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Best Stardew Valley mods

Taking advantage of the best Stardew Valley mods is one of the many benefits to playing Stardew Valley on PC. While ConcernedApe has added all kinds of exciting new additions to Stardew Valley over the years, there are some quality of life bits he just hasn’t got around to yet and the modding community has stepped up. 

The important thing is finding your perfect mod set-up. You don’t want to undo all the hard work you’ve done on your farm over hundreds of hours with a cheat code but you’d also like to maybe see where NPCs are on the map. It’s all about finding the right balance so pick and choose what you need without having to destroy any idea of progression. Before we get onto the best Stardew Valley mods though, it’s important to know how to install them. 

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How to install Stardew Valley Mods 

An essential tool for downloading Stardew Valley mods is SMAPI. This is a program that starts up every time you launch the game on Steam and basically does all the hard work for you. It creates a mods folder within your Steam Stardew Valley folder and it’s here where you’ll paste all of your mods. Download SMAPI and check out more advanced instructions at the link. 

SMAPI isn’t the only other tool required. You'll need to download Content Patcher at Nexus Mods as well. Content Patcher is an important one if you want to replace any in game items with other visuals such as Elle’s Barn Animals in this list. All you need to do to use Content Patcher is copy the folder into your Mods folder created by SMAPI and then follow the instructions for each individual mod. 

1. Stardew Valley Bear Mount mod

Yes, horses are nice and will take you happily from A to B but A to BEAR is much for fun for riding around Stardew Valley. This brilliant Bear Mount mod means you can ride a brown bear, black bear, panda, or even skeleton around Pelican Town. It’ll even switch up the stable food for some more Winnie the Pooh friendly honey. You’ll need the Content Patcher as well as SMAPI for this mod and while it will automatically set itself as the brown bear by default, you can head into the config.json file that will be generated and change your bear up. There’s even the chance to change your saddle and reins if you want to ride, well, bearback…. 

 Bear Mount on Nexus Mods

2. Stardew Valley Ghibli Critters mod

If you want to add a touch of Princess Mononoke or My Neighbour Totoro to Pelican Town then Ghibli Critters from Sopholophagus is a lovely sprinkling of Soot Spritey charm. You’ll need to make sure you have the latest Content Patcher installed for this to work but once you’ve added it to your Mods folder, it automatically switches out the wild critters for even cuter alternatives. 

The new additions from 1.5 haven’t been modded out just yet but sparrows are replaced with the absurdly cute Kodamas from Princess Mononoke and Soot Sprites scuttle away from harvested fibre instead of frogs. The owl becomes No Face and, if you’re lucky enough to see a woodpecker, it’ll be Totoro staring back at you instead. This a lovely subtle mod but a serious charm offensive, especially if you’ve forgotten it’s installed. 

 Ghibli Critters on Nexus Mods

3. Stardew Valley Elle’s New Barn Animals mod

Search ‘Elle’s’ on Nexus Mods and you’ll find a stack of adorable creatures to switch in for your existing farm animals. Her New Barn Animals collection is a particular highlight. Not only can you trade up your existing cows, sheep, and goats for delightful different co lours of deer and alpaca, you’ll finally be able to mod yourself away from the frankly hideous pig designs with 18 different skin alternatives available. Sorry Piggos, it was just too Animal Farm…  

To make the most of this mod, you need to run the game once and close it again to create a config.json file in the Elle’s Barn Animals folder within your Mods folder. Open this in Notepad and then you can switch out the names for the creatures and colours you prefer. The guides for each one are in the folder too.    

Elle’s New Barn Animals on Nexus Mods

Elle’s New Horses on Nexus Mods

CJBok and Pathoschild’s Cheats Menu and Item Spawner are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they happily destroy everything that Stardew players painstakingly earn over hundred of hours, on the other, it’s nice to skip straight to the end game with a fully functioning farm and the ability to warp anywhere without any totems. 

With a press of ‘P’ the Cheats Menu basically brings up a god mod. In the whimsical art style of the game you can now finish quests, give yourself infinite stamina and health, improve relationships, make machines work faster, and gift yourself 100,000G at once. In turn, the Item Spawner is equally compelling and can give you 999 of every resource or item you have ever wanted and even hand over some you’ve never heard of. We completely understand if you want to ignore these entirely to preserve your hard work but they’re beautifully integrated mods. 

