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By April 2009, the term had spread to other boards on 4chan, including /m/ (Mecha), where a poster was called a filthy casual for admitting he or she enjoyed the animeToradora!. Throughout 2010, the phrase appeared on a handful of other boards including /a/ (anime & manga) and /tg/ (traditional gaming). Also that year, "filthy casuals" was used in commentary about people who play Facebook-based games on the Escapist forums and on a Destructoid community member's blog. In December 2011, the first tagged image macro depicting a stereotypically nerdy looking male with a caption referencing filthy casuals was posted to Tumblr

DON'T TOUCH ME YOU FILTHY CASUAL Quake Call of Duty facial hair eyewear beard photo caption chin glasses mouth

On April 10th, 2012, Josué Pereira of the webcomic Nerf Now! posted a strip comparing the gaming habits of filthy casuals vs. self-proclaimed elite gamers (shown below). That same day, it was reposted to the /r/Gaming subreddit, where it accrued 505 upvotes, 363 points overall and 72 comments before being archived. In late 2012, references to these types of gamers were made on the /r/Circlejerk subreddit and World of Tanks gaming forum. That November, the first Facebook fan page dedicated to the phrase launched.


"Filthy fucking casual n00b fag" originated from Collegehumor's "The Adventures of Butthurt Anime Fan".
DJ S3RL created a song using video and voice clips from the video called "Casual N00b"
It seems to be used in a sentence as an insult against people that think anime or a certain show is perverted.

S3RL - Casual N00b --- watch?v=Kzv0FVKcZ8A
The Adventures of Butthurt Anime Fan --- watch?v=8mQScjlXbBE

"And it isn't pervy you just don't understand the culture you.. Filthy fucking casual n00b fags!!"

by rock278 March 09, 2016

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Filthy Casual

Filthy Casual is a clothing brand and online community for gamers and content creators, based out of Edmonton, Alberta and Orlando, Florida; Started by Mike Gaboury and Jason Soprovich in 2009.

Early history[edit]

Filthy Casual (formerly Cherry Sauce Clothing) started off as a small run of t-shirts, sold entirely to the friends of founders Jason Soprovich and Mike Gaboury. The first online store opened on July 24, 2009 under the name Cherry Sauce Clothing. The early shirt designs featured cartoony, vibrant artwork created by Mike and other outsourced artists. After many iterations and changes to the brand's overall image, the two decided to focus on the gaming culture entirely. During one of their streams on Twitch, a chat participant called the founders "filthy casuals," which they found charming, despite usually being used as a derogatory slur. After Mike designed a logo, the brand launched their first line of 100 Filthy Casual shirts in November 2013. The Filthy Casual shirts quickly outsold and overshadowed the old Cherry Sauce designs. After slowly phasing out the older style of designs, Jason and Mike decided to officially rebrand the company as Filthy Casual in June 2015.


At TwitchCon 2015, Twitch partners were able to get a limited edition collaboration shirt between Filthy Casual and Deep Silver. In March 2016, there was a collaboration shirt between Filthy Casual and Rooster Teeth.



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