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request: can you make another gojo x reader (she/her) but the reader is a strong sorcerer too (like,, you are only second to gojo) pls i really like your writings!!!

note: hello love! first, thank you so much! i am sorry that this is a lot later than planned - i didn’t really know what scene to come up with at first, but eventually i came up with this! and i am glad you enjoy my writing! makes me feel happy that you do! but at the same time slightly anxious since i am not sure if this meets your expectations >< but nonetheless, i hope you enjoy!

note: set before the Cursed Womb Arch - so there are two devine furbabies!


anime: jujutsu kaisen 

characters: gojo satoru, fushiguro megumi, itadori yuji, kugisaki nobara and metions of ijichi kiyotaka

pronouns: she/her


Another day at Jujutsu Tech, and another round of curses that had to be defeated. Today was no different - the first years were tossed one of Gojo’s many cases to handle; this time having to clear a group of Grade Two Curses that were plaguing an abandoned building that once served as a mental asylum. 

The problem? The first year students weren’t told just how big the entire building was; the entire facility consisted of 4 different buildings, each about five stories high. And, much to the first years’ horror, each building was just oozing with cursed energy. Ijichi had explained that since the Curses are no more than Second Grade, it shouldn’t be too hard to handle. There is no humans in there for all they know, since it was abandoned; so they didn’t need to hold back. They are to exorcise all of them to prevent the asylum from becoming a beacon to attracting other curses to the town.

The three students, Fushiguro, Yuji and Nobara, entered the main building of the abandoned facility as Ijichi casted the Curtain around them; knowing that this was definitely going to one of those longer days they face together. However, they definitely did not expect just how many of these Curses linger along the hallways of the never ending building. Ever time they turn, they are faced with another wall of curses; and even though they aren’t hard to beat, the sheer number of them were starting to wear them all down.

“Stupid blindfolded bastard!” Nobara was heard yelling as she send a wave of nails slamming into curses, watching them as they burned up in Cursed Flames as she collected her nails to use once more. “Once I get my hands on him, I am going to crush him!” She snapped as she continues to exorcise the Curses around them, Fushiguro’s white Devine Dog coming up from behind her to help her with her wave of Curses; teeth snarling and biting into the Curses.

Even though Fushiguro and Yuji were fighting off their own wave, they managed to share a wide eyed look; knowing that Nobara was definitely going to end up killing their teacher once they get out of this building. For now though, they returned their focus on trying not to get overwhelmed; pushing themselves through the many groups of curses no matter how tired and worn they were becoming. 

By the time they had finally broke through the building and out into the courtyard, feeling the cold air blowing against the sticky skin; all three of them just take a few minute to really calm down and take in the fresh air. However, they had barely managed to catch their breath when the sound of glass breaking caught their attention, all of them turning towards the sound in a defensive stance as the Second Grade Curse came smashing through the glass, a wide grin of glee appearing on its face.

However, a body suddenly came flying towards it, a long katana buried into its body as the Curse let out a scream of pain; both the person and Curse falling to the ground, cracking the pavement and sending a puff of smoke into the air. The sudden appearance of someone caused them all to stare at the direction where the two landed, watching as a woman walked out of the puff of smoke coming from the crash; a grin tugging against her lips with her katana resting over her shoulder. 

“Looking rough there, Megumi.”

“Y/N-sensei-” Fushigruo splutters out in shock whilst the other two gave their classmate a curious glance, looking back at the other woman who entered the Curtain. “I thought you were abroad?” He asks in confusion as the woman walked towards them, reaching over to pat his head softly with a soft laugh. “Now, now, Megumi - I’ll answer your questions later. You three should rest, you’ve been in here for 2 hours now.” The woman said with a warm motherly smile, one that made Fushiguro sigh softly before he nods. ”Now just rest up first whilst I handle these things.”

With that the woman turned and launched herself upwards, the force of her feet causing a huge puff of air to ruffle the uniforms and hairs of the the three standing before her. “Who was that?” Nobara asks in awe, watching as the woman kicked in a glass window of the building before the sound of Curses letting out screams filled the air. “Y/N-sensei.” Fushiguro sighs as he sat down on the pavement with a tired grunt, his Devine Dogs on guard to sense if there were any rogue Curses that came to attack them. “She’s Gojo-sensei’s fiancée and one of our teachers. Last I heard, she was meeting Yuta in another country. Italy, if I am not mistaken.”

“Fiancée?!” Both Nobara and Yuji asked in shock as they stared at each other, wondering how this huge piece of information was not revealed to them whilst Fushiguro sighs softly. “Yes, fiancée - they’ve been together since the beginning of high school and have been engaged for the last 5 years now? Give or take.” He hums just as he felt another presence behind them and a voice that called out to them that had him scowling in annoyance. 

“It’s 6 years, Megumi!”

