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  • Alibris was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Mar 31, and since then this brand received 42 reviews.

  • Alibris ranks of in Periodicals & Publishing category. The overall rating of the company is and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.

  • Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY.", "Do not waste your time the discounts are fake and non existent.", "Wait to see if alibras gets problems resolved before placing order".

  • Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Alibris to ask questions about: Request for Information, Return/ Replace, Shipping and Delivery.

  • Review authors value the most Diversity of Products or Services and Website. Consumers are not pleased with Customer service.

  • The price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews.

  • Sours: https://alibris.pissedconsumer.com/review.html

    Alibris Review

    Alibris Review: Alibris Pros & Cons

    Alibris (alibris.com) is a well-known bookstore which competes against other bookstores like Audible.com, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, Thriftbooks and Scholastic. Based on our in-depth Alibris review, when compared to its competitors, Alibris is a mid-range performing brand within its category. Read the full Alibris.com review below for more details.

    • Ease of use: How easy is it to use each store? Is each store easy to use? How good is its user interface?
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    Alibris' strengths are:

      Good interface usabilitydetails

      Good customer servicedetails

      Good dependabilitydetails

      Offers contact information availabilitydetails

      Does affiliate marketing programsdetails

    Knoji has 57 Alibris reviews and ratings as of October 13, Knoji editors and the Knoji shopper community have reviewed Alibris and compared it against 0 top brands, reviewing Alibris based on product and store features such as interface usability, customer service and free use. Knoji reviews and ranks Alibris.com and other bookstores based on how many features each offers and based on a 5-star rating scale. Based on these factors and 57 Alibris reviews, Alibris earns an overall score of out of points. Alibris offers 0 total features such as contact information, affiliate marketing and . Alibris''s review score also factors in its popularity, which is in the mid-range compared to competing .

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    Damaged items, No free returns

    Reviewed on T

    I bought three books thinking they were new (because it was listed as new), but they came RIPPED, folded and dented. I was okay with the dented book as it's not a big deal, but I could not grasp how the other books came so damaged. I emailed them about it and they gave me a refund for the WRONG item. When I told them this, they disregarded it and told me to return the other items for a refund but that I'd have to pay for the shipping expenses myself. Why do I have to pay to fix the damages that were their fault?? If you're afraid of your items coming in damaged and not being able to return them for free, do not shop here. It is such an inconvenience, having to email back and forth with someone who I'm not even sure is comprehending the emails I'm sending, just to find out I need to spend MORE money to get back MY money.. for items I should've been okay with in the first place. It is an inconvenience in itself just to return the books that should have came in as described. What a waste of time. I am so disappointed in Alibris, especially as it's my first time shopping with them.

    Sours: https://reviewbolt.com/r/alibris.com
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    Guest Post: A Review of Alibris.com

    At my local Goodwill, I constantly find great deals on books. Earlier this year I was pleasantly surprised to find 4 out of the 7 Chronicles of Narnia books in hardcover editions. Each book was only 50 cent, a fraction of the $ retail price. Despite looking for the other 3 volumes for the last few months I have been unable to find them at all in used bookstores and the only copies available on eBay or Amazon were, in my opinion, overpriced ($16+ each used).

    My search for the three books: Prince Caspian, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle eventually lead me to the online retailer, alibris.com.
    I was surprised to find each book for $ each bringing my subtotal for the three hardcover books to $ After a simple search online, I was able to find a coupon code for $1 off my order, which brought my total down to $ and after shipping I still paid less than $12 total. The user experience was very pleasant on the alibris website. I was able to narrow my search to chose the exact edition and cover type and then was presented with multiple vendors offering the book. After choosing the vender Better World Books because of their feedback rating, I placed my order without a second thought because of the great pricing.

    Shortly after placing my order, I decided to look into alibris since I had never heard of them and found an overwhelming amount of negative reviews telling of unfulfilled or incorrectly fulfilled orders and poor customer service. I contacted Better World Books to make sure I was getting the editions I ordered and, to my disappointment, found that the editions I would be receiving were library bound. Accepting the fact that I would be disappointed with my order, I knew I could do nothing until I received the books, which took 12 days.

