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BLUE 213 cm (7 ft) Polyester Door Curtain (Pack Of 2)  (Self Design, Blue)

La elite is Specialist Curtain Makers These stylish La elite curtain panels will modernize your decor with the crisp print. The Polyester composition will provide a clean, airy feel to any room. The La elite Craftsmanship is hung on your favourite curtain rod via eight (8) per panel 1 5/8 inch silver Eyelets, yet another touch adding to the richness and luxury to your decor. Perfect for your living room, bedroom, family room, dining room, bathroom, office, or any other window space that could use that perfect finishing touch. La elite is North India leading supplier of home textiles and ready-made drapery by delivering high fashion designs, patterns, varying textures, and colours in an "affordable luxury" quality that today's consumers expect. From classic solids to today's top fashion trends, you are sure to find panels to fit any look, mood, or style to complete your home décor project. We offer an array of fabric constructions as well, including jacquards, linens, burlap, sheers, thermal/blackout, silk and faux silks, polyester and poly blends, and cotton and cotton blend. These constructions are offered in varying designs and colours including solids, prints, textures, thickness, lengths, widths, and burnouts. Like millions of customers already have, let our window-Door coverings be the anchor of each room in your home!

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Patio Door Curtains

The sight of a patio door in your new home will either fill you with excitement or with dread. It's a large space to cover and you'll want exactly the right patio door curtain that will both complement your room and be functional, especially if you have children. Being able to slide the curtains aside so that people can get in and out with ease is important. You want to be able to have patio door curtains that slide easily, but still look amazing whether they are framing the entire door or only a section.

Thankfully, The Curtain Shop makes dressing your patio door easy with a large selection of patio door drapes to choose from. Our selection of patio door curtains is top-notch and offers you several designs and styles to choose from. Select styles also come with a wand that makes sliding the curtains aside a breeze. Once you locate the style that best suits your décor, don't forget to head over to our curtain rod selection to find the ideal door curtain rod. We have amazing designer rods that will complete the look

If you're worried about heating and cooling costs for your new home, an insulated patio door curtain may be the answer. The insulated panels help reduce drafts to keep rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Insulated patio curtains also offer some protection from the sunlight streaming into the room. If you want something that is more adept at cutting back the sun, take a peek at our Ultimate Black Out Grommet panel. This is an excellent choice when you want the option to darken the room without much effort.

Enjoy the selection of patio door curtains at and don't fear decorating a patio door any longer. We have fabulous styles that will have yours looking amazing.

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Door Curtains

Door Curtains

Door curtains are a fabulous invention and a product that is very popular throughout homes in the UK. A draughty door can often lead to homes feeling rather chilly during those cold winter months. Hanging a thermal door curtain at your door, especially a front door curtain can help to block out any cold draughts, meaning hopefully those painful heating bills can be slightly reduced. The same is true at the back of the house, a patio door curtain can help cover the glass and keep it cosy in the winter. We also have a range of curtains for bi-fold doors, curtains for french doors and back door curtains.

What’s more, door curtains look great and can cover up an unsightly door, or create a nice divider between rooms. Our door curtains are stylish and can suit any room whilst complementing any type of décor you may have in your home. Our tartan door curtains give a more festive and traditional homely look, whilst our block coloured door curtains manage to fit in with various colour schemes you have in your room. As well as a selection of different patterns and colours, we have door curtains in either pencil pleat or eyelet to suit whatever you need.

Beaded door curtains are great for summertime to have in your kitchen or French windows they let in all the light and the glistening colours of the beads can look great when they twinkle. The beaded curtains help keep out insects and flies when you have your back door open or they are perfect for just creating an eye catching doorway.

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