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Flexible, Form Fitting, & No Painting
Available in 20 Stock Colors

Jewelite® Trim is a plastic molding that adds new dimension to cut-out letters. Jewelite form fits to any style letter, Gothic, Roman or Script, etc. Adheres to plastic and other surfaces. No painting or polishing necessary.

We offer Jewelite in 20 different stock colors, custom color matching available, ¾”, 1”, and 2” widths available in Flat Reels and Strips.

Jewelite Trim Selector

150' Reel
150' Reel
10' Strip
100' Reel
10' Strip
1" F Trim
150' Reel
Blue (Solid)
Intense Blue
Bronze 313
Brushed Chrome
Hi Green
Green (Solid)
Hunter Green
Metallic Silver
True Red

Convenient and Easy to Use
Made in USA

Notch Jewelite® letter trim like a pro with the “Nicker". The specially designed blade and anvil allows a stronger, more dependable cut which can increase the amount of work your shop currently performs with a knife and file. The "Nicker" works equally well with all widths of trim from 3/4"to 2" leaving a uniform cut time after time which allows for a smooth, uniform bend.

5 Magnet Styles

Our magnets are ideal for holding Jewelite® trim in position during assembly. Increase your profits by reducing assembly time. Permanent magnetism is guaranteed! Wagner Zip-Change® offers 5 styles of magnets to fit any application.

Wagner Powerful Handle Magnets

Item #25 - 1" magnet with 25 lbs of pull strength
LengthWidthMagnet Ht.Handle Ht.Total Ht.

Item #50 - 2" magnet with 50 lbs of pull strength
LengthWidthMagnet Ht.Handle Ht.Total Ht.

Item HMC503 (ext. side) 3 3/8" magnet with 50 lbs of pull strength
LengthWidthMagnet Ht.Handle Ht.Ext. Side Lt.Total Ht.
3 3/8"3/4"1"1"1"2"

Item HMC503B (ext. side) 3 1/2" magnet with 50 lbs of pull strength
LengthWidthMagnet Ht.Handle Ht.Ext. Side Lt.Total Ht.
3 1/2"3/4"1"1"1 1/4"2"

Item HMC504 (2 ext. side) 4" magnet with 50 lbs of pull strength
LengthWidthMagnet Ht.Handle Ht.Ext. Side Lt.Total Ht.

Hard steel, Self-Tapping, Powder Coated, Dacromet Coating, Tech Fastener, with Flat or Hex Head.

Black Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
White Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Blue Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Red Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Bronze 313 Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Metallic Silver Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Subway Green Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Subway Yellow Phillips fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Black Hex fasteners#8 x 1/2"
White Hex fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Blue Hex fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Red Hex fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Bronze 313 Hex fasteners#8 x 1/2"
Metallic Silver Hex fasteners#8 x 1/2"

Jewelite Color Options

Color representations are as close as possible to actual Jewelite® colors
within the limitations of commercial printing processes. Call for a free quote
or if you have any questions about our products.



There is one form of signage that adorns many of your favorite shops and businesses: Gemini letters. Big and bold and sporting a bit of dimensionality, Gemini lettering adorn Starbucks, Little Caesars, Subway and just about every other business big and small. Gemini letter signage–also known as dimensional letters and channel letters–comes in a variety of styles that would make any business stand out. In expert hands, Gemini letters can make your business’s vision come true.

Due to the flexibility of this form of signage, it is good to get familiarized with the parts and types of Gemini lettering available to you.

Parts of a Gemini Letters Sign

There are a few parts that make up a good Gemini letters sign. Some of these parts are quintessential to a Gemini sign but depending on the style and wanted aesthetic, some of these parts can be left out.


The face of a Gemini or channel sign is the part your customers will see. Usually fabricated with a thick sheet of acrylic that is cut into shape by a CNC machine, it can be cut into just about any shape and display a variety of colors.

Trim Camp

The trim cap is a mechanism that attaches the acrylic letters to the body of your sign, known as a channel letter, hence its alternative name.


The return is the side of the Gemini lettering channel. The return’s thickness is what gives the letters their dimension. A sign’s return can vary, usually being three to five inches created with bent and colored aluminum sheets, the return of your signage is what makes it stand out, quite literally.


The back is just as describes and fabricated using aluminum sheeting that is router-cut. The thickness of the back can be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses.