    When I received my order, to my delight, I found that all three books still had their original hardcovers rather than library binding. The books were in great condition and the only damage was to the dust jackets of Prince Caspian and The Last Battle - a result of library barcodes previously put on the books. These two books also had the library&#;s stamp on the page edges which is of little worry, especially when they cost only $ each!

    Overall,  I was very happy with my purchase from alibris! I received exactly what I ordered and it was at a lower price than offered anywhere else on the web. With that being said, I would not be comfortable placing an order for an expensive book on the site, especially if it was from a seller without a large repertoire of positive feedback.  The next time I am looking for a hard to find book I will certainly check the alibris website and if I find a good seller at a cheap price I&#;ll likely order from them again, particularly since they have been sending me emails for 15% off my next order. 

    Oh, and most importantly I finally finished my hardcover set of the Chronicle of Narnia!

    Michael is the brother of Tracy, founder of Cornerfolds.com. He is currently a student at Bridges College working on his Bachelor's Degree in Theology and hopes to start the Master's program in counseling at Wake Forest University next Fall. He loves to read if he can get any free time between classes and homework. Michael's favorite author is C.S. Lewis and he's totally obsessed with acquiring every edition of The Chronicles of Narnia ever published.

    You can follow him on Twitteror Instagram!

    Sours: http://www.cornerfolds.com//11/guest-post-review-of-alibriscom.html

    Alibris com review www

    Order 5 books from them weeks agonot delivered yet!

    Order 5 books from them weeks ago, was told they would be here by a range of dates, it's already 5 days beyond that end date and they have just informed me they have yet to even post them yet. This is disgraceful and unethical. Very disappointed, I certainly will think twice before using them again. Be careful.

    Hi PJ,

    I'm sorry to hear your order hasn't arrived. Are the items shipping internationally? That could have an effect on the delivery timeframe. But if you haven't received the items within the expected delivery time, please do contact us directly at [email protected] so that we can investigate further. Thank you for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service


    Alibris sells e-books with no content

    Alibris sold me an e-book with no content. I was not eligible for a refund because it had been more than 14 days since I ordered. I finally opened the book on day 20 and realized the $70 e-textbook I purchased for college had only the cover available--literally the only "page" available was a picture of the cover. They refused to do anything to remedy the situation.

    I received this response a few hours after posting my review. Thank you for taking this matter seriously. I will update my review again once I receive the refund.

    "Hi Alyssa,

    I'm not sure what happened with that ebook, but it clearly wasn't as it was listed. The policy is no returns on ebooks after 14 days which is why you received that response, but since the item you bought was basically useless, it doesn't make sense not to refund you. I've pushed through your refund now, so you should see it show up on your credit card statement within 2 to 5 business days. I'm sorry for the trouble.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service"

    Hi Alyssa,

    Actually, you've been refunded in full for the order already. I'm sorry for the trouble--I'm not sure what was wrong with the ebook. Thank you for your patience.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Alibris Charges You For Their Errors

    I ordered a rare autobiography for $ from Thriftbooks through Alibris. 10 days later I received the wrong book, a huge 7 lb textbook on Business Management. I contacted Thriftbooks immediately thru the Alibris website, but I think it was Alibris customer service I was dealing with, not the actual seller Thriftbooks. Alibris.com (unlike Abebooks or Amazon) does NOT have telephone help. They emailed a reply that I had to return this 7 lb book ( worth about $ including shipping) at my expense. AND that they would NOT reimburse me shipping cost, but would give me a $ coupon I could use on a future purchase. Based on their unwillingness to cover return shipping cost, I will never buy another book on their site, when the same books are almost always available on other websites that cover return shipping expenses, so the error that is completely Thriftbooks fault, is going to cost me return shipping charges. I contacted Thriftbooks directly, to see if they could help and am waiting for a return call. I also wanted to know if this book ever actually existed in their inventory, or whether Thriftbooks never actually had the book to begin with (which is what I suspect is the case.) This was order # Again, I can't believe Alibris is charging me for a return for a book they never had and to add insult to injury sent me this huge book that will be costly to return.