CJB Cheats Menu on Nexus Mods 

CJB Item Spawner on Nexus Mods

5. Stardew Valley Automate mod

If you’ve followed the Artisan career path in Stardew Valley, then chances are that nothing pleases you more than lines and lines of preserves jars, wine kegs, and mayonnaise machines. Chances are too that you are well and truly sick of filling them all up and unloading them when everything is ready at once. Well, the Automate mod is here to make your Factorio-style dreams come true. 

Automate basically pulls resources from a chest next to a machine and then instantly pushes all processed items back in once it’s done and ready to sell. And, as long as machines are touching, you can keep piling in products to just one chest, You can even use paths as connectors if you’re worried about compromising your farm aesthetic.   

 Automate on Nexus Mods

6. Stardew Valley NPC Map Locations mod

It’s all in the title. The NPC Map Locations Mod from Bouhm lets you know where all of the NPCs are on the map at any one time. This saves you from loading up the Stardew Wiki and desperately trying to find what Shane is up to at 4pm on a rainy Tuesday, or heading to the Blacksmith only to find Clint has stepped away from his anvil for a while. Unfortunately it’s not quite accurate enough to let you know if Marnie is available to buy hay from or if she’s just eternally staring at the microwave while your animals starve. Bitter? Us?   

NPC Map Locations on Nexus Mods

7. Stardew Valley Tractor mod

Another offering from Pathoschild, this tractor add-on is a particular delight if you’re guilty of leaving an entire section of your farm for nature to reclaim. Just like other buildings from the carpenter, you have to head to Robin and hand over 20 Iron Bars, 20 Iridium Bars, and 5 Battery Packs in order to build the Tractor Garage. You’ll have to wait two nights as usual but after that you’ll be free to ride around on your tractor with a tool selected. An axe will destroy all the leaves and wood in your path with ease and a pickaxe will send surrounding stone crumbling. Just ignore the fact that it sounds exactly the same as your horse…  

Tractor on Nexus Mods 

8. Stardew Valley Chest Label System mod

Again, it’s the little things that count. Chances are that if you’ve been playing Stardew for endless hours, you have more than a few chests lying around. While the lethally expensive Qi Gem Junimo chests are all connected, the rest of us have to make do with desperately trying to remember what we intended a red chest to mean. The Chest Label System from Mauricio Games removes all of that stress and lets you name each chest individually. All you need to do to find out what’s inside is hover your mouse over it for the name. Warning though, this still won’t stop you dumping other items when you’re just feeling lazy… 

Chest Label System on Nexus Mods

9. Stardew Valley Gift Taste Helper mod

Trying to keep a busy social life in Stardew Valley is hard work. All of the villagers have favorite foods and items and unless you’re concentrating on just one friendship, it can be  a complete nightmare to remember who likes what. Well Tyler’s Gift Taste Helper is a brilliant addition that doesn’t feel too much like cheating. Hover your mouse over a villager in your menu or on the calendar screen outside Pierre’s and you’ll see a handy collection of their most loved gifts. No more loading up Wiki again when you can never remember whether Robin loves apricots or peaches. You can even make it less cheaty and have it remember the gifts you have discovered they like.   

 Gift Taste Helper on Nexus Mods

10. Stardew Valley Expanded mod

Is Stardew Valley just not, well, Stardew Valley enough for you anymore? This incredible mod from FlashShifter is basically Stardew Valley 2. You’ll have to start a new save to make the most of it but whole new areas, new NPCs, new dialogue, quests and items means even more of the fresh discoveries that made your first playthrough so magical. Endless new events in the exact style of Stardew makes this an essential mod when you’ve filled up that Perfection Tracker.  

Stardew Valley Expanded on Nexus Mods

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Stardew Valley Mods That Take The Game To The Next Level

By Ramon Hara


While Stardew Valley's vanilla version is great, installing mods makes the experience even better, so here are the best ones to download now.

It has been five years since lone developer Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, released Stardew Valley. At the time, many thought that interest in farming simulator games had gone away given veterans in the genre such as Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon no longer saw the success they once had. However, Stardew Valley continues to prove that given the right game, fans of the genre will deliver, which is why it remains as relevant now as it was in 2016.

