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USED: Nauticam Fuji X-T3 Underwater Housing

Part #: Nau-17155

Product Overview:

Nauticam has made an underwater housing for the thrid generation XTrans APS-C mirrorless, X-T3. The housing is milled from a block of solid aluminum, then hard anodized. The housing  is a rugged and reliable piece of gear that will stand up to saltwater and the can take a beating.  It is has a depth rating of up to 100m.

Like its predecessors, NA-XT1 and X-T2, the new housing does not require a separate tray - it includes built in tray/handles, and features a design meant to be shot with hands firmly on the handles which has a similar form with the Sony A9 housing. The housing is designed with the Mission Control setup which places all important camera controls near the handle for a quick and easy operation. The thumb levers are located near both handles, with the left thumb lever actuating the playback function and the right thumb lever the AF-L control.  

The housing also features the new M24 bulkhead which supports the HMDI 2.0 connection and great to be partnered with the Atomos Inferno housing for Shogun/Ninja Inferno 7" monitor.

For the avid tripod users, the Nauticam Mounting Ball Set is compatible with the housing.  

The housing comes with the standard leak detection system as well.  An optional M14 vacuum system can be purchased to ensure a watertight system which would provide the photographer peace of mind.

Key Features:

Housing Locking Latch

The housing uses Nauticam easy to use housing locking latch system. It also safely locks the housing and prevents accidental opening. It is very easy to open for a quick battery or memory card change.

M24 HDMI 2.0 Bulkhead

The new M24 bulkhead has been incorporated with the housing which supports the HDMI 2.0 connection to the Nauticam Atmos Inferno Housing for the Shogun/Ninja Inferno 7" 4K60 4:2:2 10-bit recorder/monitor.

Patented Port Locking System

The housing uses Nauticam patented port locking system which is also used on their DSLR housings. No twisting or threading action is required to mount a port, and it locks securely in place with this lever. Nauticam also offers locking port extensions, meaning a dome will never twist, even when used with a long extension ring.

Mission Control

The Mission Control design places all important camera controls as close to the handles as possible to provide effortless and quick camera setting changes underwater to insure you don't miss the shot.  Thumb levers for playback and AF-L are within easy reach.

Accessory Battery Extender

The housing accomodates the optional 2500 mAh USB battery pack which would be placed underneath the camera. 

Ergonomic Rubberized Grips

Nauticam has been well known for their ergonomics, the housing uses the rubberized grips same as their DSLR camera housings. In addition, The zoom / focus control knob also features this same soft touch rubber coating for improved tactile feel.

Other Features:

Flash Triggering

A reliable automatic flash exposure is available with the NA-XT3 and a variety of optically fired flashes, precisely reproducing the camera’s included EF-X8 flash at a proportionally greater intensity. This system yields accurate automatic TTL flash performance – even in manual exposure mode. It is also compatible with the Nauticam Optical Flash Trigger which allows rapid fire manual flash firing via fiber optic, with no camera battery drain.

Integrated Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System

The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system is pre-installed in the NA-XT3 as standard equipment. When combined with the Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve, it provides constant updates throughout the dive as to watertight integrity of the housing via a multi-color LED on the rear of the housing. 

Recommended Lens & Ports:

Check out the best Fuji X mount lenses.Here are our specific recommendations for underwater photography.

Recommended Accessories:

What's Included:

  • Nauticam Fuji X-T3 Underwater Housing
  • Padded Travel Case
  • CR2032 Battery for Vacuum System
  • Spare Maiin O-Ring
  • Removal Tool
  • Lubricant
  • Set of Allen Keys


  • Dimension: 350mm x 210mm x 120mm
  • Weight: 2.65kg 
  • Depth Rating: 100m
Sours: https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/nauticam-fuji-xt3-housing-used

The best Fujifilm X-T3 deals in October 2021

By Chris George

Discover the best Fujifilm X-T3 deals and best prices for the one of the best miniature mirrorless cameras around right now

The Fujifilm X-T3 is one of the best small-sized mirrorless cameras that you can buy right now – and if you are thinking of buying one of these you have come to the right place to find yourself the best buy on this retro-styled interchangeable lens camera

The X-T3 is no longer the current flagship in the Fujifilm X-series range - that honor now goes to the stunning Fujifilm X-T4. However, the X-T3 can still fill the needs of enthusiasts and pros alike, and it can now be found in some great deals.

The X-T3's classic styling, with its big dials on the top plate will be familiar to those who are familiar with film SLRs from the past - which may well help you adjust quickly to using this camera. But the camera features all the latest digital camera technology - built around a back-side illuminated 26-megapixel X-Trans sensor.

