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SDCC 2016: Teen Wolf VR Experience


Amidst the crowds and the chaos, fans of the long-running MTV teen horror show, Teen Wolf, had the exclusive pleasure to have a VR experience inspired directly from the show! The line, although stretching around the corner of the booth, and running down the aisle a bit, was filled with anticipating fans wanting to catch a glimpse of the upcoming season’s antagonist.


On hand was the producer of the Teen Wolf VR Experience, Jason Koffeman, to tell us a bit about the whole process that went into making the program. “Kevin Cornish, the founder of our company (Moth + Flame VR), directed the experience, as I produced it, and we worked together on pretty much every element of it. As we went through the process, we worked with MTV, and they were really great in helping us develop how they wanted to work with the show. From thought to finish, it didn’t take us that long, it actually only took us a few months.” Jason laughed as he mentioned that they didn’t waste any time, and that as soon as they knew what they were doing, they went “right off to the races.” With the help of a staff writer from the actual show, the team were able to assemble the necessary parts to get the experience going. “We shot it on their sets while they were shooting the show, and then we moved right into post.”

When asked about the availability of the experience, Jason told us that although fans are lining up at the moment to catch an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Teen Wolf world, fans at home shouldn’t worry. “Afterwards, just in a couple of days (after the Con), fans will be able to find the experience on Facebook 360, so millions of people can enjoy it.”

The experience utilized the Samsung Gear VR headset, which at first I thought was a bit of a shortchange, considering how the Occulus Rift and the HTC Vive were thoroughly enjoyed by other booths, but in all honesty, the experience was still incredible! Getting immersed into the world seemed surreal, as the headset transports you to an underground tunnel. You are instructed by the Lydia, the character in front of you, to not look at whatever happens, which is kind of hard when you want to see who’s coming to get you. The more you focused, however, on her, the less likely you will die in the game. As the music amps up, out of the peripheral of my vision, I could see some hooded figure coming towards me on my right. I tried to look, but Lydia continued to warn me about turning. One thing to note was that the sound was omni-directional, meaning that where ever you turned your head, you could hear the sound that came specifically that direction. As my gaze began to lean towards the hooded figure, I could hear his breathing more and more, intriguing me to look even more. By the end of the experience, I did end up surviving, and got a chance to watch Lydia blow the Ghostrider, as they call him, away into smithereens.

Overall, the experience was definitely something that I enjoyed, and now, you have the opportunity to enjoy it too! Take a look at the experience that fans at Comic-Con got a chance to be a part of:

The season 6 premiere episode of Teen Wolf airs on Tuesday, Nov. 15, on MTV.

Sours: https://nerdreactor.com/2016/07/25/sdcc-2016-teen-wolf-vr-experience/

A select few know what it's really like to step foot in the Teen Wolf world -- but soon enough, loyalists of the long-running lycanthrope series will get the opportunity to roam around the familiar sights in the well-known, supernatural-infested town.

In a series of special 360-degree videos unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con, fans can explore all of the most popular areas of Beacon Hills thanks to an activation using first-to-market, gaze-activated technology. From Mama McCall's place of work (aka BH Memorial Hospital) to the iconic high school library (you know, where this happened), you will feel as if you're actually on the MTV set along with a bunch of familiar faces. You better hang on, though, or else a Ghost Rider might come and get you...

Check out all of the clips below -- and be sure to stay with MTV News for more Teen Wolf updates before the series premieres on Tuesday, November 15!







Sours: http://www.mtv.com/news/2906563/teen-wolf-virtual-reality-san-diego-comic-con/
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MTV’s Teen Wolf Virtual Reality will launch today in Oculus Store as the first release from Turbo Super Now, a virtual reality app for sci-fi and comic-con oriented virtual reality (VR) content. The non-interactive, 360 video version previously launched on Facebook 360 and YouTube 360, racking up over a million views in less than 24 hours.

MTV's Teen Wolf

Debuted to much acclaim on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con last month, the interactive Teen Wolf Virtual Reality, presented by AT&T, is now being made available exclusively in the Oculus Store through Turbo Super Now.  When viewed on Turbo Super Now, algorithm-based, gaze-activation changes the story according to where you look. In Teen Wolf Virtual Reality, your survival depends on how well you follow the warnings from the characters, and the ending reflects your subconscious decisions.

“We love using subconscious interactivity because it gives you a customized narrative experience that changes according to the way your mind follows the story,” said Moth+Flame founder Kevin Cornish, who directed the Teen Wolf Virtual Reality experience. “The beauty of it is that since you don’t know that you’re interacting, the technology doesn’t get in the way of the storytelling the way it can during point-and-click experiences.”

Moth + Flame, producer of Teen Wolf Virtual Reality and publisher of Turbo Super Now, is a VR agency guiding marketers into the VR ecosystem. Teen Wolf Virtual Reality is free and available to download for Oculus Rift now, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest Oculus Rift exclusive releases.

UPDATE: The Teen Wolf Virtual Reality experience is available via the Oculus Store but currently only compatible with the Samsung Gear VR, not the Oculus Rift. VRFocus apologises for the error.

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Sours: https://www.vrfocus.com/2016/08/mtvs-teen-wolf-comes-to-oculus-rift/
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