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2000mW 2W 802.11 G/N High-Gain USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapter With Original Alfa Screw On Swivel 9dBi Rubber Antenna and Suction cup Window Mount dock

lease note the strength of the reception also greatly depends on the area this is operating in, this item cannot transmit through thick walls the same as in an open area, all claims here are for open area, please consider this when making your purchase.

You asked for STRONGER WiFi and Extended Range and here it is. We have combined this high power Wi-Fi adapters with a powerful +9 dBi 15' 2.4GHz Hi-Gain folding antenna. Estimated range is (depending on environment) 1.2 mile (2km). It is compatible with almost all laptops and desktop, PCs and Macs. This kit also includes two antennas- one mini 5 dBi gain travel antenna, and one high gain 9 dBi antenna, as pictured. It is perfect to travel with and weighing less than 2 ounces and measuring 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size (8.5 x 6.3cm)

This has a stunning 2000mw output power. So if you are looking for a device to connect to an outdoor 2.4 GHz antenna, such as on a boat or an RV, this is a perfect solution. Because this is a USB adapter, it works on any computer that has a USB port. this also works with Windows Vista, Linux (kernel 2.6.6 and later) and Macintosh (OS version 10.4).

* Wi-Fi Certified
* Includes 2 external antennas- a 5 dBi antenna, and an original Alfa 9 dBi antenna as pictured

Important Driver Installation:
If you get an error while Installing the Drivers press OK, then Exit. Then do the following:

Right-click on your CD Drive and select Explore
For Windows, double-Click on the application file in this folder (the file name atarts with "IS_AP_STA_RT2870......) then follow the installation instructions.
For Mac and Linux open their folder and then run the application.

Or you can got to the manufactures website, then click on "Support" and on the left side click on "Drivers" and download.


Review: WiFi Camp Pro 2 v2 Kit by Alfa (Mobile Routers | Long Range WiFi)

WiFi Camp Pro Kit ComponentsAlfa packages the Alfa Desktop R36A WiFi Antenna with their External RV Booster Tube together as the WiFi Camp Pro 2 kit.  Another option is the indoor only WiFi CampPro 2 Mini where an outdoor solution is not desired.

The WiFi receiving component is a USB powered WiFi radio that can connect directly to a single computer to get it online, or it can act as a WiFi-as-WAN receiver when paired with the USB Repeater module which then acts as a router, creating a local WiFi network so that multiple devices can get online and share the upstream connection.

The Alfa hardware has a solid reputation for picking up weak 2.4 Ghz WiFi at long range.

The feature set is very basic and focused on Wi-Fi extending only, but for some the price is right.

A "Version 2" of this model came out in June 2020. It is identical to the original version, but with an updated chipset that gives it higher throughput speeds.


  • Model: Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2 v2, WiFi CampPro 2 Mini
  • Base Technology: Alfa
  • Router Specs:
    • Wi-Fi Router: Yes
      • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
      • 5GHz Wi-Fi: N/A
      • Wi-Fi Antenna: 1x , 8 dBi Antenna Included
      • Wi-Fi as WAN: Yes
      • Claimed Wi-Fi Range: Unknown
      • Guest Wi-Fi Network: Unknown
    • Control Panel and Default Password: Not specified
    • USB Tethering Support: No
    • Ethernet Ports: 1x 100Mbps Fast Ethernet  (WAN / LAN Configurable)
  • CellularModem Specs: N/A
  • Dimensions:
    • R36 Repeater: 3" x 2" x 1"
    • External Booster Tube: 7" x 1.75"
    • External Booster Antenna: 18" x 0.75"
  • Other Ports:
  • Power Source: AC or DC
  • Outdoor Rated: No
  • Special Features: None
  • Retail Price:  $169.99

News, Videos & Status sent us the WiFi-Camp Pro Kit 2 v2 for evaluation in July 2020, for an upcoming comparison to other options on the market. However as of summer 2021, TechnoRV has discontinued selling this product line-up.

MIAs can follow along with our testing notes below, and this review will be updated once complete:

We tested the original Wi-Fi Camp Pro in early 2017 and the first edition of the Pro Kit 2 in 2019 (both also provided by Our members have access to our video tutorial, field testing results:

Alfa also sent us their 4G version of the kit for evaluation. 

Here's a quick product overview of the two version 2 Alfa Networks kits:

Potential Alternatives to Consider:

For other featured Long Range Wi-Fi extending gear on the market we are tracking - here are our featured options:

Learn More About Wi-Fi Extending Gear

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Superior Wi-Fi Performance
Equipped with wide-coverage wireless capability, and years of field-proven experiences, ALFA AWUS036NH provides 2.4GHz 150Mbps Wi-Fi data transfer speeds for outstanding performance. 

Professionally Tuned Wireless, Better Range & Coverage
AWUS036NH comes with 802.11n standards with hardware-based Wi-Fi optimization, plus a high-gain, high-sensitivity antenna, resulting in extra-ordinary signal range. 

Increased Bandwidth, More Applications
AWUS036NH supports Max. 150Mbps 2.4GHz wireless access. Making it  ideal for large traffic and lag-free HD video streaming for more devices in your living space. 

Increased Wireless Signal Penetration 
With unmatched Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage. AWUS036NH not only has maximum Wi-Fi range, it helps to penetrate walls, and eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots in your living space easily.



Ralink RT3070

Wi-Fi Standards

IEEE 802.11/b/g/n

Wi-Fi Frequency


Antenna Connector

RP-SMA female x 1

Antenna Type

2.4GHz 5dBi dipole antenna

Wireless Performance

802.11b: up to 11Mbps

802.11g: up to 54Mbps

802.11n: up to 150Mbps

Wireless Security



USB 2.0, Mini USB, type B female connector

OS Requirement

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10 32/64bit,

macOS 10.5 to 10.14 or later




Wifi alfa



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