    After I posted this review I was contacted by ALibris directly. While I appreciate their really prompt response to this review, I would rather deal with a website where I know all return shipping costs for items that are damaged or not correct, ie not my fault, will automatically be guaranteed through that website. I'm not comfortable with ALibris's policy, even if they were kind enough to make an exception in this particular case. Meanwhile I contacted Thriftbooks directly, which was a lot more satisfactory than contacting Thriftbooks through the ALibris website. Thriftbooks promised a full refund and waived the need to return this oversized book. So it all ended well, mind you without my receiving the book I've long looked forward to reading, but the time invested to remedy this situation is totally not acceptable. I look forward to returning to my usual booksellers.

    Hi Jodi,

    I'm sorry for the trouble. The independent seller (Thriftbooks, in this case) is responsible for covering the costs of your return. That being said, I've gone ahead and sent you a return label to help you out. Please check your inbox for an email from us with the label and the details. We'll send the item back to the seller ourselves. Thanks for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Absurd Shipping Cost

    In what world does shipping $ worth of books cost $?


    Thanks for your feedback. Alibris is a marketplace where many vendors list their books, music and movies for sale. Because the majority of orders are placed from various sellers, each item ships separately and thus requires its own shipping charge. To avoid this in the future, you can try searching just one seller's inventory so that you can take advantage of our consolidated shipping rates. We also have a Free Shipping offer for at least $39 worth of items In Stock at Alibris. You can find the details on the site here: https://www.alibris.com/help/free-shipping

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Very irresponsible company and sellers.

    I ordered a used book from Alibris, and then I realized that I don't want it anymore because my friend has the PDF of the book. 30 mins after I ordered the book, I tried to cancel the order. I sent the email to the seller and also to Alibris. The seller didn't reply my email, and Alibris told me just wait. So I wait, on the next day the seller send the book. I contacted the seller and Alibris again, but got no response. Few days later, Alibris replied to me saying to refuse the package. I followed the instructions that they told me, I refused the package. It has been more than one month, I still didn't get my refund. Alibris told me to contact the seller, and the seller never reply my email. Don't buy books from Alibris!!! They are very irresponsible and they don't want to help.


    I'm sorry for the trouble. Generally we are unable to cancel an order after you've placed it because there's no guarantee the seller can stop the process, regardless of how quickly you contact us. Without your order number I can't check on the return. Please contact us again at [email protected] with the order number and a request to escalate the issue so that your refund can be processed. Thank you for your patience.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service


    Damaged Manga

    I&#;ve had great experiences ordering from Alibris. I always order my manga from them & have never had a problem with them. Today one of my books just came in & the packaging was horrible. Box was bent & looks like it was damaged during shipment. When I open the box my manga &#;Say I Love You&#; volume 5 was extremely damage. The book looks as if someone just bent it in half & the spine is all ripped up. I wish I can insert pictures to show how damage it is. I don&#;t know if I&#;ll order manga from them again after this experience. I&#;m disappointed & would like a refund or some assistance with this issue.

    Hi Zoee,

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. Please contact us directly at [email protected] with the details (order number and explanation of what happened) and we'll help you out. Thanks for your patience, and for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Andree Lerat

    First time ordering from this company

    Just received The Play of Mahamudra today. I previously left a bad review based on the lack of transparency regarding the shipping.
    The book arrived today in brand new condition and I&#;m very happy about the positive outcome.
    If you order from this company, be patient.
    Although they don&#;t use phone communication, they are responsive via emails. I needed the book to arrive on time and was frustrated that it was not shipped with a tracking number and worried about this sentence:
    &#;Please write back if your order doesn't arrive within 20 days from ship date. Thanks for your patience, and for shopping with us!&#;
    I also worried about a lot of the comments that were reflecting my experience.

    Thanks, Andree! We really appreciate the updated review. I'm glad things worked out.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Philip Edward


    Please know that the people operating this business and website:

    #1) continue to use UNDERHANDED and FALSE communication tactics to make themselves appear legitimate,

    #2) manipulate every communication to appear good for their image,

    #3) will continue to manipulate the truths - my personal experience and so many people you see on here - except the naive and false people.

    Conclusion: DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY BUYING ANYTHING WITH THIS WEBSITE OR BUSINESS. They have NO RESPONSIBILITY and are WILLING TO LIE TO YOU (and everyone!) with their communications. They clearly lied with their communications to many people that you see on here and they will continue to do this. Be warned: do not use OR buy OR have anything to do with the people from this website!

