

MOD-ONE Cable Combs are laser cut in-house from quality 3/16” thick acrylic. These combs have been specifically designed for use with MOD-ONE Premium PSU Wire and MDPC-X Cable Sleeving to ensure a snug fit for the best possible cable management experience.

Proudly Made in the USA

Each MOD-ONE custom sleeved cable is made right here in the USA just for you! We take pride in every cable we make and test each one before it ships. Our cables are not only designed to look good, but to also last through multiple PC teardowns and rebuilds. Order a set and see the difference!


Cables gold psu

C650 Gold

Tech Specs

Output Connectors

Cable Specs

  • 610 mm, Nylon sleeving

  • 650 mm, Nylon sleeving

  • 675 + 75mm, Nylon sleeving

  • 500 + 100 + 100 + 100 mm

  • 500 + 100 + 100 mm

AC Input Rating

DC Output Rating

  • 20A (Combined 100W)

  • 54A (648W)

  • 0.3A (3.6W)

  • 3A (15W)

  • 650W


  • Active @0.99

  • 100,000 hours

  • 0 - 50 °C (derating from 100 % to 80 % from 40 °C to 50 °C)

Energy Efficiency

  • 80 Plus Gold

  • 87% @115Vac

  • 90% @115Vac

  • 87% @115Vac

Fan Specs

  • 120 x 120 x 25mm

  • 0 - 2,200 ± 200RPM

  • 73.9 CFM

  • 32.3 dBA

  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)


  • 150 x 150 x 86 mm

  • Steel, PCB and plastic

  • ATX12V v2.4 / EPS12V v2.92

  • CB / CE / FCC / TUV / cTUV-SUDus / China CCC / Taiwan BSMI / Australia RCM / EAC

  • 10 years

  • NP-C650M


  • 815671015686

  • 815671015914

  • 815671015938

  • 815671015945

  • 815671015952

  • 815671015969

  • 815671015976

  • 815671016010

  • 815671015983


  • 5060301695546

  • 5060301695744

  • 5060301695768

  • 5060301695775

  • 5060301695782

  • 5060301695799

  • 5060301695805

  • 5060301695843

  • 5060301695812


Manage performance, temperatures, and devices all from a single application.

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