While Stardew Valley is great to play, it is no secret that mods also help keep players interested given the fresh experiences they provide. When Stardew Valley was first launched many years ago, mods for the game barely existed, and hunting for them was more trouble than they're worth. However, things have changed drastically since then, so here are the essential mods players should try out in Stardew Valley.

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Expanded Mod

As its name suggests, the Expanded Mod is a major expansion of everything in Stardew Valley. Changes are made in character creation right off the bat, and the mod adds a new layout called Grandpa's Farm, which is big farmland complete with new landmarks and shortcuts to surrounding locations. Additionally, the Expanded Mod also overhauls Pelican Town's layout, color scheme, and locations.

One of the most exciting elements of the Expanded Mod is the new cast of characters available in the game. Overall, around 15 new NPCs are in the Expanded Mod, and five are marriage candidates. Created by Nexus Mod user FlashShifter, the Expanded Mod is a must-try for veteran Stardew Valley fans.

Gift Taste Helper Mod

One of the biggest features in Stardew Valley is romance and marriage. Similar to other games, Stardew Valley measures the character's relationship with a villager through heart levels. For bachelors and bachelorettes, players can take heart levels up to 10, making them eligible for marriage. However, new players must know that increasing heart levels is no easy task, and the best way to boost that is by giving villagers gifts.

Just like in real life, villagers in Stardew Valley won't enjoy every single item in the game. Instead, each villager has certain items belonging to five categories: Love, Like, Neutral, Dislike, and Hate, making it challenging for players to guess what exactly each villager likes to receive. The Gift Taste Helper mod makes things easy, as players who install the mod will get an in-game record of an NPC's favorite gifts.

Reverse Proposal Mod

In Stardew Valley and in the many games that inspired it, the romance mechanic has always been the same. Players pursue a villager they like, raise their heart level, and ask their hand in marriage. Given the limitations of video games, the romance mechanic always worked this way, but one mod changes the traditional romance format.

It is worth noting that the reverse proposal mod only applies to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage as of this writing. Once players reach eight heart levels with a certain villager, they will visit the player to ask them to be their boyfriend/girlfriend. Additionally, it is worth noting that the reverse proposal mod only applies to Sebastian, Alex, Harvey, Same Shane, and Elliot. However, according to creator GreenOnion24, they will add support for Abigail, Haley, Maru, Emily, and Leah in the future.

NPC Map Locations Mod

Although Pelican Town isn't that big, it can still be difficult to locate each villager, especially those who want to pursue marriage. Apart from the time wasted by running around the entire town to locate a villager, each NPC in the game adheres to a schedule that changes per day and season. Luckily, players can download the NPC Map Locations Mod, allowing players to track every NPC in the game by simply checking their map. This makes it easy for players to hunt down certain villagers, saving them precious time that they can allocate to doing chores around the farm.

Stardew Valley is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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ALL of my Cottagecore Stardew Valley Mods


Here are the mods I recommend. These are all compatible with the latest versions of SMAPI and Stardew Valley on Linux/Mac/Windows. See the player's guide to using mods if you're interested.

Quality of life

I think the best mods are those which improve the game while maintaining its balance, lore, and style.

  • AutoGate
    Gates open automatically when you approach and close behind you.

  • Better Sprinklers
    Customise the sprinkler radius, with a proportional change to their cost. If you're willing to mine all the ores you'll need, that makes the basic sprinklers useful early in the game and lets you do more than just watering crops every day.

  • Billboard Anywhere
    View the calendar and daily quest anywhere. See upcoming birthdays and festivals without needing to walk to the nearest calendar.

  • Chests Anywhere
    Access, label, and categorise your chests from anywhere (with optional balanced mode). Makes inventory management less of a chore — you can have multiple organised chests and sort things away without walking around trying to find which chest is which.

  • Data Layers
    Toggle an overlay to see live bee house / Junimo hut / scarecrow / sprinkler coverage, hidden paths and warp points, and more. Very useful when laying out your crops.

  • Fast Animations
    Makes the routine player animations (breaking geodes, eating, drinking, etc) almost instant.