    Hi Philip,

    Without the details of your experience, or an order number, I have no way to respond to your claims. I'm sorry your experience was negative. Alibris does not intentionally make false claims or use "underhanded" tactics in our communication with our customers. Please feel free to contact us any time at [email protected] with the details of your order so that we can help you out.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service


    Do NOT buy from this website.
    This website will send you the books in different language, and then you will be paying to get the book shipped TO you and if you want to return you will be paying for the return shipment too.
    I ordered book for $, payed for shipping $, then they sent me the book in different language and asked me to return it to them, I payed $ for shipment, and then they said that's not the right book, and is asking $ to ship the book back to me. Another book, was sent to me 1 month later, and when I asked to cancel the order, they refused it and now asking me to sent the book back to them. By now you probably know, that they asked me to pay for the return shipping. Now, I have the book that I do not need anymore, have one book that is in different language, another book is in their hands, and they won't return it to me, and I am on -$
    Horrible sellers, especially, ACADEMIC BOOK SOLUTIONS.
    I reached the customer service several times, and NOBODY responded to my email.
    They get the money from you and ignore you, FYI.

    PS. I contacted Alibris Customer Service (email that was provided below) on 09/23/21 at pm, and still nobody has responded to my message. Today's date is 09/29/21 pm. So, do not believe anything that Alibris response to on here. The site is full of scam.

    Hi Tammy,

    I'm sorry for the trouble with your order. Without the order number I can't look into the details for you. We do respond to every customer that writes in, usually within a day or so. I wonder if perhaps your email to us at Alibris went astray. You can always contact us directly at [email protected] and we'll follow up. Thank you for your patience.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    UPDATE: Without an actual email address I can't verify that we've received any emails from you, Tammy. I tried searching just your name, but as you can imagine that doesn't narrow it down much. I would be surprised if you wrote in and we hadn't responded, as we are not behind at the moment and respond to emails within 24 hours. You might check your spam/junk mail files in your email provider in case our response went there.



    I ordered THE NORTON FIELD GUIDE TO WRITING: WITH READINGS (FIFTH EDITION) on August 20, It is now September 13, I contacted HPB-Diamond who was listed as the seller to this book. I was sent a shipping number that does not appear to have had any shipment movement since the label was created on 8/20/ I contacted HPB-Diamond twice through the Alibris website link to contact the seller with no response. I contacted Alibris TWICE and both times they said to wait 20 days. If they had even bothered to check my order details, they would see it is day Now the other used books from the Alibris website and other websites are sold out and the only choices for this book are quite a bit more money. I wish Alibris would actually contact the seller as they told me they would instead of kicking the ball down the field with cut and paste responses. I will NEVER buy books from them again!
    Update: with ZERO help from Alibris, I tracked down the seller and called Half-priced books mail order division only to learn that they don&#;t know what happened to the book. They &#;think&#; it was shipped but don&#;t know for sure and I pretty much called them out because their explanation didn&#;t have the ring of truth. They are going to refund the price of my book. I still have gotten the short end of this because, at the time of ordering, several copies were available for even cheaper than what I paid but now few copies are available and only for much more than I paid. Thanks Alibris&#;if you had bothered to contact the seller as you stated to me, this could have been avoided. Your customer service is pathetic.

    Hi Joan,

    Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry your order went awry. I do see that the seller initiated a refund for the missing book. You should receive an email from us confirming the refund later tonight.

    Look for a follow up email from me shortly. Thanks again, and again my apologies.

    Best regards,

    Mike F
    Alibris Client Services


    I recently ordered the book "A Great and Noble Scheme" from Alibris. I was told the book was in "like new" condition. It wasn't "like new," it was new. I doubt even the experts on CSI or NCIS could have found wear on the book.

    If I have a chance to order from them again I won't hesitate.

    Danger!!!, Do not order from this company they are incompetent!!!

    I purchased a series of paperback books from Alibris themselves and every single one of them arrived damaged; taking no responsibility, Alibris expects me to pay the full amount of shipping and insurance to return the item with no guarantee of receiving my money back. Potentially costing more than the hassle of the books themselves. I will never order from this company again and I suggest that no one else does either. This is a predatory company that will abandon you after you have given them your money.
    Edit: order #, I&#;m supposed to receive compensation of 3 dollars to ship dollars of books? For your companies lack of care in shipping? I placed a big order and your own company didn&#;t even bother to place bubble wrap. I repeat ALIBRIS AS A SELLER CANNOT PROPERLY PACKAGE THEIR OWN MERCHANDISE.