The X-T3 offers 4K video shooting for high-quality movie making, and gives you two card slots for peace of mind, or extra capacity. The mechanical shutter can shoot action sequences at 11 frames per second - but an electronic shutter options ramps up the speed to 30fps. There is a tilting rear touchscreen monitor , in addition to a high-resolution 3 million dot electronic eye-level viewfinder. 

At the bottom of this page, you'll find a full rundown of the best prices you can find the X-T3 for right now - with offers from high street stores and online both included. Spoiler alert...we think the Fujifilm X-T3 is still one of the best APS-C cameras around.

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Fujifilm X-T3

The Z6 is great, but Fujifilm’s state of the art APS-C model is cheaper

Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: APS-C | Megapixels: : 26.1MP | Lens mount: Fujifilm X mount | Monitor: : EVF, 3,690k dots, 100% coverage | Continuous shooting speed: : 11fps | Viewfinder: : EVF | Max video resolution: : 4K | User level: : Enthusiast

26.1 megapixel sensor

4K video at 60fps

Super-sophisticated AF

Needs a bigger buffer when shooting fast-moving sports subjects

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Fujifilm X-T3 review

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Chris George has worked on Digital Camera World since its launch in 2017. He has been writing about photography, mobile phones, video making and technology for over 30 years – and has edited numerous magazines including PhotoPlus, N-Photo, Digital Camera, Video Camera, and Professional Photography. 

His first serious camera was the iconic Olympus OM10, with which he won the title of Young Photographer of the Year - long before the advent of autofocus and memory cards. Today he uses a Nikon D800, a Fujifilm X-T1, a Sony A7, and his iPhone 11 Pro.

He has written about technology for countless publications and websites including The Sunday Times Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Dorling Kindersley, What Cellphone, T3 and Techradar.

Sours: https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/buying-guides/the-best-fujifilm-xt3-deals-in-2019
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  2. Finder sync api extension
  3. Creative building finishes
  4. Aaron brave frontier

FUJIFILM X-T3 (Body only) Refurbished

Model Name


Number of effective pixels

26.1 millions pixels

Image sensor

23.5mm×15.6mm (APS-C) X-Trans CMOS 4 with primary color filter.

Sensor Cleaning system

Ultra Sonic Vibration

Storage media

SD memory card (-2GB) / SDHC memory card (-32GB) / SDXC memory card (-512GB)
UHS-I / UHS-II / Video Speed Class V90 *1

File format

Still image

JPEG (Exif Ver.2.3)*2, RAW : 14bit RAW(RAF original format), RAW+JPEG

Number of recorded pixels

L: (3:2) 6240 x 4160 / (16:9) 6240 x 3512 / (1:1) 4160 x 4160
M: (3:2) 4416 x 2944 / (16:9) 4416 x 2488 / (1:1) 2944 x 2944
S: (3:2) 3120 x 2080 / (16:9) 3120 x 1760 / (1:1) 2080 x 2080

Lens mount



Standard Output Sensitivity : AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3(up to ISO12800) / ISO160 to 12800(1/3 step)
Extended output sensitivity : ISO80 /100 /125 / 25600 / 51200

Exposure control

TTL 256-zone metering, Multi / Spot / Average / Center Weighted

Exposure mode

P (Program AE) / A (Aperture Priority AE) / S (Shutter Speed Priority AE) / M (Manual Exposure)

Exposure compensation

-5.0EV - +5.0EV, 1/3EV step
(movie recording : -2.0EV - +2.0EV)

Image Stabilizer

Supported with OIS type lenses

Shutter type

Focal Plane Shutter

Shutter speed

Mechanical Shutter

P mode: 4sec. to 1/8000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/8000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/8000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.

Electronic Shutter*3

P mode: 4sec. to 1/32000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/32000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/32000sec. Bulb mode: 1sec. Fixed

Electronic front curtain shutter

P mode: 4sec. to 1/8000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/8000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/8000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.

Mechanical + Electronic shutter

P mode: 4sec. to 1/32000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/32000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/32000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.

E-front + Mechanical shutter

P mode: 4sec. to 1/8000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/8000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/8000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
*Electronic front curtain shutter works until 1/2000sec.

E-front + Mechanical + Electronic shutter

P mode: 4sec. to 1/32000sec. A mode: 30sec. to 1/32000sec. S/M mode: 15min. to 1/32000sec. Bulb mode: up to 60min.
*Electronic front curtain shutter works until 1/2000sec, Mechanical shutter works until 1/8000sec.