Light Source

A great feature of Gemini signage is its ability to be illuminated. Due to their thick but hollow design, LED lights can line the inside along with electrical wiring being housed within. LED lights are far more energy-efficient than neon lights, making them a cost-effective way to have a lit business sign.

Types of Gemini Signs

There are several types of Gemini letter signs available.


This is the most common type of Gemini signage. Utilizing all the standard parts mentioned above, a front-lit sign can be customized to your liking.

Back Lit

A backlit channel uses a few different parts, such as a polycarbonate or Lexan back, and metal faces, to create a uniquely illuminated sign. These signs are also known as halo channel letters due to the halo effect that the lighting has.

Envision Orlando

As a local sign business and approved vendor of Orange County Public Schools, Orange County, the City of Orlando, and the City of Winter Park (among others), we’re nimble enough to turn on a dime and deliver best-in-class products in rapid order. With Envision Orlando already registered as a vendor for most government agencies, this means we can act at a moment’s notice.

We offer free consultations, quotes, and designs on school signs to any public school, private school, or district in the state of Florida. Contact the sign specialists at Envision Orlando now at [email protected] or (407) 951-5532

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Channel letters

A set of standard channel letters being installed with a bucket truck.

Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used in exterior signage on public and commercial buildings, and often internally illuminated.[1] Unlit three dimensional letters that are applied to sign panels or monuments are usually referred to as dimensional letters.

Channel letter types[edit]

Face-lit channel letters[edit]

Metal construction (standard)[edit]

A standard channel letter is a three-dimensional graphic sign element. Its channel is fabricated from sheet metal, most often aluminum since it will not rust. A flat sheet of aluminum is typically cut on a table by a computer-controlled router, laser, or water jet, based on a vector-based art file (.cdr, .eps, .ai, .scv, .sci, or .fs). This creates the back of the channel and is the basis for the letter shape. The sides of the channel letter, called the returns, are then formed by bending a 3–6 in-wide (80–150 mm) strip of aluminum sheet around the aluminum back. This return can be welded at the seam or flanged and riveted or, with a metal stitcher, can be fastened with galvanized or stainless wire to the back to create a solid can in the shape of the letter. The letter can is painted and fitted with any lighting components necessary such as neon gas tubes or light-emitting diode (LED) modules. A translucent plastic face usually of 3⁄16 in (5 mm) thick sheet acrylic fiber or polycarbonate is cut to fit the open face of the letter can. A trim cap border is applied to its edges which gives the letter face a finished appearance and creates a fastening surface to attach it to the letter can. When illuminated at night, channel letters draw the eye of passers-by.

The face can also be applied with black perforated vinyl, so the letters appear black in the daytime and white when lit at night. For the best effect, face colors are usually matched with their closest corresponding LED color. A warm white LED is best used with a yellow or orange face.[2] Since the advent of LED lighting technology, channel letters have become thinner in depth, decreasing to as shallow as 2–3 in (50–80 mm) from 5–6 in (130–150 mm), a trend which began in Europe, and is seen increasingly in the United States.[3]

Exposed neon channel letter[edit]

These are standard channel letters, but the neon is covered with a clear acrylic face to keep birds from making a nest as well as to protect the exposed neon from outside elements, i.e., weather, etc. This allows for the exposed neon to be seen, as well as the inside of the channel letter interior itself to add to the dimensional look.

Plastic formed Channel Letters[edit]

Formed channel letters feature a molded plastic backer with a raised lip. A plastic molded cover snaps over the base. The cover, or face, can be flat, round or "prismatic" (faceted face) and is made from translucent light-diffusing colored plastic. Light is emitted from both the face and the sides of the letter. Cut vinyl can also be applied to the face to create various colored light effects, or to produce a halo effect. The plastic face can also be made with a translucent chrome finish so the letters appear chrome by day, but still light up at night.[4]

Back (Halo)-lit or reverse-lit letters[edit]

A set of reverse channel letters on a pole sign.
A set of reverse channel letters illuminated at night, showing the halo illumination of the background.

