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Free of charge – plan individual routes* throughout Europe or stay informed of the best diesel prices in the area – Thanks to DKV MAPS route planning and cost savings just never were this easy.

DKV MAPS is a comprehensive online service for easy finding of the nearest DKV station. Its integrated truck route planner* also contains toll calculator for all Europe.

* Route planner is an extension of DKV MAPS and available free of charge to all DKV customers after login.

Additional features

  • Easy route customisation by drag & drop (available after login)
  • Fuel station finder with detailed information on the fuel station and display of vehicle service locations
  • A wide range of search filters
  • Toll calculation Europe (estimates)
  • Entry of specific vehicle data (available after login)


How to plan your route

Icon Person

Step 2

Log in with your customer data (under "Log in")

Icon location

Step 3

Select start destination and end destination

Icon interface

Step 4

Now the ideal route is displayed. You can also add gas stations that you want to visit on your route.

Always keep the overview

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Shell Route Planner

Badger Map takes the pain away from route planning. By using cutting-edge built-in features, Badger gives you the ability to simplify complicated tasks, speed up time-consuming activities, and eliminate redundant processes.

On average, Badger users have closed more deals by 25%, decreased their driving time by 20%, and eliminated 50% of redundant admin work.

Badger Map is super easy to use. Simply download Badger and let it connect to your CRM tool, upload Excel spreadsheet, or simply add your customers’ database. From there, you get to see your data displayed in a whole new light. Badger uses a highly interactive map to show you the exact locations of your clients.

With just a simple glance, you get an idea how your customers are distributed across your sales territory and how close or near they are from you. Not only that, but Badger identifies the best route that you should take to reach all your clients in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

As a shell route planner, Badger helps you squeeze more visits by saving your precious time. When you have a list of customers to meet, Badger grabs that list and tells you who to meet first, second, third, and so on. No more wondering where to go next or which customer you should meet.

When you enter the Route Mode, Badger provides complete turn by turn driving directions, live traffic updates, and vivid satellite images. You can be sure that you get to your destination the quickest way possible.

Of course, Badger isn’t just a route planner. For example, it allows you to create time- and date-stamped notes on any of your accounts. This allows you to track your business activities during the day.

Another feature you will love is the lead generation. It allows you to find new leads by specifying the type of customers you are looking for. All you need to do is go to the Places tab and run Badger’s lead generation feature. From there Badger displays on your map the exact whereabouts of your potential customers. Badger even gather relevant information about these leads to help you know how to convert them into sales.

Badger is no doubt the ideal shell route planner for you. If you want to take it for a ride first, please don’t hesitate to sign up for a free trial now.  

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A Better Route Planner: how to use it and how accurate is it?!


Planner shell route


A Better Route Planner: how to use it and how accurate is it?!


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