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An Enlightening Professional Experience

Consulting Analyst (Current Employee) - Austin, TX - May 24,

Goldman is clearly one of the greatest firms in the world today.

A typical day at work would see me write a report about what the next big moves could be in financial markets. Over the last years, I learned to think on my feet and create new work every day.

I learned how to make major presentations in front of clients in every major financial center in the world. Management was supremely intellectual and considerate in every way. My co-workers were supportive and big fans of what I did, as my reports would help them gain business from their clients.

The hardest part of the job was creating content in slow market environments and dealing with a constant stream of regulation that made it difficult to produce content.

The most enjoyable part of the job was writing and helping people gain business for the firm and help their careers and mine.


Flexible Work schedule


Producing content that would make editors and compliance happy


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Consultant Description

A global investment consultant with a client base spanning all types of institutional investors.


Consultant Objective

Given the rapid development of emerging markets economies, the consultant felt traditional distinctions asset managers made in sovereign bonds were antiquated. The consultant approached us to help capitalize on the changes in debt markets caused by emerging market (EM) growth and post-financial-crisis weakness in developed markets. The consultant hoped to develop a new strategy that would give a differentiated return for its institutional clients.

GSAM Solution

We worked with the consultant to design a fund for the strategy that best suited their clients’ specifications. We leveraged our investment expertise in government debt markets and developed a unique process to capture changes the consultant identified. By combining market insights across developed and emerging countries, we identified new investment ideas that formed the base of a strategy with potentially more attractive characteristics than standard benchmarks.

Work-life balance at Goldman Sachs vs. in management consulting


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