  • Horse Flute Anywhere
    You'll often find you left your horse across town, or the horse can't pass through a narrow path. This mod eliminates horse location management as a game mechanic; just play the flute from anywhere and he'll teleport to you.

  • Lookup Anything
    Point at almost anything, and press a button to see information about it. This helps you decide whether an item is worth keeping (e.g. it shows what bundles/recipes/achievements you still need it for), plan your crops (e.g. it tells you when a crop will be ready), manage trees (e.g. it tells you whether something is blocking their growth), see what gifts an NPC likes, etc. Has an option to only show gift tastes you've discovered in-game.

  • Loved Labels (unofficial update)
    Point at a farm animal and it'll show whether you've pet them today, without needing to check them manually.

  • NPC Map Locations
    NPCs move around a lot, and it can be frustrating to find them when you need to talk to them. This mod shows their locations on your map.

  • Pony Weight Loss Program
    Lets the horse pass anywhere you can. This eliminates a common annoyance where the horse can't pass through narrow paths.

  • Rented Tools (unofficial update)
    While Clint is upgrading one of your tools, he'll let you rent an old one he has until yours is ready.

  • Self Service (unofficial update)
    When you enter a shop and the shopkeeper isn't behind the counter, you can still buy from them.

  • Skip Intro
    Skips the starting splash screens and (optionally) the title screen. It's only a few seconds each time, but you won't be able to go back once you're used to this mod.

  • Tillable Ground
    Lets you plant crops (and grass) on the grassy portions of the farm map.

  • Toddlers Like Parents
    Your children will look a bit like your spouse (instead of the default generic children). You can optionally customize the clothing they wear too.

Late game

These mods are best used later in the game, once you've already played for a while with the vanilla mechanics.

  • Automate
    When you're tired of manually working each machine, this opens a whole new gameplay mechanic. Place a chest next to a machine (like a furnace or crystalarium), and the machine will pull raw items from the chest and push processed items into it. Connect multiple machines with a chest to create factories.

  • Deep Woods
    Adds an explorable, procedurally-generated forest area to the game with many secrets and resources.

  • Tractor Mod
    Buy a tractor from Robin to make managing large farms much easier. The tractor lets you quickly clear debris, plant/fertilise/water/harvest crops, etc.

Content Patcher

These mods visually tweak the game using Content Patcher.

  • Fixed Mouse House
    Give the hat mouse a less broken-down house.

  • Natural Clock
    Change the Gold Clock to fit in better the game style and look a bit less ostentatious.

  • Rustic Traveling Cart
    Change the traveling cart to better fit the game style and look a bit less silly.

For mod testing

These mods are useful for mod developers.

  • CJB Cheats Menu
    Adds many useful utilities like teleporting, changing the time, building instantly, making machines finish instantly, etc.

  • CJB Item Spawner
    Lets you instantly spawn any item in the game.

  • Debug Mode
    Press a button to show debug info like the tile coordinate under the cursor, and enable the game's debug features like teleporting.

  • Fast Travel
    Fast travel to any named location on the map by clicking it. Immensely useful when testing to avoid needing to walk everywhere.

  • Lookup Anything
    Enable and in its , point at almost anything in the game, and press to see all the hidden data about it.

  • Noclip Mode
    Enable noclip at the press of a button, letting you walk through anything (even map boundaries). Useful to quickly accessing places you haven't unlocked for testing, or taking shortcuts to where you need to go.

More mods

Want more suggestions? Take a look at the most endorsed mods on Nexus. (You can check to know whether a SMAPI mod is compatible with the latest versions.)


Mos stardew valley

The best Stardew Valley mods

Stardew Valley has absolutely blossomed since it released in 2016. There are thousands of mods out there that do everything from changing what your animals look like, to making fishing easier, to adding items and adjusting game balance. We've completely overhauled our guide to the best Stardew Valley mods that change how the game looks and make farm life more convenient.

Most of these mods were found either on the official Stardew Valley Mod forum or at the game's Nexus Mods page, both of which are getting more amazing mods everyday. If you're wondering how to play multiplayer, see our separate Stardew Valley multiplayer guide. Even with mods, Stardew Valley is one of the best laptop games to play on a low-spec machine.