FHD: 1/8000sec.-1/4sec.
DCI4K/4K: 1/8000sec.-1/24sec. (depends on the frame rate)

Synchronized shutter speed for flash

1/250sec. or slower

Continuous shooting

Approx. 30fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (JPEG: 60 frames Lossless compression RAW: 35 frames Uncompressed RAW: 33 frames)
Approx. 20fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (JPEG: 114 frames Lossless compression RAW: 37 frames Uncompressed RAW: 34 frames)
Approx. 10fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (JPEG: 500 frames Lossless compression RAW: 48 frames Uncompressed RAW: 39 frames)
Approx. 20fps [Only electronic shutter ] (JPEG: 79 frames Lossless compression RAW: 36 frames Uncompressed RAW: 34 frames)
Approx. 11fps (JPEG: 145 frames Lossless compression RAW: 42 frames Uncompressed RAW: 36 frames)
Approx. 8.0fps (JPEG: 200 frames Lossless compression RAW: 49 frames Uncompressed RAW: 39 frames)
Approx. 5.7fps (JPEG: endless Lossless Compression RAW: 62 frames Uncompressed RAW: 43 frames)
Pre-shot: Approx. 30fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (max. 20 frames while half press, max. 20 frames after full press, total max. 40 frames)
Pre-shot: Approx. 20fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (max. 20 frames while half press, max. 37 frames after full press, total max. 57 frames)
Pre-shot: Approx. 10fps [Only electronic shutter, 1.25 x Crop ] (max. 10 frames while half press, max. 300 frames after full press, total max. 310 frames)

  • * Recordable frames depends on recording media
  • * Speed of continuous shooting depends on shooting environment and shooting frames

Auto bracketing

AE Bracketing (Frames: -2, -3, +3, +2, ±9, ±7, ±5, ±3 Step: 1/3EV, 2/3EV, 1EV, 4/3EV、5/3EV、2EV、7/3EV、8/3EV、3EV)
Film Simulation bracketing (Any 3 types of film simulation selectable)
Dynamic Range Bracketing (100%, 200%, 400%)
ISO sensitivity Bracketing (±1/3EV, ±2/3EV, ±1EV)
White Balance Bracketing (±1, ±2, ±3)
Focus Bracketing (Frames: 1-999, Step: 1-10, Interval: 0-10s)



Single AF / Continuous AF / MF


Intelligent Hybrid AF (TTL contrast AF / TTL phase detection AF)

AF frame selection

Single point AF: EVF / LCD: 13×9 / 25×17 (Changeable size of AF frame)
Zone AF: 3×3 / 5×5 / 7×7 from 91 areas on 13×9 grid
Wide/Tracking AF: (up to 18 area) * AF-S: Wide / AF-C: Tracking

White balance

Automatic Scene recognition / Custom1-3 / Color temperature selection (2500K~10000K) / Preset: Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light, Underwater


10sec. / 2sec.

Interval timer shooting

Yes (Setting : Interval, Number of shots, Starting time)

Flash modes





Hot shoe

Yes (Dedicated TTL Flash compatible)


0.5 inch approx. 3.69 millions dots OLED Color Viewfinder
Coverage of viewing area vs. capturing area: approx. 100%
Eyepoint: approx. 23mm (from the eyepiece lens) Diopter adjustment: -4-+2m-1 (lockable)
Magnification: 0.75x with 50mm lens (35mm equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1m-1
Diagonal angle of view: approx. 38° (Horizontal angle of view: approx. 30° ) 
Built-in eye sensor

LCD monitor

3.0 inch, aspect ratio 3:2, approx. 1.04 millions dots touch screen color LCD monitor(approx. 100% coverage)

Movie recording

File format

MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, Audio: Linear PCM / Stereo sound 24bit / 48KHz sampling)

Movie compression

All Intra/Long-GOP

  • * All Intra can be used with following settings.
    DCI4K/4K 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 400Mbps
    Full HD(2048×1080)/Full HD(1920×1080) 59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps

File size / Frame rate / Recording time

[DCI 4K(4096×2160)] 
59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 400Mbps/200Mbps/100Mbps 
59.94p/50p: up to approx. 20min. 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p: up to approx. 30min 

59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 400Mbps/200Mbps/100Mbps 
59.94p/50p: up to approx. 20min. 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p: up to approx. 30min

[Full HD(2048 ×1080)] 
59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps up to approx. 30min.

[Full HD(1920×1080)] 
59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p 200Mbps/100Mbps/50Mbps up to approx. 30min. 

[Full HD(1920×1080) High speed rec.] 
120p/100p 200Mbps(recording) up to approx. 6min.