    If what you received was damaged due to packaging or the items were misdescribed somehow, you won't have to pay for return shipping, but it depends on the details. Without your order number or full name I can't see those details. If you haven't already, please contact us directly at [email protected] with the information so that we can investigate further. Thank you for your patience.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Edit: Thanks for providing the order number. I've sent you a return label by email that you can use to return the items to us at no cost to you. You'll be refunded in full upon receipt. Thank you for your patience.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;&#; &#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

    The worst company (Alibris) I had&#;

    The worst company (Alibris) I had encountered recently when I bought a costly textbook ($ )for my high school daughter.Alibris never ever take your phone calls and respond only through email but takes a week to respond.In the end I never received the book and neither they resend or refund.I had worst experience for this purchase.I would tell people that this company (Alibris) is not reliable and doesn't care if you didn't receive your package that too for a student who was needed in that book before the school started.Poor customer service,doesn't understand buyer's frustration and urgent need.I would never buy any books from this company(Alibris),period.


    I'm sorry for the experience you had with your order. We do generally respond to issues within a day or two, so waiting a week for a response is odd. Perhaps you had contacted the independent seller and not Alibris. If you haven't already, please send an email with the order details to us at [email protected] and we'll investigate for you. If an item doesn't arrive within 20 days for domestic orders and within 45 for international orders, we will refund you, so please contact us at the address above if you haven't received your order in the listed time frame. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service


    New books? Maybe Not

    Alibris seems to label books new that are either damaged or possibly used or remainders - I want to be clear (since Alibris in their response implies 3rd party sellers) that I have *only* purchased items marked "New" and "Free Shipping" which are directly from Alibris - not the 3rd party sellers who also sell books in their marketplace. The book is then shipped in a box that is way too large for the book, causing further damage during transit. When you return the book, if you want a replacement, you must purchase the book again and they do not offer any adjustment or coupon to offset the shipping cost from their own inventory (NOT a third party seller using their site). When you contact customer service they answer the wrong question and *then* add as an afterthought that the customer is responsible for shipping. There are so many other reputable book sellers that do not engage in these types of practices. They did eventually end up refunding my money and when I purchased the same book again, the second book also arrived with a damaged/torn spine and a large mark that was kind of carved or pressed into the back of the book. It's not worth the gamble, buy elsewhere where you have free returns/free shipping if something is shipped out in poor condition.

    Hi Linda,

    I'm sorry if you experienced a scenario as you described. Alibris does not as rule mis-describe items. It's possible that some listed items by particular sellers have been added to the site that are not correctly described. It happens. But it's by no means a practice that we attempt to achieve regularly. Since we're a marketplace that lists books and music from sellers all over the world, there's no guarantee that the seller or anyone else will have the same book to send out to you again in the case that you need to return the one you received. That's why we can't send replacement copies. Also, it's not a practice that our customer service agents answer the wrong question--it may happen if the issue is misunderstood, but that should be rare, and definitely not on purpose. Again, I'm sorry that your experience felt like a pattern for all experiences on Alibris, but I can assure you it's not. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Rip-off shipping cost

    Picked out $ worth of books but cancelled the order when they wanted to charge me over $ for shipping! Like book sellers, I ship a lot of books (boxes of them). We all use the ultra cheap media rate. Using the media rate you could ship over 60 pounds of books for $!! Their ripping folks off. Other book dealers ( Powell Books, Thrift Books and E-bay) will give ya free shipping when you spend a certain amount. Shame on you Alibris!


    Thanks for your feedback. Alibris is a marketplace where many vendors list their books, music and movies for sale. Because the majority of orders are placed from various sellers, each item ships separately and thus requires its own shipping charge. To avoid this in the future, you can try searching just one seller's inventory so that you can take advantage of our consolidated shipping rates. We also have a Free Shipping offer for at least $39 worth of items In Stock at Alibris. You can find the details on the site here: https://www.alibris.com/help/free-shipping

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Found a book here and decided to&#;

    Found a book here and decided to proceed with Alibris. During the checkout process, i found out the shipping address was outdated. So proceeded to update it and then completed the checkout process. Unfortunately then i found out from confirmation email that the book was shipped to the outdated shipping address. Reached out to customer service and it was a total of waste of time. They did not offer to correct this situation.