An important thing to note before jumping in is that Stardew Valley does still get updates. Since there isn't any official mod support, there's a chance that mods will break or need to be reinstalled after updates. It's smart to back-up any files you are going to modify in case you need to revert the changes. And back up your save data just to be safe. It can be found by default at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\Saves.

How to install Stardew Valley mods

Most of these mods are simple modifications to the game's XNB files. That means all you need to do to install them is download the modified XNB, find the corresponding XNB file in the Stardew Valley 'Content' folder—default location is "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content", and the XNB you are looking for may be in a subfolder within the 'Content' folder—and then replace the original XNB with the one you downloaded. Though, like I said, you should make a back-up of the original in case you want to remove the mod.

Stardew Modding API (SMAPI)

Mods that make more complex changes may require the "Stardew Modding API", or SMAPI for short. This is a community-made API that is frequently being updated and allows you to use DLL mods. It's a slightly bigger hassle to install these mods than the XNB ones—as you first need to install SMAPI and then download DLL mods to place into SMAPI's mod folder—but it also allows those mods to make much deeper changes to the game. You can download SMAPI on the Stardew Valley modding forum, and I'll be sure to mark which mods require it to be used.

Stardew Valley ModManager (SDVMM)

There's also a great community-made ModManager tool created by modder yuuki called SDVMM. This will help you install and update SMAPI, as well as keep track of all of your mods. It allows you to easily activate and deactivate specific mods without having to remove the files completely, giving you more flexibility if you want to try something on this list out but potentially not keep the mod forever. 

Stardew Valley Content Patcher

Many of the most current Stardew Valley mods are compatible with Content Patcher, a tool which loads a whole host of mods without changing the XNB files, making install and uninstall easier, as well as reducing the likelihood of conflicts between mods. Content Patcher can be unzipped into Stardew Valley's "mods" folder in the same location dictated above. You can then run Stardew Valley with SMAPI.

Now then, let's get to the mods!

Building Textures

Ali's Overgrown Fairy Buildings

Download here

Fairies aren't going to be to everyone's personal taste, but the Overgrown Fairy Buildings mod is too nicely done not to include in our list. It retextures all of your farm buildings to be pink and white, as well as being covered in vines and flowers. It's an adorable way to personalize your farm, and I especially like the Slime Hutch being transformed from a castle into a sweet little cottage with a flower garden. And if you're into flowers, you may want to pair this with Ali's Flower Grass which turns all the long grass on your farm into vibrant wildflowers. Ali also has a Modern Farm Buildings mod, if you like this modders style but aren't exactly into adorable ivy-covered farmhouses.

Bathhouse Hot Spring 

Download here

The bathhouse north of Pelican Town where you can refresh your energy is handy, but the ambient whir of exhaust fans always feels just a little out of place in the idyllic valley. The Bathhouse Hot Spring mod turns the old bathhouse into a beautiful hotspring complete with the gentle sound of running water. The original mod hasn't been updated since 2017, so another modder has uploaded a version of Bathhouse Hot Spring that's compatible with the Content Patcher mod manager. 

No Spouse Rooms 

Download here

Deciding who to pursue as a spouse is an important part of every new farm I start. While I love all of Stardew's beaus and belles, I'm always a bit disappointed when my sweetheart moves in and totally trashes the aesthetic of my house with their own weird hobby room. As modder Lydocia says, "Was my house not good enough for you?" No Spouse Rooms solves this problem by removing the extra room added by your partner when they move in. Marriage is all about compromise, apparently, but the sanctity of my decor isn't an area where I'm willing to meet in the middle. 

Modern Gothic Interior 

Download here

Speaking of decor, modder Coldazrael's Modern Gothic Interior reskins a bunch of interior furniture with dark wood and stark white fabrics. If you've worn out the possibilities of Stardew's vanilla furniture, the Gothic furniture brings a whole new vibe. 

Portraits and Characters

DCBurger's Portrait Mod

Download here

My own favorite portrait mod is DCBurger's Portrait Mod, unlike the many, many anime-style character edits and gender swaps, DCBurger's portraits are grittier. All of the characters have a darker style with square jaws and more masculine features. They may not exactly fit in with the vanilla version of Pelican Town, but they're a nice break from the cuteness. These portraits rely on the Portraiture mod that allows for higher resolution character portraits.