“Gojo-sensei!” The two students shouted in shock at the sight of their blindfolded teacher, who in return just grins before he looks up at the tall building, watching with seeming heart eyes as he watches the woman went about having her fill of fun. “That’s hot.” He said with a whistle whilst Fushiguro rolled his eyes in annoyance, used to the casual flirting that you two did no matter where you were. He’s heard it so many times to the point where he is just immune to the stomach churning love you two seem to keen on rubbing in everyone’s faces. “But I am glad you three are alright. To be honest, this was not the mission I had intended to hand over. Y/N and I were coming back from a town in Hyogo after meeting up there to deal with a pesky talisman when we heard just which case the higher ups approved for you three, and we rushed over.”

His casual words caused Nobara to huff in annoyance, her attitude causing Gojo to just grin at his students; noting how they were not as badly injured as he had expected them to be. “At least you two arrived.” She grumbled whilst Yuji just gave his teacher a curious glance. “Sensei, why didn’t you tell us you were engaged?”

The white haired shaman pauses before he rubs his chin in thought, crossing his arms over his chest in thought. “Oh - to be honest, it just never came up.” Gojo admitted, ignoring what sounded like a loud explosion coming from one of the buildings around them as he grins at his students. “But Megumi should have mentioned her once or twice - I mean, Y/N-san has been like a mother to you, right?”

“…tch.” Fushiguro mutters as he looked away from the smirking man as he looked down at one of his Devine Dogs, petting its head quietly while the other two just stared at the two with wide eyes. They started to bombard the tall shaman with questions about the about him and his fiancée, not noticing when the same woman before came rounding the corner; flicking the blood off her long katana as she glances over at the small group in amusement. “I am guessing Satoru never mentioned me before?”

All four of them looked over at the unknown woman, Gojo grinning and skipping to her like a child while the other two students nodded at her question. The woman just smiles, letting Gojo wrap his arms around her whilst she waved at them. “My name is L/N Y/N, nice to meet the new students for this year.” She said before she looks over at Yuji, her smile tugging wider whilst he gave her a confused glance. “And it’s a pleasure to meet you too, Sukuna.” She spoke to casually, to which Yuji just blinks a little in confusion at how Y/N seemed to be talking to Sukuna so casually. 

It was quite jarring.

 Soon the five of them started to make their way through the vacant building, casually asking about the woman. Yuji and Nobara soon discovered that not only was she the few Special Grade Sorcerers in the jujutsu world, but she’s also considered to be up to par with their own teacher; ranked to be the second most powerful, at that. You may not have a Cursed Technique as desirable as the three powerful clans, but even Fushiguro admits that the Zen’In clan had mentioned of purchasing you off your parents.

“Stupid clans and their backwards thinking.” Y/N said with a scowl, her grip on her katana so tight that her knuckles turned white. “As if I want to live in one of those stuffy ass homes, and having to listen to them talk about how I need to stop popping kids left, right and center.” She said before she gestures to her fiancé, who tossed an arm around her shoulders as they walked back out towards the pick up point. “I’ve already got one huge child right here.”

“How rude!” Gojo whines softly with a pout, to which she just smiles and gently pats his head like she did with Fushiguro. The action caused Gojo to smile in delight, causing Yuji and Nobara to stare at each other with wide eyes once more; they’ve never seen Gojo like this. So quiet and somewhat docile as well. They’re used to the hyperactive teacher who talks a lot. So the fact that Y/N can calm him with a simple touch really shows just how well she knows him.

Soon they arrived outside to meet up with Ijichi again, who didn’t comment on how Gojo was trying to coax his smiling fiancée for more attention whilst he drove the car over. Whilst the three conversed between themselves about what they say earlier, Y/N and Gojo stood by the side, both of them in their own little world. “How was your trip? Is Yuta doing alright?” Gojo hums as he asks of his student, his arms wrapped around the woman whilst she rest her head on his chest, just taking in his familiar scent. Something she had missed doing whilst being away for a few weeks. “He’s doing good. Definitely gaining a lot of experiences abroad. But he enjoyed having me around, said at least he sees a familiar face in a long time.”

Gojo chuckles softly at her words, looking over when the car was driven over. Immediately Nobara goes for the front seat, whilst the other four got into the back. It was a squeeze, but they somehow managed, and soon they were driving off to the college once more. “Man, I’m beat.” Y/N said with a tired yawn, rubbing her eyes a little as she curls up into Gojo’s side. She had rushed over here right after returning from meeting Yuta abroad. The adrenaline she felt before was now wearing off, leaving her to feel the full force of the different time zones she forced herself in.

Wordlessly she rests her head on Gojo’s chest and closes her eyes, her arms wrapping around the familiar body. Gojo just smiles down at the woman lovingly, his own arm wrapped around her whilst he shifted so her legs were thrown over his; getting her more comfortable. It was during moments like these that he just appreciates the warm body pressed up against his, reminding him that he wasn’t alone. 

It was quite a sight to see - the arrogant and usually loud sorcerer reduced to a quiet man, just appreciating and holding his lover against him. You can feel the love and care the two have for one another radiating from each other though, making it hard for others to not see just how special a bond they share. 

But Yuji did lean over to whisper a simple word into Fushiguro’s ear that has the man biting the back of his hand to hide his laughter, both shared amused looks as their teachers just curled up against one another quietly. 