    Hi Kirk,

    If we can correct a shipping address before the item ships, we'll do it. Unfortunately, we're not able to to in every circumstance. It's particularly odd that you would have changed your shipping address during the checkout process but that it didn't actually change for the order you were placing. Without the specific details, I can't know what happened or why. I'm sorry that your experience was not great and you did not get the satisfaction you were seeking. Thank you for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Horrible company and customer service

    Ordered a book. They took my money and sent me confirmation. They then canceled it and blamed the seller, the seller responded to me by email saying alibris actual canceled it without notifying them. Customer service will not even respond to that fact when I bring it up so no one can tell me why my item was cancelled and customer service refuses to help me figure anything out or answer any questions. Every question I ask in an email is ignored. There&#;s no physical person to call so I have a back and forth email thread where I&#;m very upset and disappointed and they don&#;t even respond to what I&#;m saying. Horrible customer service really.

    Edit after alibris reply: order # Order #
    I also have screenshots of both you and the seller refusing to take responsibility for canceling the order

    Hi Corey,

    Without more information, I can't find out the details or see any of your communication with us (or the seller). However, I do know that Alibris doesn't cancel an order unless the seller either tells us to or doesn't mark it filled within 2 business days. If you respond with your order number, I can look into this and follow up with you directly.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    UPDATE: Thanks for the order number, Corey. I've found your correspondence in our system and have responded to you directly there. The order was canceled by the seller, as shown from the information I provide in my email. I've also contacted the seller directly to find out why they gave you different information and to see if they still have the book. I will email you again when I have more information.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service


    Kimberly Jones

    Ordered a book and got nothing in return

    Ordered a book. Never received. Contacted Seller. The seller sent me a tracking number. I had a tracking number already and found through USPS the label was created but was still waiting for the book since June The Seller never responded again. I contacted Alibris for a refund or to contact the Seller. Nothing. I have since then moved on to a different book store. No customer service. Never received a refund for a book I paid, never received a book because it was never mailed, never heard from Alibris management or customer service, and of course, never heard from the seller again. The only thing I want them to do for me now is to stop blowing up my email with coupons, book flyers, reminders of sales, etc. So all that nonsense about not having my information is untrue. I can't even delete my account. Alibris can delete my account. I am done with their business. Already found another bookstore that doesn't charge shipping. Can you believe that? Great prices, fast shipments, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and I think I might do a review on that place with the presidential name.

    Hi Kimberly,

    I don't see any recent emails under your name in our system. Perhaps we did not receive your email. Please contact us with the details of your missing order at [email protected] and we'll help you out. Thank you for your feedback.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    UPDATE: Hi again, Kimberly,

    I can't find any communication from you in our system with just your name. I need an order number or your email address. If you didn't receive an order and you contacted us after 20 days from the shipment date, we would refund you in full. Without details, I can't look that up, however. Also, if you don't want to receive emails from us, you can follow the link at the bottom of the emails to unsubscribe and you'll stop receiving them.

    Michael B.
    Alibris Customer Service

    Klinsman Hinjaya

    Great Experience

    I ordered Dinosaur Tracks from PlumCircle on May 1, (order no. ). The book arrived on June 7, (a little late but understandable due to the pandemic) and the condition is as described. Highly recommended!

    Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore

    Jennifer Lopez

    Hello Alibris, Best Customer Service

    Hello Alibris,

    I had 25 items in my shopping cart which were eligible for free shipping but I couldn't not see it getting, I had make up of giving up and cancel ordering from you and also remove account from you because I tried multiple ways to get free shipping before placing order.

    Finally giving a chance to Alibris, I contacted Alibris customer support team so Client Service 1 person with name Shantanu, so lovely name to say, don't know if he or she? but told me and explained me well with all details and information and I understood it well and got the free shipping offer. Also he/she said good suggestion to me at last told to place order immediately from cart as it gets disappeared within hours and items selected can be gone. Alibris Customer team is awesome and services are best till now and would recommend others.


    Sours: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.alibris.com
    My first book Haul! - (Alibris + Amazon)


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