For Back (Halo)-lit channel letters, the face of the letter is constructed from aluminum and the lighting is directed to the back. This light floods the wall that the letter is mounted to and creates a negative space at night. Letters in this style are also called halo letters. It is usually the most expensive form to manufacture. LEDs are installed to the inside back of the can, and the back is often fitted with a clear or translucent plastic back to diffuse the light and protect the lighting elements and wiring. The letters are typically mounted 1-1/2" from the wall so they are set off from the façade of the building. The inside of the can is often painted white to reflect light. The effect of the halo lighting allows for a variety of creative effects depending on the color, sheen, and texture of the building surface. Light-colored building surfaces with a matte finish produce the best halo effect; dark mirror-like finishes the worst.[5]

Face and Back (Halo)-lit letters[edit]

These letters combine the same features of a face and back-lit letter. The inside of the can is usually not painted white.[6]

You can see channel letter Signs and similar kinds of signs in: 1. Shopping malls 2. Plazas Bars and boutiques 3. Restaurants and hospitals 4. Coffee shops and hotels[7]


Channel letters may be flush mounted (attached directly to the building facade), or they may be mounted on a raceway or wireway. A raceway is a rectangular mounting structure which serves as both a container for the sign's electrical components (such as a power supply) and a mounting structure.

A wireway also serves as a mounting structure but typically contains only wiring. It is thinner and broader than a raceway, and may also be used as a backer panel for the channel letter set.

Face-lit letters may also be mounted so they rest on the top the building surface with a bottom and top rail supported by metal arms.


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Gemini RTA by Vaporesso

Gemini Tile Capping - GTC

A semi flexible, low maintenance trim, used for the transition between ceramic tiles and resilient floor coverings. Normally installed where a resilient floor covering has been coved up to form a skirting, meeting with a ceramic wall finish. Secured in place using Grabfast Gold. .

Available colours

  • Type: Tile Capping
  • Environment: Interior
  • Material:UV Resistant, Phthalate free PVC
  • Height: 38mm
  • Used with: Resilient floorcoverings in conjunction with ceramic tiles
  • Length: 2m strip
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Fitted by licensed Gemini PVC fitters
  • Secured in place by Grabfast Gold or Grabfast Gold H2O


Trim cap gemini


A New Level of Flexibility

GemTrim trim cap offers increased flexibility for easier bending and forming in those tight spots. Expertly crafted in our own manufacturing plants, GemTrim bonds easily, is UV stable, won’t fade, crack, peel or delaminate, and is available in three widths. Our wide selection of 31 standard colors is offered through our nationwide network of stocking partners.

  • Bonds easily to acrylic and polycarbonate letters

  • UL-recognized component for use in illuminated letters

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Earth-friendly

  • UV Stable

  • Lifetime Guarantee

Finishing Touches

Earth-friendly, UV-stable, and manufactured in-house. All GemTrim trim cap is imprinted with a UL-recognized marking, signifying its UL-recognized component status for its lit letter channel letter applications. GemTrim is profile-extruded in-house, using UV-stable, earth-friendly, and durable Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) plastic extruded around prime aluminum foil.

Improved Availability

As part of our goal to improve product availability and delivery of our standard, build-to-stock sign supply products, GemTrim trim cap will be exclusively available from many of the experienced, stocking sign distributors you’re already buying from. We’re selecting our distributor partners very carefully, ensuring the same care and consideration you receive from our family-owned business is a strong part of their culture and philosophy as well. Many of these companies are sign industry leaders, and we are proud to partner with them to offer faster, local availability of GemTrim products in-stock, with the expertise you need.


GemTrim Distributors

Introducing 2″ Wide GEMTRIM

We’ve just expanded our popular line of ¾” and 1″ wide GemTrim trim cap with the addition of 2″ wide rolls in our most requested colors. GemTrim lets you add accent color, depth, and structural integrity to the channel letters you’re producing in your shop. Industry-leading GemTrim bonds easily, is UV stable, and won’t fade, crack, peel or delaminate. We have an industry-leading selection of 31 standard colors available in-stock through our nationwide network of stocking distributors. Custom color matches are also available for your specific projects, please call for details.

Trim Width

3/4″, 1″ and 2″ wide GemTrim Rolls

Trim Length

Rolls: 3/4″ Wide x 150′; 1″ Wide x 150′; 2″ Wide x 100′

* Available in 2″ wide
† Available in 1″ wide only

Getting Started

For more information on installation instructions and videos, product drawings and information on mounting patterns, visit the Installation page.

Install Process

GemTrim is designed for trimming routed plastic letter faces. Acrylic faces: tack inside joints using WELD-ON #4, then run a full bead of WELD-ON #16, to seal. Allow to dry before removing any support braces. LEXAN faces: tack inside faces with a solvent, such as Methylene Chloride, then run a full bead of WELD-ON #16 or #40, to seal.

Plasco Trim Cap Tutorial


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