Gigi's Hi-Res Portraits Mod 

Download here

For a totally different feel, Gigi's Hi-Res Portraits turn characters into colorful anime portraits that feel a bit like Pokemon and One Piece had an affair. They're a fun take of several characters. Harvey in particular makes out like a bandit by going from dork mustache man to verified senpai. Remember to download the Portraiture mod for this one as well!

Stardew Anime Mods 

Download here

Stardew Anime Mods is one of the most popular portrait mods for Stardew, for good reason. Its detailed and brightly colored pixel work fits in great with vanilla Stardew Valley. Unfortunately, it mostly just includes portraits for the young women of Stardew Valley, meaning that the bachelors will all look just a little less sparkly in comparison. 

Diverse Stardew Valley

Download here

Stardew Valley has a great cast of characters, but it's hard to deny that they're a little bit vanilla. This mod changes that, by adding "ethnic, cultural, gender identity and body type diversity." Once downloaded, you can choose whether to keep the original model for each character or switch to the more diverse one. If you do make the switch, not only will the character model change, but they'll also get their own seasonal outfits, swimming costume, maternity outfits when pregnant, and a handful of other additions. Even better, the characters you don't switch will still be eligible for other mods.

Monster Valley 

Download here

Games about dating monsters and swords and birds have worked their way into gaming mainstream over the last year and Monster Valley carries in their freaky footsteps. "Ever wanted to date a demon? Seduce a slime girl? Marry a merman?" Asks modder Blizzriel. "Well, now you can!" Monster Valley changes both the portraits and sprites of Pelican Town's most eligible and their families into spooky alternatives. Sebastian and Robin become demons, while Maru and Demetrius are patchwork dolls. Elliott, of course, is a merman. 

Coii's Hair Sets Pack 

Download here

Coii's Hair Sets Pack adds a bunch of new hair styles to choose for your farmer, both long and short varieties. From elegant braids and bows to stylish slick-backs, there's more than enough to choose from even for a picky character creator like me.   

Elle's Cat Replacements 

Download here

Another wealth of choice is Elle's Cat Replacements which can turn your farm cat into anything from a calico to a tortoiseshell and everything in between. Elle has made a number of animal replacement mods, including Dog Replacements, New Horses, and several others

Kitty Scarecrow Replacements

Download here

Sticking with a cat theme, with this mod you can change the rare scarecrows - Rarecrows, for short - from their default model into different kitty cats. In fairness, you'd expect cats to be pretty good at scaring away birds. Knowing cats though, in real life they'd probably get bored and either wander off or fall asleep near the start of their shift. There's Grumpy Cat (RIP), Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon, and the Nyan cat, as well as a host of less famous - but still very cute - kitties.

Cuter Fatter Cows 

Download here

Cuter Fatter Cows turns Stardew Valley's bovines into plumper versions with rosy cheeks meant to look like the cows of Harvest Moon. A number of modders have created new animal sprites but these are by far my favorite. Modder Identitypollution has recently released an update to Cuter Fatter Cows which includes all of their cuter and fatter animal retextures. 

Horse Bear 

Download here

The Horse Bear mod turns your useful steed into a grizzly bear. I like bears, which makes this a good mod. There are actually several mods for turning your horse into a bear, but this one is my favorite. I guess modders like bears too. 

Horse Boys 

Stardew Valley mod - Horse Boys

Download here

Horse Boys lets you turn your horse into one of Stardew Valley's bachelors. They look pretty horrifying galloping around on all fours and I really don't want to get into the implications of riding your spouse (or someone other than your spouse) around town. This mod is the kind of weird that toes the line of outright messed up without quite crossing it, which I can respect. For more horrifying and uncanny villagers, try PamCrow. It is exactly what you think. 

The Pinkpocalypse

I should not be shocked by the number of mods that specifically turn various elements of Stardew Valley into cotton-candy pink. To start with, turn all of Stardew's dialogue boxes and inventory screens pink with The Pink Interface. Follow that up with Cute Valley Pink and More Buildings for Cute Valley which together pink-ify all of your farms buildings, interiors, tools, and machines. Do you want pink sheep? Of course you do. Why have scarecrows when you can have a bunch of adorable catcrows instead? 

Current page: How to install Stardew Valley mods

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My essential Stardew Valley mod list!


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