  • * For recording movies, use a SD memory card with UHS Speed Class 3 or higher.
  • * For recording movies in 400Mbps, use a SD memory card with Video Speed Class 60 or higher.
  • * Recording movies in 400Mbps can be done with DCI4K/4K 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p.
  • * DCI4K 59.94p/50p is not available when H.264 is selected.
  • * Although movie recording will continue without interruption when the file size reaches 4GB, subsequent footage will be recorded to a separate file which must be viewed separately.

Film Simulation mode

16 modes (PROVIA/Standard, Velvia/Vivid, ASTIA/Soft, Classic Chrome, PRO Neg.Hi, PRO Neg.Std, Black & White, Black & White+Ye Filter, Black & White+R Filter, Black & White+G Filter, Sepia, ACROS, ACROS+Ye Filter, ACROS+R Filter, ACROS+G Filter, ETERNA/Cinema)
B & W Adjustment: -9-+9

Grain effect


Color chrome effect


Dynamic range setting

AUTO, 100%, 200%, 400%
ISO restriction (DR100%: No limit, DR200%: ISO320 or more, DR400%: ISO640 or more)

Advanced filter

Toy camera, Miniature, Pop color, High-key, Low-key, Dynamic tone, Soft focus, Partial color (Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple)

Wireless transmitter


IEEE 802.11b / g / n (standard wireless protocol)


WEP / WPA / WPA2 mixed mode

Access mode




Bluetooth Ver. 4.2 (Bluetooth low energy)

Operating frequency
[Center frequency]

2402 - 2480MHz


Digital interface

USB Type-C (USB3.1 Gen1)

HDMI output

HDMI micro connector (Type D)


ø3.5mm, stereo mini connector (Microphone) / ø3.5mm, stereo mini connector (headphone) / ø2.5mm, Remote Release Connector
Hot shoe, Synchronized terminal

Power supply

NP-W126S Li-ion battery (included)

Battery life for still images*4

Approx. 390 frames (NORMAL MODE) When XF35mmF1.4 R is set.

Actual battery life of movie capture*4

  • *Face detection is set to OFF

[4K] approx. 40min. (29.97p)
[Full HD] approx. 45min. (59.94p)

Continuance battery life of movie capture*4

  • *Face detection is set to OFF

[4K] approx. 55min. (29.97p) 
[Full HD] approx. 75min. (59.94p)


132.5mm (W) x 92.8mm (H) x 58.8mm (D) (minimum depth 35.4mm)


Approx. 539g (including battery and SD memory card) 
Approx. 489g (excluding battery and SD memory card)

Operating Temperature

-10°C - +40°C

Operating Humidity

10 - 80% (no condensation)

Starting up period

Approx 0.3sec.

Accessories included

Li-ion battery NP-W126S
Battery charger BC-W126S
Shoe-mount flash unit EF-X8
Shoulder strap, Body cap
Strap clip
Protective cover
Clip attaching tool
Hot shoe cover
Vertical Grip connector cover
Connector cover (detachable)
Sync terminal cover
Cable protector Owner's manual

Sours: https://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/fujifilm-x-t3-body-only-refurbished
Fujifilm X-T3 in 2021? Still holding
For an updated version of this camera with in-body image stabilization, a longer battery life, and a lighter overall build, please see the Fuji X-T4.

The Fuji X-T3 Mirrorless Camera is a versatile hybrid system with robust video and photo options that offer a big jump in performance over prior models. Here are the new standout features:

  • • A boost in megapixel count, expanded ISO, enhanced video capabilities, and a more expansive 2.16m point phase detection AF system compared to prior models.
  • • A newly developed back-illuminated sensor that uses a randomized pixel array that, when coupled with the lack of an optical low-pass filter, produces amazing low light performance, smooth tonal rendering, and extreme sharpness all while reducing moiré and aliasing.
  • • An updated X-Processor 4, which uses four CPUs to support AF performance, ultra quick continuous shooting speeds, and internal 4K60p 4:2:0 10-bit recording (4K60p 4:2:2 10-bit via HDMI).
  • • Simultaneous uncompressed 4K out via HDMI and internal SD card recording. The sensor's read speed is about 1.5 times faster than prior models while rolling shutter distortion has been greatly reduced for smooth, more natural-looking footage of fast-moving subjects.
  • • 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks without the need for adapters.
  • • 16 Beautiful Film Simulations.

    The Fuji X-T3 blends a variety of well-loved features into one powerful multimedia tool that's ideal for casual and pro shooters alike. It is particularly well-suited for action, wildlife, and events.

  • Sours: https://www.borrowlenses.com/product/Fuji-X-T3-Mirrorless-Digital-Camera

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