IDK — Ben drowned

Ben drowned

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My favorite tree has to be pine tree ❤️ but I think they aren’t very common in my country 😩 I would love to visit the west coast in USA. It seems like a nice place to take a walk around 🙈


🎃 I have got to be honest. The first character I think of is Loki 😂😂😂 But then I thought it wouldn’t be much fun so I changed it to Spider man and Doctor Octopus.

Feel free to use them as your profile picture BTW! And it would be nice if you can credit ❤️


Me and my brother had a blast playing the chocolate frog arena 🐸🍫 And yes, I’m the healer and he’s the one doing the damage. Don’t ask me why we both picked the opposite sex, it just happened 😂😂😂


It never gets old ❤️


Due to popular request from the recent video 👀 Jeez the hair it’s almost as short as Wendell’s. RIP barber.


This is me trying not to use that many purple 😂 eH, I’ll take this as a win


I miss my duvet, we only take it out in winter 😞 it’s way more comfortable then a regular blanket

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Ben: Isn’t it obvious already? I like the Zelda franchise.



[This series is really fun to make, thank you everyone who is reading so far! Next question will be posted either at sunset (brazilian time) or tomorrow so stay tuned!! Thank you for enjoying this]

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【Ben Drowned】 Fan Art 【Speed Paint】

canned beef — is it ok if i use ur ben drowned fanart as the

fazent-moving asked:

is it ok if i use ur ben drowned fanart as the cover for my ben drowned playlist? np if not <3

yeah sure i don’t mind :)

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“I’m miserable whenever I think of it

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Jeff draws south park fanart now

“It’d make me sick sick sick to kiss you and I think that I would vomit”

Tik tok Kastoway drama is really getting annoying, everyone was saying how horrible he was, and now they’re deffending him.

some random person is claiming to be his sister while showing no evidence or proof, yet everyone is just listening to her???

her only excuse is “well he was a minor when he created toby so shut up” when most of us were talking about shit he’s done recently.

had to private my video on him because people were trying to pick fights with me.

like god, why is everyone so set on defending a shitty person.

srry 4 not posting lol

zombieslaying-remade asked:

HELLO idk if ive already asked for them but can i pleaaase hear your homicidal liu and/or your nina the killer hcs &#;&#;?? also for some reason your posts havent been showing up on my dash like,, at all?? which is lame eugh &#;!!!

(Yeah ur posts havent been showing up either D:)


I already did Liu sooo…..

NINA!!! :D

- The ultimate Scene Queen

- literally friends with every Pasta, like, all of them

-Haha 14 year old haha imagine being 14 lmao


- Any pronouns cuz fuck gender


-Sally is pretty much her younger sister

-is she daiting jeff? Yes. Does she also flirt with every girl her age? Yes.

-she can and will do your makeup and hair. she learned how 2 cut hair cuz of her older sister, who owns a hair salon

-She’s Black and Hispanic

-Owns like, 10 different gloomy bear plushies

(sorry i never posted this, the request came in while i was going through some stuff and didn’t have any motivation lolz)

Changed my name from xxfallacy_fritzxx 2 xjefferyxwoodsx ^-^

you know what? fuck it (unproblematics your fave)

how dare you thats my emotional support war criminal


too late buddy

What the fuck did they do to our trashy snek boi

they milfed him &#;&#;&#;

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Drowned fanart ben

Ben Drowned

Ben Drowned

The first installment of the Ben Drowned story, part of a genre of online horror called creepypasta, was posted to 4chan in September by user Jadusable, whose real name is Alex Hall. In that post and the following four that comprise the original creepypasta, Jadusable tells the story of playing a haunted game.

According to the story, which included links to YouTube videos of the events unfolding, Jadusable’s college roommate lent him an old Nintendo 64 gaming console, and an elderly man at a yard sale gave him an old copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora&#;s Mask. When he started to play the game, he noticed that there was a game file named “BEN” still loaded onto the cartridge. Even when he started a new game file and deleted the old one, the other characters in the game referred to his character as “BEN” or as nothing at all. He noticed other strange events, such as theme music being played backward and characters disappearing.

It is unclear where the name Ben Drowned came from. No one appears to have drowned in the original creepypasta. Theories range from Ben’s mysterious father, the father of the original owner of the Nintendo 64 cartridge, drowning him to Majora’s Mask drowning him to Ben drowning himself.

The creepypasta continued after the five original forum posts, linking to a website about the cult Moon Children. On this website, now offline, users could solve puzzles and form their own theories about characters in the games. Creator Jadusable soon admitted that he had created the website and the creepypasta on a whim while in college. A third arc of the Ben Drowned creepypasta, Within Hubris, was launched as a forum website that housed a trailer for a game that was never developed.

Alex Hall still talks often and openly about Ben Drowned, publishing Q&A videos about it on his YouTube channel and including the name in his Twitter bio.

In December , Katelyn Davis, a Georgia native, broadcast her own suicide on the app. While exploring her online history, some followers discovered that she had followed the Ben Drowned creepypasta and was apparently obsessed with someone who had catfished her while pretending to be the Ben Drowned character.

ben drowned fanart


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